What is the current Gold Platinum ratio?

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What is the Gold Platinum Ratio and Why it Matters?

The gold-to-platinum ratio is an important measure of the relative gold and platinum prices. It compares the amount of platinum required to buy one ounce of gold. When viewed on a longer timeframe like the gold platinum ratio chart above, we can determine the levels where either gold or platinum is more undervalued, and therefore, a better buy.

For example, if the ratio is higher than 0.95, platinum is undervalued compared to gold since more platinum can be bought for a troy ounce of gold. The converse is true if the gold platinum ratio falls to 0.65 or lower. Therefore, precious metals investors can use the gold platinum ratio to determine if gold or platinum is a better buy at the moment.

The Gold-to-Platinum Chart

indicates whether gold is historically undervalued or overvalued vs. platinum

  1. When the ratio is low gold is cheap vs. platinum

  2. When the ratio is high gold is expensive vs. platinum