Truly Secure Your Wealth

Our Commitment

Securing wealth against national disintegrations, financial collapses and systemic crises is surprisingly complex. In our overleveraged, over-indebted and over-interdependent world it has become challenging to ascertain to what degree gold and silver accounts are backed by physical metals which, in turn, are usually subject to a complex web of counterparty and jurisdictional risks that make them vulnerable in crises. Over the past decade we reasoned from first principles to dissect and eliminate most of these risks with a passion to provide the most comprehensive Systemic Wealth Protection in the industry. To achieve this, we:

  • Set new standards in transparency, storing physical gold and silver in a manner that is authenticated, individually trackable in real time, auditable on demand and securely accessible. This is complemented by one of the best insurance policies in the industry.
  • Built our own vaulting facilities, eliminating our reliance on third party vaults and landlords, thereby taking full control and becoming your only counterparty. These extensive capital investments underly our commitment towards safe keeping your assets for the long term.
  • Remain firmly rooted in Singapore, ensuring that your stored assets fall under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction and are kept far away from potential nationalizations, currency crisis or wars in your home country.

Going Beyond Traditional Bullion Storage

What We Do Differently

Our strong software engineering background allowed us to innovate and improve many industry processes, including innovative assets tracking systems, reliable bullion testing processes and our successful Peer to Peer lending system.

Together with our industry experience this led towards our four foundational principles:

  • Clients’ own bullion as private property segregated by serial numbers and is never held on our balance sheet. This ensures that we cannot sell, lease, or encumber your assets as it is your private property and protected under stringent Singapore laws.
  • Exclusive Singapore jurisdiction and our vertical integration means that we are not relying on third parties and have carefully structured our jurisdictional exposures so that, in a systemic crisis, only Singapore laws will apply.
  • Insurance beyond industry norms. In addition to theft and infidelity our insurance covers mysterious disappearance of bullion, which is usually not covered in the industry.
  • Bullion Genuinity Guarantee. Your bullion, stored under our S.T.A.R Storage or S.T.A.R. Grams program is guaranteed to be genuine which enables fast liquidity. This is possible due to our in-house testing labs. In comparison, commercial vaults usually store bullion on a “said to contain basis” with no explicit guarantees.

Bullion Reimagined

What Makes Us Different?

The Silver Bullion Group consists of a bullion dealer and escrow (Silver Bullion), a vaulting company (The Safe House) , a 180,000 sqft vaulting facility (The Reserve) and an industry specific software engineering company (Little Bit), synergistically united to set new standards for intergenerational wealth protection.

Our key differentiators are:

Our fully owned vaulting facilities. In an industry where dealers and banks outsource vaulting to storage providers who, in turn, rent facilities as needed in a quest to minimize investments, we took the opposite approach and invested for the long term, providing continuity and certainty to our clients.

Our transparency and audit on demand options Our GramChain (S.T.A.R. Grams) tracking system in particular is setting high standards in transparency and tamper evidence in our quest to earn our client’s trust. Realtime tamper evident tracking and audit on demand are uncommon practices in the industry.

Our extensive, fully owned, inventory. Silver Bullion fully owns, debt free, sizable inventories (>30 million) of precious metals which facilitate immediate liquidity and underpins our genuinity guarantee. By design we can never utilize our client bullion as inventory, which is a surprisingly common industry practice.

Peer to Peer Secured Lending and Collateralization. Silver bullion can act as an escrow between clients who want to lend or borrow funds among themselves using their stored assets as collateral. Since 2015 this has resulted in over 670 million SGD in loans at an average rate of 4.2% per year, providing an efficient liquidity alternative to selling your bullion.

Through our LBMA and SBMA memberships we are working to bring more transparency, efficiency and certainty to the bullion industry worldwide. We believe that, at a time of increasing global uncertainty, physical bullion will become a mainstream investment again, as it was in the 1970s.

Making a Market Beyond the Financial System

Bullion Liquidity

Orders for storage or local delivery can be submitted 24/7 through our secure online platform. Our bullion inventory is published online and transparently priced in near real-time. We also provide physical liquidity when you are ready to sell and have some of the highest buyback rates in the industry.

While gold makes up about half of our sales, our 700,000 troy ounce silver inventory and maximum 500,000,000 troy ounce storage capacity we are especially well suited to provide liquidity in physical silver.

All bullion traded, transferred and stored is from internationally recognized LBMA refiners or mints and >= 99.9% pure earning it the Singapore Investment Grade Precious Metal (IPM) classification which exempts it from taxation in Singapore and enables global liquidity.

831 Tons Delivered Since 2009

Our Principal Sources

Royal Canadian Mint
The Royal Mint
The Perth Mint
United States Mint
Münze Österreich
Banco de México
Johnson Matthey

Providing Material Certainty

Bullion Authentication

Although crude counterfeits can be easily identified, our concern are secondary market advanced counterfeits involving thickly gold plated bars containing tungsten cores, or even ceramic alloy silver coins.

To provide authentication certainties, in 2012, we developed DUX, a testing methodology that reliably verifies bullion without damaging them.

DUX is an acronym that stands for Density, Ultrasound and X-ray Fluorescence testing. Each test measures and compares a different physical characteristic in such a way that even the best counterfeits would fail at least one of the three tests. In 2014 we added ECM as an alternative/complement to Ultrasound.

All DUX test result data is uploaded into a bullion product tolerance database, which records and evaluates the test data. Test results are then retrievable online and are either linked to specific bars (parcels) or, for non-storage testing, specialized tamper evident stickers are used to mark the tested sample.

Test Methods Overview:

Testing Gold & Silver And Identifying Fake Bullion