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Gregor Gregersen, Founder of Silver Bullion & The Safe House

Gregor J. Gregersen

The Safest Place to Store your Silver and Gold

Reasoning from First Principles

During the Financial Crisis of 2008, as counterparty solvency fears paralyzed the financial world, it became apparent that physical bullion is a wealth refuge which is in very high demand during a crisis because it can address three big issues: Counterparty, Currency and Jurisdiction Risks.

Investment grade gold and silver is a liquid assets that does not need to be a liability on somebody else's balance sheet and can therefore be physically owned and isolated so that the owner need not be a creditor dependent on the solvency of financial institutions. [Counterparty Risk].

Bullion is also a natural hedge to inflating fiat currencies, which is a huge advantage in a time when governments are racing to print money. [Currency Risk]

However, throughout history, financially distressed governments have often nationalized or confiscated bullion, thereby creating the need for a jurisdictionally safe storage solution. [Jurisdiction Risk].

In 2009, in a financially interdependent world reeling from near-financial collapse, it was surprisingly difficult to find a storage solution that could credibly address these three systemic risks. A major problem was that the industry was dominated by large, Western based, financially interdependent companies whose ties would, by their very nature, expose them to systemic risks in ways that made us uncomfortable.

Hence in 2009 Silver Bullion was founded in Singapore to bring silver bullion to this city state and leverage the country's excellent jurisdictional protections.

As we grew, we have reasoned from basic principles to develop solid protections against the three systemic risks of Counterparty, Currency and Jurisdiction while providing excellent storage facilities, reliable bullion testing, optimal insurance and deep buy/sell liquidity.

By Gregor Gregersen
Founder of Silver Bullion & The Safe House