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By establishing our 630 ton capacity vault in Singapore, removing middlemen and eliminating ties to Western jurisdictions, we ensured that Singapore jurisdictional protections are not undermined by foreign regulatory ties in the event of foreign gold nationalizations.

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Buy & Sell Bullion

We hold up to 180,000 troy oz in inventory

Bullion Storage

Transfer & Store Bullion

In either S.T.A.R. Parcels or Safe Deposit Boxes

Bullion Authentication

Authenticate Bullion

Reliable non-invasive testing in Singapore

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Latest News and Articles

Has The Global Run On Silver Begun? Shortages On The Horizon?

The situation in the silver market seems to point to the beginning stages of a GLOBAL RUN ON SILVER.  I say, “it seems to point to a RUN on silver” due to several indicators I am looking at.  This also may force the global silver market to suffer shortages in the future.  Why?  Well, let’s take a look at these different indicators.

Gold & Silver Eagle Sales Spike In June As The Market Senses Financial Turmoil

There was a definite trend change in precious metal sentiment and investment demand in June as the market senses financial turmoil on the horizon.  Each day we see another announcement from Main Stream financial sources warning of upcoming systemic risk in the markets.

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