The oldest wealth insurance


Silver Bullion sells gold parcels, in the form of bars and coins.

These gold parcels are uniquely identified private property, tracked in our parcel ownership list, audited by our financial auditor and Bureau Veritas, fully insured against loss, guaranteed to be genuine, and stored under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction.

Being your property, these parcels can be sold 24/7, used as collateral for low interest peer-to-peer loans, or taken delivery of.

Storage fees for gold parcels are fixed at 9.86 SGD (7.33 USD) per ounce per year. In percentage terms, the storage fee:

  • is 0.30% of the current gold price
  • will be 0.15% if gold doubled in value
  • will be 0.10% if gold tripled in value

Any unused storage will be refunded upon sellback or delivery.

A sample gold parcel

Gold, the Oldest Wealth Insurance

Gold has been humanity's constant store of value across time and cultures. Currencies and civilizations have come and gone but gold remains the most reliable, and fungible store of value.

The US Dollar has lost an average 3.2% of its purchasing power per year over the last century…

Fiat currencies such as the USD are depreciating credit notes. Over time, these credit notes become worthless in a process that we call inflation. The United States dollar, for example, lost at least 96% of its purchasing power (based on US Treasury data) since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 with, ironically, the partial mandate to protect the USD's purchasing power.

Another way to look at it is that on average, every year since 1913, the real value of the US dollar diminished by 3.2%, requiring you to earn at least 3.2% more dollars — e.g. in interest — per year merely to maintain your purchasing power. Thus, holding currency is a terrible long-term asset, due to the massive debt burdens and currency printing that the fiat system enables.

…whereas gold has appreciated on average 4% per year over the last century

While currencies are certain to depreciate, requiring interest payments to prevent a loss in real terms, gold has risen on average by 4% per year in USD terms since 1913 — from 20.68 USD to 2,405 USD per troy oz today. Unlike depreciating currencies, gold does not need to pay a dividend because its value reliably appreciates in the long term. This makes gold a proven long-term wealth refuge with excellent liquidity.

Gold is a wealth insurance which provides, in real terms, a positive 0.8% p.a. (4.00% average gold appreciation in USD terms minus the 3.2% USD official depreciation) average return since 1913. Read How Currencies Depreciate and Gold Appreciates over Time on this topic.

Furthermore gold's returns can be quite reliably increased multifold, by switching gold holdings to silver when the silver gold ratio is above 80 and switching back to gold when the ratio is below 50. Such switching between silver and gold relies on the fact that the relative price of these two metals bounces back and forth over time, making one temporarily cheaper vs. the other for a short period. Today this ratio is 0. Read more on how this ratio is a great indication on whether to buy silver or gold.

Purchase gold parcels

You can purchase gold parcels 24/7, and pay in SGD, USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP, HKD, JPY, CGT, BTC or ETH.

Gold 1 kg Metalor Cast Bar
Buy from: 104,312 SGD
0.49% premium
Buy Now 3 parcels in stock
Gold 100 gram Argor-Heraeus cast bar
Buy from: 10,566 SGD
1.79% premium
Pre-order Now Available: 4 weeks

Sell your gold parcels

You can sell back your parcels 24/7, and receive SGD, USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP, HKD, JPY, CGT, BTC or ETH.

Gold 1 kg Metalor Cast Bar
Sell to us at: 101,294 SGD
2.50% below spot
Gold 100 gram Argor-Heraeus cast bar
Sell to us at: 10,151 SGD
2.29% below spot

Gold as collateral

Obtain a loan in SGD/USD/EUR for up to 50% of your parcels’ value (or up to 62% for one month loan contracts) via Secured Peer-to-Peer Loans. The process is fast, easy and reliable.

For example, a 10 oz gold parcel allows you to get a 12,000 USD loan starting August 1 at the following live interest rates:

Take delivery of your gold parcels

Stored parcels can be withdrawn easily with a notice of one business day.

An administrative fee of 25 SGD is charged for the withdrawal of each parcel.

Please contact us for local and international shipping.