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By establishing our 630 ton capacity vault in Singapore, removing middlemen and eliminating ties to Western jurisdictions, we ensured that Singapore jurisdictional protections are not undermined by foreign regulatory ties in the event of foreign gold nationalizations.

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Buy & Sell Bullion

We hold up to 180,000 troy oz in inventory

Bullion Storage

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In either S.T.A.R. Parcels or Safe Deposit Boxes

Bullion Authentication

Authenticate Bullion

Reliable non-invasive testing in Singapore

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Latest News and Articles

How Silver Miners Should Help Solve Silver Price Manipulation

What’s so curious is that just as the silver (and gold) COMEX price manipulation becomes more blatant and easier to prove, those being damaged the most by it, silver producers, are nowhere to be found; even though there is much they could do to end the damage inflicted on shareholders by artificially depressed prices.

Something BIG Is About To Happen To Silver

Yes, that’s correct. Something BIG is about to happen to silver.  Now, how this plays out is hard to tell.  Recently released new data points to a situation that will force a BIG move in the silver market.  In addition, there have been some very interesting movements in the flow of silver bullion.

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