Sell Your Silver, Gold and Platinum

Silver Bullion Pte Ltd is always interested to buy investment grade (.999 or higher) silver, gold and platinum bullion, regardless of where the bullion was originally purchased. We buy at very competitive rates.

How it Works

  1. Select the product(s) and quantity.
  2. Enter your personal information and payment instructions, and review details.
  3. Submit your order by clicking on "Submit".
  4. Bring the products you wish to liquidate to us in our office within one business day, along with any identification document with photo for verification. We will pay you according to the payment mode you selected once we have verified the authenticity of your metal.
  1. Log in and go to your Storage Page .
  2. Click on “Request Sellback
  3. Select the currency you would like to be paid for, and any comments.
  4. Tick the checkbox beside the parcel/s you intend to sell, then click on “Review Sellback Request...”.
  5. Review the details and click on “Submit Request”.
  6. We will then review the request and if everything is satisfactory, we will send you the purchase order and notify you of how we will arrange to transfer the funds back your linked bank account.

Contact us if your item/s are not listed below for us to quote a price. The below listed prices for bullion bars are valid for Investment Precious Metals (IPM).

Alternatively, you now get liquidity through our Bullion Secured Peer to Peer Loans. Find out more on the differences between selling your bullion and taking a loan on it.

Things you need to know

  • Please bring the bullion that you are selling to Silver Bullion within one business day. Click here to see our office address and operating hours.
  • For sellback of stored bullion/parcels, click here.
  • Silver Bullion reserves the right not to buy back if products are deemed to be in poor condition or damaged.
  • Prices offered may be reduced for damaged products (e.g. dented coins, cracked original capsule, etc.)
  • We buy non-IPM products from customers who had bought them from us in the past.
  • Silver Bullion reserves the right not to buy back if the bullion is not brought to our office within one business day.
  • Every sell back order placed is binding and a cancellation charge / market loss charge are levied if the order is cancelled.

Submit a sellback order

Weight (Product) Qty
1/2 oz
Price: 8.49 USD
29.75 gram
Price: 15.67 USD
30 gram
Price: 16.76 USD
1 oz (Vienna Philharmonics)
Price: 16.38 USD
1 oz (American Eagle, UK Britannia, Canadian Maple Leaf, Kangaroo, Australian Kangaroo)
Price: 16.48 USD
1 oz (Armenia Noah's Ark)
Price: 16.58 USD
1 oz (Koala, Australian Kookaburra)
Price: 16.88 USD
2 oz
Price: 33.76 USD
5 oz
Price: 84.40 USD
10 oz (Kookaburra)
Price: 165.30 USD
10 oz (Lunar Year of the Rooster)
Price: 172.80 USD
1 kg (Lunar Year of the Goat, Lunar Year of the Monkey, Lunar Year of the Rooster)
Price: 541.10 USD
1 kg (Koala, Kookaburra)
Price: 531.45 USD
1 kg (Armenia Noah's Ark)
Price: 536.27 USD
Subtotal - Silver Coins
Weight (Product) Qty
50 gram
Price: 26.33 USD
100 gram
Price: 52.66 USD
250 gram
Price: 130.61 USD
10 oz
Price: 162.30 USD
1 kg
Price: 521.81 USD
100 oz
Price: 1,613.00 USD
5 kg
Price: 2,597.78 USD
15 kg
Price: 7,793.34 USD
1,000 oz
Price: 16,130.00 USD
Subtotal - Silver Bars
Weight (Product) Qty
1 gram (Valcambi 50 gram Combi [1 gram units])
Price: 40.29 USD
1 gram (Nadir)
Price: 40.68 USD
2.5 gram
Price: 100.73 USD
5 gram
Price: 199.22 USD
10 gram
Price: 398.44 USD
1 oz
Price: 1,234.30 USD
50 gram
Price: 1,990.61 USD
100 gram
Price: 3,978.01 USD
10 oz
Price: 12,333.00 USD
1 kg
Price: 39,651.52 USD
Subtotal - Gold Bars
Weight (Product) Qty
1/20 oz (Canadian Maple Leaf)
Price: 62.52 USD
1/20 oz (Lunar Year of the Rooster)
Price: 66.42 USD
1/10 oz (Canadian Maple Leaf)
Price: 125.03 USD
1/10 oz (Lunar Year of the Rooster)
Price: 126.33 USD
1/4 oz (Vienna Philharmonics)
Price: 308.08 USD
1/4 oz (Lunar Year of the Rooster)
Price: 323.33 USD
8 gram
Price: 323.42 USD
15 gram
Price: 609.23 USD
1/2 oz
Price: 621.65 USD
1 oz (Vienna Philharmonics)
Price: 1,238.30 USD
1 oz (UK Britannia, Canadian Maple Leaf, Kangaroo)
Price: 1,243.30 USD
1 oz (Queen's Beasts Griffin 2017)
Price: 1,249.30 USD
1 oz (Chinese Panda)
Price: 1,273.30 USD
1 oz (Chinese Panda)
Price: 1,303.30 USD
10 oz
Price: 12,283.00 USD
Subtotal - Gold Coins
Weight (Product) Qty
1 oz
Price: 932.00 USD
10 oz
Price: 9,220.00 USD
500 gram
Price: 14,821.49 USD
1 kg
Price: 29,482.23 USD
Subtotal - Platinum Bars
As of 22 Jul 2017 12:38 AM Singapore Time
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Payment Instructions

You may collect your check from our office. The check will be issued in your name. Please bring a method of identification (e.g. IC, ID or passport).

Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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