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By establishing our 630 ton capacity vault in Singapore, removing middlemen and eliminating ties to Western jurisdictions, we ensured that Singapore jurisdictional protections are not undermined by foreign regulatory ties in the event of foreign gold nationalizations.

Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell Bullion

We hold up to 180,000 troy oz in inventory

Bullion Storage

Transfer & Store Bullion

In either S.T.A.R. Parcels or Safe Deposit Boxes

Bullion Secure P2P Loans

Bullion Secured P2P Loans

Safely borrow and lend when you need it and on your terms

Bullion Authentication

Authenticate Bullion

Reliable non-invasive testing in Singapore

Featured Products

In-Stock 4,980 Units
Prices from: 18.24 USD
Re-Stock < 4 weeks
Prices from: 12,167.00 USD
In-Stock 55 Units
Prices from: 553.80 USD
Re-Stock < 3 weeks
Prices from: 9,720.00 USD

P2P Loan Rates

Highest Borrowing Request:
4.50% p.a.
(24 months SGD)

Lowest Lending Offer:
3.50% p.a.
(6 months USD)

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"...Having made 2 purchases with Silver Bullion in the past few months, I am indeed very pleased with their speed of communication, as well as their high level of customer service. For anyone who is looking for an easy and professional route to owning silver and/or gold, Silver Bullion IS your FIRST CHOICE!"

Ming Hui, May 2010