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Posted by Vincent Tie on 02 Jun 2023

Silver Bullion becomes the first Southeast Asian member of the LBMA

For Immediate Release
2 June 2023


Silver Bullion Pte Ltd ( has become the first Southeast Asian affiliate member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), effective June 2nd, 2023.

The LBMA is the international trade association that represents the global market for gold and silver bullion. A global authority for precious metals, its members include some of the largest and most influential traders, refiners and logistics companies in the industry. Membership is widely recognized as a hallmark of excellence in the industry.

Prior to the admission of Silver Bullion, an extensive evaluation lasting multiple months was conducted by the LBMA to verify the company's credentials.

Being accepted as part of this prestigious trade association proves that Silver Bullion’s practices adhere to LBMA’s stringent rules on good trading practices and documentation. This includes specific financial and operational standards, adherence to LBMA’s Code of Conduct, and upholding a high level of ethical and professional conduct in all business activities related to the bullion market.

It also means that Silver Bullion will be able to join the working groups and market committees within LBMA to contribute to the future development of the global precious metals industry. The bullion dealer and precious metals storage provider also becomes one of just twenty-nine members across Asia accepted by the LBMA.

Being a member means Silver Bullion will be able to directly represent its views on key legislation and regulatory issues. It will also be able to help inform regulators and governments on key developments from an impartial perspective as part of the association.

“From sourcing to authentication, storage and even collateralization of bullion, every effort has been made to ensure that we provide our clients with the best wealth protection possible,” says Silver Bullion founder Gregor Gregersen. “Admission to the LBMA is validation of all this work, and to the standards we have set for ourselves thus far. We look forward to tapping on the shared expertise of the other members to further improve our offerings to our clients.”

Founded in Singapore in 2009, Silver Bullion provides segregated ownership of physical gold, silver, platinum, nickel, and other metals while minimizing storage, counterparty, and jurisdictional risks for clients. The company operates its ISO 9001-certified vault, The Safe House, and precious metals testing labs from its headquarters at The Reserve.

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