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Own gold, silver, and platinum in one of the world's safest jurisdictions.
Securely stored in Singapore’s highest capacity vault, owned and operated by us.

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Silver Bullion offers ultra-low counter-party risk for precious metals

We created our own state-of-the-art vaulting facility The Reserve, and our own specialized bullion vault The Safe House so you can enjoy one of the lowest risk-profiles in the industry for your gold, silver and platinum.

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Tailored services for
family offices

We help family offices globally to store physical gold, silver, platinum, nickel, and other metals while minimizing storage, counterparty, and jurisdictional risks well beyond industry standards and with dedicated customer service.

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Vaulting services
for your precious metals

Your wealth protection is a journey we're ready to go together for the long term. Thousands of individuals, companies and trusts from around the world already trust Silver Bullion and our approach to secure wealth.

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Buy, sell and take delivery
of your bullion

Silver Bullion operates its own retail shop in Singapore to serve our clients in person and in private. Our shop offers physical bullion and coin services as well as our S.T.A.R. storage and P2P loan offers all week from 10am to 9pm.

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S.T.A.R. Parcels

Silver Coin Britannia Queen Elizabeth II 2023 - 1 oz
Silver Coin Britannia Queen Elizabeth II 2023 - 1 oz
Queen Elizabeth II

CGT exempt for UK residents!

In-Stock 25,500 Units
Buy from: 45.36 SGD
Sell at 0.7% below spot
Platinum 160 oz* LPPM Good Delivery bar
Platinum 160 oz* LPPM Good Delivery bar


In-Stock 3 Units
Buy from: 225,938.99 SGD
Sell at 6.0% below spot
In-Stock 700 Units
Buy from: 46.84 SGD
Sell at spot
In-Stock 5 Units
Buy from: 105,090.52 SGD
Sell at 2.5% below spot
Silver 1000 oz* LBMA Good Delivery bar
Silver 1000 oz* LBMA Good Delivery bar


In-Stock 42 Units
Buy from: 42,133.42 SGD
Sell at 2.9% below spot
In-Stock 8 Units
Buy from: 10,643.86 SGD
Sell at 2.3% below spot
In-Stock 445 Units
Buy from: 4,307.41 SGD
Sell at 2.8% below spot
In-Stock 7,425 Units
Buy from: 46.57 SGD
Sell at 1.0% below spot

S.T.A.R. Grams

Store in S.T.A.R. Grams
S.T.A.R. Grams represent fractional ownership of fully allocated and insured investment-grade bullion stored in our TSH vault in Singapore.
  • Buy and sell as little as 0.01 gram (0.0032 troy oz) for gold, 10 silver grams (0.321507 troy oz) for silver
  • Fixed margins in SGD and USD - Buy at 2% above spot for gold, 4% for platinum, 4% for silver, and sell at spot
  • Low percentage storage fee - 0.35% p.a (gold), 0.35% p.a (platinum) and 0.7% p.a (silver).
  • Real-time transparency
  • Redeemable into bullion bars or coins
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Gold & Silver both have proven themselves over millenia
but which one to choose today?

Slated for completion in mid 2024, The Reserve is a state-of-art mega vault to be built by Silver Bullion in Singapore. While most vaults are built to store gold, the bulk of The Reserve’s 15,000 metric ton capacity is designed for silver and similarly priced rare industrial metals. This incredible facility will also have 15 UL-class 2 vaults to store up to 500 tons of gold.
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Get More Gold by Buying Silver Now

Gregor Gregersen, Silver Bullion's founder, explains how one can get more gold by buying silver now while the gold-silver ratio is high.
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Why Gold Does Not Need to Pay Interest

Gregor Gregersen, Silver Bullion's founder, explains why gold does not need to pay interest.
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We are now accepting Japanese Yen (JPY) payments for bullion and storage orders!

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