Vincent Le

Posted by Vincent Le on 06 Apr 2024

Silver's Next Potential Catalyst

In recent months, silver has started to move strongly upwards from 22.50 USD on March 1st to nearly 28 USD today, April 8th. 

A 25% rise in 40 days is a trend we have been anticipating due to a combination of industrial demand—especially from the solar panel sector—and a broader market awakening to the inherent value silver holds as an investment asset.

Fundamentals Coming to Fruition

Gregor Gregersen, our founder, emphasized the transformative impact of photovoltaics (PV) on the silver market in 2023. He expected that a broader awareness of these supply-demand imbalances would crystallize in Q2 2024, positioning long-term investors.

In our December 2023 piece, “Surging Solar Panel Installations Are Draining Global Silver Reserves", we highlighted the skyrocketing industrial demand for silver—notably from the PV sector. We also believed that an important catalyst—The Silver Institute's long-awaited 2023 statistics—would likely raise broader awareness of physical silver shortages and lead silver to outperform in April 2024.

Our subsequent article in February 2024, “What Determines The Silver Price?", further delved into the technicalities that make it possible for future market prices to be unaffected by physical supply and demand realities.

Silver’s Underappreciated Value

As silver breached the $25 mark in March 2024, it continued to skirt below the mainstream financial radar, an observation we reiterated three weeks ago in our article, "Is This The Beginning Of Higher Silver Prices?".

This week, silver is approaching $28 per ounce, and its momentum is starting to gain attention. Once the The Silver Institute report for 2023 is released, highlighting ongoing deficits in silver, it's likely that mainstream media will once again spotlight silver across major channels, fueling the long-overdue momentum.

World Silver Survey 2024: Coming April 17th

The Silver Institute’s World Silver Survey is to be released on April 17, 2024. This publication, an annual review of the global silver market, is a linchpin for industry professionals and investors, offering a comprehensive analysis of supply, demand, and market trends.

The Silver Institute, of which we have been accepted as a member recently, and their publications are often used by large media companies to underpin articles referencing silver supply and demand. Hence, we can expect more mainstream articles on silver shortages in the second half April.  

Participate in the Silver Rally

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