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Nickel Drum - 250 kg
Nickel Drum - 250 kg
Not for local pickup
In-Stock 149 Units
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In-Stock 39 Units
Buy from: 55,659.37 USD
Sell at 2.5% below spot
In-Stock 317 Units
Buy from: 26,625.00 USD
Sell at 0.4% below spot
In-Stock 4 Units
Buy from: 55,659.37 USD
Sell at 2.5% below spot
In-Stock 26 Units
Buy from: 5,646.31 USD
Sell at 1.4% below spot
In-Stock 170 Units
Buy from: 2,970.50 USD
Sell at 0.2% over spot
In-Stock 429 Units
Buy from: 2,960.50 USD
Sell at 0.2% over spot
In-Stock 9,180 Units
Buy from: 32.01 USD
Sell at 2.2% over spot

The Safe House (TSH) is our subsidiary which provides:
  • Segregated ownership of unique identified bullion "parcels"
  • Safe Deposit Boxes, 15.5 kg and 202 kg capacities
  • Bullion Testing Laboratory
Bullion parcels are uniquely identified physical property, audited, insured, guaranteed to be genuine and stored under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction in our subsidiary, The Safe House.
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THE SAFE HOUSE is now at 6 Changi South Street 3

As of December 2020, we have relocated The Safe House to our own building, called The Reserve, at 6 Changi South Street 3, Singapore 486128.

While The Safe House is fully operational, renovation works for The Reserve will continue through 2021. We expect renovation works to be completed by early 2022.

When completed, The Safe House will have a capacity to store up to 500 tons of gold and 15,000 tons of silver. It will probably be the largest silver vault in the world.
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