Silver Bullion ranked 33rd out of the top 50 Most Enterprising Privately Owned Companies (E50 awards), jointly organised by KPMG and The Business Times.

Our Commitment:

We Provide the best wealth protection possible against the three systemic risks of Counterparty, Currency and Jurisdiction while providing excellent storage facilities, reliable testing, strong insurance and deep buy/sell liquidity for bullion.

Bullion Procurement and Liquidity:

Making a Market Beyond the Financial System

Orders for storage or local delivery can be submitted 24/7 through our secure online platform. Our 782 tons bullion inventory is published online and transparently priced in near real-time.

We also provide physical liquidity when you are ready to sell and have some of the highest buyback rates in the industry.

All bullion traded, transferred and stored is from internationally recognized refiners or mints and >= 99.9% pure earning it the Singapore Investment Grade Precious Metal (IPM) classification which exempts it from taxation in Singapore.

Our principal sources, by tonnage:

  • Royal Canadian Mint 137.3 tons
  • Nadir 188.5 tons
  • Johnson Matthey 70.6 tons
  • The Perth Mint 35.4 tons
  • United States Mint 17.6 tons
  • Münze Österreich 0.0 tons
  • Banco de México 0.1 tons
  • Heraeus < 1 ton
  • Metalor < 1 ton
  • LBMA > 210 tons

Bullion Authentication

Providing Material Certainty

Although crude counterfeits can be easily identified, our concern are secondary market advanced counterfeits involving thickly gold plated bars containing tungsten cores, or even ceramic alloy silver coins.

To provide authentication certainties, in 2012, we developed DUX, a testing methodology that reliably verifies bullion without damaging them.

DUX is an acronym that stands for Density, Ultrasound and X-ray Fluorescence testing. Each test measures and compares a different physical characteristic in such a way that even the best counterfeits would fail at least one of the three tests. In 2014 we added ECM as an alternative/complement to Ultrasound.

All DUX test result data is uploaded into a bullion product tolerance database, which records and evaluates the test data. Test results are then retrievable online and are either linked to specific bars (parcels) or, for non-storage testing, specialized tamper evident stickers are used to mark the tested sample.

Test Methods Overview:

Secure Storage

Leveraging Singapore Protections, free of middlemen

The Safe House (TSH) is our vault and DUX testing facility in Singapore. TSH provided us with massive storage capabilities, eliminated middlemen and removed the inherent regulatory exposure that comes with storing at large Western headquartered vaulting companies.

Thereby providing:

  • Exclusive Singapore Jurisdiction
    All storage activities fall under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction and we have no customer reporting requirements.
  • End to End Solution
    We eliminated all middlemen and therefore you are not dependent on the solvency or regulatory exposure of third parties.
  • Optimal Insurance
    Bullion stored at The Safe House is covered by one of the most comprehensive insurance policies in the industry
  • Secure Storage Options
The Safe House - Secured Area

1,000 oz Silver Bars being Sealed in a Pallet Cage at The Safe House