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  • Update to Silver Bullion User Agreement

    We are updating our User Agreement to provide you with better products and services. These updates are effective starting 9 June 2018.

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  • Silver Bullion: Shariah Compliant on the Outright Purchase, Sale of Bullion and Undertaking (Wa’d) to buy back bullion

    SILVER BULLION has always been at the forefront to strengthen our core values and presence in the bullion industry by providing a truly secure and transparent physical bullion trading platform for our valued customers. Today marks another milestone in our efforts and we are humbled to announced that we are now a Shariah compliant company. Our Shariah endorsement covers the outright purchase, sale of bullion (ie precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum) and also our undertaking (wa’d) to buy back bullion giving our Islamic investors the complete peace of mind in managing their wealth and liquidity without compromising their faith.

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  • Physical Crypto Storage (Coming Soon)

    The Safe House's Physical Crypto Storage is designed to provide the safest storage of cryptocurrency in the market, by physically encrypting and storing your private keys. We leverage our existing high-security vaulting facilities, processes and insurance coverage, to be the safest place to store your cryptocurrencies.

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  • Increase in Bitcoin Transaction Limit

    We are excited to announce the increase of bitcoin transaction limits for buying and selling bullion with bitcoins.

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  • The Precious Metal Verifier (PMV)

    Find out how this revolutionary precious metals authenticating tool makes it easy to detect counterfeit precious metals coins and bars!

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