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By establishing our 630 ton capacity vault in Singapore, removing middlemen and eliminating ties to Western jurisdictions, we ensured that Singapore jurisdictional protections are not undermined by foreign regulatory ties in the event of foreign gold nationalizations.

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Buy & Sell Bullion

We hold up to 180,000 troy oz in inventory

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In either S.T.A.R. Parcels or Safe Deposit Boxes

Bullion Authentication

Authenticate Bullion

Reliable non-invasive testing in Singapore

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The coming Capital Controls are designed to protect the banks from YOU.

Of all the peculiarities about human nature, one of the most interesting in my opinion is that we’re so resistant to change.

Humans simply don’t deal with it well. We tend to root. We find comfort in familiarity.

Bullish And Bearish Forces In The Gold Market

The price of gold has gone nowhere in the last two years and has created a 2-year basing pattern. That is constructive for gold prices as the stronger the base, the stronger the next trend.  But a trendless market also indicates a battle between bullish and bearish forces.

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