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Johnson Matthey Silver Bar - 100 Ounce
Johnson Matthey Silver Bar - 100 Ounce
Offer Valid While Stocks Last!
In-Stock 101 Units
Prices from: 1,768.05 USD
In-Stock 13 Units
Prices from: 8,512.15 USD
In-Stock 14 Units
Prices from: 2,838.99 USD
In-Stock 60 Units
Prices from: 1,771.05 USD
In-Stock 20 Units
Prices from: 48,478.02 USD
In-Stock 9,120 Units
Prices from: 4.25 USD
In-Stock 2 Units
Prices from: 48,478.02 USD
In-Stock 114 Units
Prices from: 4,065.60 USD

The Safe House (TSH) is our subsidiary which provides:
  • Segregated ownership of unique identified bullion "parcels"
  • Safe Deposit Boxes, 15.5 kg and 202 kg capacities
  • Bullion Testing Laboratory
Bullion parcels are uniquely identified physical property, audited, insured, guaranteed to be genuine and stored under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction in our subsidiary, The Safe House.
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