Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Maple Leaf Gold Coins feature Canada’s most recognizable symbol - the Maple Leaf. The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin is undoubtedly one of the most popular and recognizable gold coins in the world. Each gold coin comes with the assurance of weight and purity backed by the Canadian government. Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins are the obvious choice for investors looking to buy gold coins possessing quality and global renown.

Nadir Metal Refinery (Nadir), is one of the world's most trusted and popular brands for gold and silver bars. An LBMA good-delivery refiner established in Turkey in 1967, Nadir processes 125 tons of gold, 250 tons of silver, and various other precious metals annually on average.

Johnson Matthey is considered to be one of the world's most trusted and popular brands of LBMA good-delivery refiners in London. It was founded by Percival Norton Johnson in 1817 as a Gold Assaying business. In 1851, George Matthey joined the business and the company's name was changed to Johnson & Matthey. The company was appointed as the Bank of England's official assayer and refiner in 1852. Bullion products minted by Johnson Matthey offer one of the best combinations of quality, weight, and purity, making them extremely popular around the world. Johnson Matthey has since sold its Precious Metals refining operations to Asahi Holdings in 2015.