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Posted by Vincent Le on 26 Apr 2024

Frank Holmes - #HODL #Gold, #Silver, and #Bitcoin


Want to hear a veteran investor's take on gold, silver, Bitcoin and more? Grab a seat as Patrick Vierra of Silver Bullion TV sits down with Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Funds and chairman of HIVE Digital. Holmes brings decades of precious metals expertise but has also embraced the crypto revolution - revealing why holding both gold and Bitcoin is crucial in these uncertain times.

With animated analogies and blunt insights, Holmes breaks down the macroeconomic forces driving recent market volatility in metals and crypto. He explains why central banks remain ravenous gold buyers, how global elections could impact currencies, and what it will take for Bitcoin's price swings to level out. You'll learn about the fascinating sociological divide between "gold bugs" and "crypto babies" - and Holmes' quest to merge the two camps' philosophies. Equal parts analyst and provocateur, his wide-ranging interview covers everything from Asian millennial gold buyers to the geopolitics of mining shortages. An idea-packed conversation you won't want to miss.



0:00: Discussion on market volatility and importance of protecting wealth against government interference.
4:11: Gold demand boosted by global factors leading to all-time highs against major currencies.
08:29: Impact of geopolitical events on countries' military spending and economic boom at Costco.
12:17: Impact of anti-mining policies on Canadian pensions and potential rate cuts by Fed chairman Jerome Paul.
16:20: Global economic activity can be tracked by following cargo shipping rates as a reflection of the health of the economy.
20:05: Cryptocurrency ecosystem promotes resilience against government policies and emphasizes holding assets during crises.
24:06: Belief in diversifying portfolio with Bitcoin alongside traditional assets like gold and silver for potential growth.
28:02: Historical context of private property rights and human rights in relation to Bitcoin.
32:08: Evolution of technology in finance and investments, with potential for gold to be integrated with Bitcoin network.

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