Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Here are testimonials from our satisfied customers from 2009 until now. We publish these from external review pages on Facebook, and some are e-mailed to us directly from our customers. Thank you everyone for your support and business. We appreciate it!

Note: If you wish to write a testimonial yet still remain anonymous, let us know in advance and we will not publish your names.

  • I was recommended to Silver Bullion and have found the whole experience to be very user friendly. The team is excellent communicators and for a 'newbie' to the field of PM investment, I felt comfortable during the whole transaction process. Everything is laid out in a very easy to understand format and they are swift to respond to all messages. I am so happy that I have started my PM journey with this company and will continue to invest and make Silver Bullion my go to PM company, thank you :)

    Michelle V.★★★★★, September 2020
  • I love the entire experience of dealing with silver Bullion. The website is user-friendly and the transaction was a breeze. Collected my coins and was served by Francis who was knowledgeable and helpful. Highly Recommended.

    Shaifudin I.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Bei Silver Bullion Gold Coins mit BTC gekauft und relativ günstig eingelagert

    Bought at Silver Bullion Gold Coins with BTC and stored relatively cheaply

    C Hei.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Easy and convenient. everything is transparent, good, and friendly customer service. Good experience overall. No hassle at all. Money is credited immediately after sales of my silver bullions. thank you!!

    Adrian L.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Silver Bullion won my business by studying and comparing them over a period of months. After watching the videos of the owner being interviewed, I came to realize he does business as I do. He's a perfectionist, and he doesn't take short cuts. I finally made a small purchase to see how difficult the buying process was. Everything went extremely well, so I made a second purchase which went through flawlessly as well. Their communication is thorough. I am totally satisfied with every aspect of this company and plan to be a customer for a long time.

    Lucky H .★★★★★, September 2020
  • I can heartily recommend Silver Bullion. At one point, I sent them 1/4 of my life savings. Every penny of it was handled with care.

    Then, when I sold the metal, they sent me back exactly the amount of money I expected, after a quick, easy, and very thorough verification of my identity. Their storage fees and policies are the most reasonable of all of the companies I've researched.
    Every time I interact with their customer service, I get a prompt response that completely handles every concern I had.
    I wish all financial institutions operated with the same level of reliability and customer service.

    Jsin J .★★★★★, September 2020
  • Silver Bullion is always ready to help and provide advice and information on precious metals. We are happy with their professional services and advice are given.

    Daniel N .★★★★★, September 2020
  • Excellent company to do business with!!! Very reputable and trustworthy always answering questions very promptly. Highly recommend for all of your precious metals purchases.

    Melisa W. ★★★★★, September 2020
  • Very professional services and pleasant experiences

    Shintarn L.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Being a first-time investor in gold and silver, my trip to silver bullion has been fruitful. The staff of silver bullion, Francis, patiently explained to me the products and services they have to offer and his insights to investing for silver and gold. The application was fast and easy and everything can be done online. The payment was also made easy with PayNow. They also offer P2P lending services which seems like a great next alternative to put my money rather than keeping it in the bank.

    Yu Xin T.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Great customer service.

    Henry Y. ★★★★★, September 2020
  • Very Efficient online system in place, organized, easy to track, safe, and secure.

    T.P.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Gold class service! Convenient - order and pay online, take personal delivery, or pay for storage. Friendly and responsive staff.

    KW F.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Excellent experience esp w Francis Koh. Very helpful, informative, and objective advice.

    Keong L.★★★★★, September 2020
  • I have a very comfortable and pleasant buying precious metal experience with Silver Bullion ("SB"). SB is trustworthy and excellent in customer services. If you are looking for a bullion dealer to buy/sell precious metal, particularly in Singapore, I strongly recommend SB!

    Leaw E.★★★★★, September 2020
  • I have known about this company for a long time and I finally made the move and purchased. One reason why I used this service is the peer to peer system because no one else is doing it. Its a great idea and leverages the bullion you have. Also within 24 hours my purchases were photographed sent to me and all the .pdfs sent to me about how everything has been confirmed. Also when messaging this company they are quite swift in returning a message. So really happy with this service. I also listen to Patrick on youtube who has interviewed the owner a few times and he seems real down to earth, assured of his business, and explains the market as simply as possible.

    Cathi H.★★★★★, September 2020
  • The execution and customer service by Silver Bullion Pte Ltd and their S.T.A.R. Storage are excellent. I opened my account, then sent a domestic wire to The Bank of New York Mellon (per the instructions shown on the SB website), and the next day my wired amount was showing in my SB account in Singapore. So I placed my gold buy order within a 1/2 hour of when SB had deposited my wire into my account and my order settled quickly because the settlement funds were there. The following workday my gold coins were showing as in S.T.A.R. Storage there in Singapore. This entire process went very smoothly and was just great! It couldn't have been processed any faster and I am very pleased. I plan to repeat this same routine going forward because my (Charles Schwab) Fed wire to NY was free due to the pandemic and SB showed the received wire in my Singapore acct the next day after I sent it to NY.

    Poinciana Fl.★★★★★, September 2020
  • The transaction was very smooth. Item was tested right in front of me. Very good customer service.

    Abdillah A.★★★★★, September 2020
  • A very secure place. I reached there when the office is about to close, the staff there is very professional and friendly to explain the details on how their system works. Their system is very transparent and trusted. Highly recommended.

    Charles O.★★★★★, September 2020
  • For those who are looking to buy and store their bullion, this is a company that provides excellent customer service. Quick respond.Detailed and user-friendly website. Very attractive storage fee.

    Sahfann N.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Sold some Bullions here, they are very professional and knowledgable. Bought my Bullions almost a decade ago before Silver Bullion's site was around, but Silver Bullion offers much more competitive prices and the whole transaction was swift and smooth. I got my payout instantly on the spot and they conduct the checks professionally throughout the whole deal. Thumbs up for Francis.

    Regine L.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Their products and service are just superb. Look for Francis, he is just an awesome guy, and highly recommends him.

    Epi Lud.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Friendly and professional customer service from Francis!

    Silver Bullion offers one of the most competitive prices for precious metals in Singapore. Highly recommended!

    Wendt T.★★★★★, September 2020
  • The buying process is easy and collection is simple too. This is the preferred place to buy gold and silver.

    Pei Zheng T.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Francis has shared with me about STAR storage and also P2P scheme which is very eye-opening to me

    He has been patient to explain about Nickel purchases and also on the current outlook for Nickel

    Will refer him to other customers in the future...

    Wee Ming L.★★★★★, September 2020
  • A smooth and easy transaction. Overall a good experience. The staff is professional and patient. Thanks. Will definitely come back for more PM purchase!

    Michelle B.★★★★★, September 2020
  • A pleasant experience purchasing physical investments with Silver Bullion - always responsive and professional.

    Sheryl T.★★★★★, September 2020
  • Excellent staff service. Very helpful. The great buying experience in a neat, Drclean office space.

    Gerald K.★★★★★, September 2020
  • First time user at Silver Bullion Pte Ltd, though I've another account in another place. Silver Bullion prices are very competitive, often lower. Also good that there is a 2-factor authentication option for better security. The time is taken to acknowledge bank transfers is also very fast. Their YouTube videos are also great education and put Singapore on the world map! Overall very efficient, fast, and good pricing.

    Robin C.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Very good service, fast and concise. Mr. Glenn Danker was patient in answering the questions and the answers were clear and easy to understand. Would recommend people to visit.

    Ang Fu Y.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Excellent services and after-sales services too! Prices very reasonable and most beneficial for the repeatIng customers. The royalty points earned also help in reducing the cost of buying. Neat!

    Edmond C.★★★★★, August 2020
  • It was my first instance dealing with a bullion trader but the experience was smooth and one that builds trust. I could see staff busy (just after circuit breaker ended) but they made sure every buyer is given time and all questions are answered. I look forward to dealing with them again.

    Vishesh S.★★★★★, August 2020
  • It's always a pleasant buy and sells precious metal experience with Silver Bullion. They offer very competitive prices on the market. Trustworthy and excellent service, have been their customer since 2016. Will continue to support them! Great job!

    JehTeng C.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Prices were better than other local retailers. Pick up was quick and fuss-free

    KangWei L.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Quick, painless, and good service over the counter!

    Nick H.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Great place to buy bullion. Excellent customer service. Recommend this dealer for transactions. Very good experience.

    Leo F.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Reputable dealer, great service, and most of all, honest. Transparent pricing, easy to see the premium over spot. The paperwork is also prompt with no delays. I'm pleased with the conscientiousness with regard to storage and security and will buy from them again.

    Christine Au.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Silver Bullion consistently offers one of the better buyback prices in Singapore. As with many of the established gold and silver merchants in Singapore, their buyback prices are published online and you may make the comparisons before committing to sell.

    The sale process was straightforward and fuss-free, with the funds readily deposited within minutes. Staff, there was extremely helpful too!

    CH. Wong.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Francis is a fantastic help ...very professional and helpful ... Very confident dealing with Silver Bullion

    Piti Pra.★★★★★, August 2020
  • My friend recommended me to buy silver and gold from Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. It has been a very pleasant experience since I first contact them. The staff is very patient and helpful whenever I call them to make inquiries. When I went to the office, the staff was very professional and attended to all my queries. I will recommend Silver Bullion to all my contacts in the future. Thanks for the excellent service!

    jkohsh.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Quick service. Well thought after and honest advice. Surely a good place to begin any metals

    Jeremy T.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Was there back in 2013 and bought some silver bar and coins for investment, today I went back there again to sell back my silver bars and coins. The experience back then and now is the same, very good customer services, friendly and knowledgeable staff. The service staff Mr. Francis was especially helpful and chatty, had an enjoyable session with him during the selling of the metals.
    I would recommend people to go to them for their buying or selling of the investment-grade metals.

    Lim Vin.★★★★★, August 2020
  • The place is convenient, walking distance within MRT and service is good. I get to purchase an in-stock item on the spot.

    Nor Nur.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Great customer service. Explained the process of checking and verifying silver at my own pace. Easily accessible and friendly staff. Prices are competitive for all their gold and silver products.

    Malim D.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Its a new move in life to go towards precious metal after the unforeseen of the effect from Covid19 as I finally decided to buy into Gold & Silver as an Insurance to the inflations to come. Found Silver Bullion purely on the website and had not visited them prior to my first order with them. I managed to purchase some silver coins at an affordable range and decided to go for it. The staffs are very friendly and very patience to answer my queries. Will continue to invest for more silver with silver bullion more to come. Nice and keep up good work. And more sales to come...

    Affordable2.★★★★★, August 2020
  • As a first time investor, I was very assured and impressed by Silver Bullion's staff professionalism and transparency from our online order to the collection of our purchase. The staff that handled our purchase was very friendly, helpful, and proactive in giving us a run-through of their products while we are at the office and even give us some tips as well. Would recommend them to friends and family!

    Chansing C.★★★★★, August 2020
  • I've been so incredibly impressed with the quality of customer service and the folks at Silver Bullion being so responsive.

    Everything about their operation is top-notch!

    Jake Moro.★★★★★, August 2020
  • First time buying precious metals from Silver Bullion although I have been watching their Youtube channel regularly. Bought 1 Kg of Platinum on 5 August 2020 to test out their service and went down to their office at Paya Lebar Certis Cisco to collect today.

    I was attended by Francis who is friendly, professional, and patient. He took out the testing kit to verify that the item I purchased is indeed Platinum and explain to me how it worked. He also explained to me the various services they provide.

    I told him that I will be purchasing a lot more products from them soon as I just bought 1 Kg of Platinum to assess their service.

    Service was good overall and I am very pleased with my purchase. Keep up the good work, Silver Bullion.

    Kalvyn T.★★★★★, August 2020
  • My friend had introduced me to Silver Bullion for purchasing gold and silver. The staff there was very informative and patient in explaining the gold market to me. I feel that the environment there was good and on the day I went, there weren't a lot of people so I didn't have to wait so long. After deciding to make a purchase and create an account, the process was fast and simple

    Elaine C.★★★★★, August 2020
  • My friend had introduced me to Silver Bullion for purchasing gold and silver. The staff there was very informative and patient in explaining the gold market to me. I feel that the environment there was good and on the day I went, there weren't a lot of people so I didn't have to wait so long. After deciding to make a purchase and create an account, the process was fast and simple

    Elaine C.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Very friendly and helpful staff. Help me in my choice and selection and navigation of the website. The very good first-time experience will certainly drop in again to pick up more items!

    Terence W.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Great customer service. Very attentive, helpful & welcoming. A pleasure to deal with. You will always get a quick reply via their secure messaging system. Easy to get to. Lots of parking space. A great experience.

    Ahmed A.★★★★★, August 2020
  • This is the preferred place to buy gold and silver. Comparing with other billions their premium charged are rather reasonable even in times of high demand and Low supply.

    The staffs are very attentive and helpful, they will provide valuable advice when approached.

    Andygoh.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Spoke with Francis Koh, who explained all about investing in silver and gold and patiently answered all my questions. Thanks for the help!

    Charissa B.★★★★★, August 2020
  • First time buying bullion online and pick up from the office. Friendly staff and take time to explains how to check the authenticity of what was bought and questions posed. They have a very friendly online website as well.

    BT Ang.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Great experience and staff have been friendly and helpful.

    Heau C.T.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Pleasant and smooth experience. Very friendly and helpful staff.

    Anne Y.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Great place to buy silver. As I am a first-time buyer, Francis was friendly and patient explaining to me the procedures.

    Electron.Zzz ★★★★★, August 2020
  • They actually answer their phones, unlike some other SG dealers.

    Brian S.★★★★★, August 2020
  • My go-to place for precious metals without a doubt. Francis who attended to me was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and patiently answered the queries I had. I would love to recommend their service to anyone who may be interested in purchasing bullion.

    GYPSY l.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Best bullion shop in Singapore a few key points to take in consideration seriousness, long time in business, one of the most well furnished with different types of choice with a reasonable premium if you compare to others bullion dealers and for being in Singapore one of the best countries to keep your wealth away from any kind of inconvenient situations.. thanks guys good job

    Salvatore A.★★★★★, August 2020
  • I've had a good relationship with Silver Bullion for almost 4 years already. They are prompt and efficient!

    Terry B.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Easy access, plenty of choices of bullion to chose from, and welcoming staff. Easy and seamless transactions.

    The Vave A.★★★★★, August 2020
  • Silver Bullion In Singapore is a very efficient organization. The website is very user friendly and easy to follow. The office staff is very friendly & helpful. The transactions are processed smoothly. Overall very impressed with their service.

    Geetha V.★★★★★, August 2020
  • The office is located in Certis Cisco Centre, you know that your precious metals are real & safe. The platform makes the transaction easy & hassle-free, be it buy or sell back. The staff Francis is friendly, appreciate that he shares the insights about the precious metal.

    Clara G.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Excellent customer service. Prompt, knowledgable, and patient. Keep it up.

    P.G ★★★★★, July 2020
  • I have ordered precious metals from other dealers but this is the first time I order from Silver Bullion. The staff was very friendly and have customer good service. I am a very satisfied customer and will definitely order from then again!

    Gilles L.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Francis is very knowledgeable and gives good advice. Their response is fast and efficient.
    Very reputable. Highly recommend.

    Daniel P.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Very good experience, professional service.

    Ricky S.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Silver bullion provides good service and secure storage of precious metals

    Lorraine L.★★★★, July 2020
  • The transaction was fast and a breeze..along with additional info about Gold in what u may not know..competitive price n service.

    Joker 69.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Been very impressed by the service and those who manage Silver Bullion SG. Extremely professional, genuine, and trustworthy. Keep up the good work.

    Chen H. K.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Quick and easy account set up. Online order and self-collection are straight forward and fast. The staff is friendly.

    Goh Alex.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Good service, easy to use.

    Sean T.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Have been buying Silver coins for almost 10 years. Hands down the best experience from Silver Bullion. Account opening and information from the website was easy to navigate. The staffs are friendly, helpful, and reliable. Best service was an option to purchase online and collect later on when convenient. The office is in Certis Cisco building hence very safe. Basement parking available.

    Shaun L.★★★★★, July 2020
  • As a newcomer to precious metals investments, Silver Bullion as made it exceptionally seamless and easy to go about my purchase. Staff were friendly knowledgeable about their products and as such, it gave me the confidence to conduct further transactions with the company.

    Jon T.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Great Service, fast, secure, reliable. Totally recommended! I will surely tell my closest friends!

    Agustine R.★★★★★, July 2020
  • When I first took an interest in buying silver bullion, I was very apprehensive about who to buy from. I heard about Silver Bullion and decided to visit them in person to check them out and to make inquires. Francis, who attended to me was extremely patient and helpful, explaining to me the various services that Silver Bullion offered - in placing and selling orders through their website or in-person and safekeeping in their vaults. Since then, I have bought and sold silver bullion through them several times effortlessly and have recommended Silver Bullion to my friends as a one-stop hassle-free experience for buying and selling precious metals.

    Irene W .★★★★★, July 2020
  • We were not sure for quite a while about investing with Silver Bullion, however, we finally did and they made it so easy. Our questions were answered quickly, the sales team were fantastic and their processes easy to understand and navigate. They probably have one of the most intuitive websites I have seen, especially for the gold and silver novice.

    Mark D.★★★★★, July 2020
  • SB is the best place to purchase silver. Friendly and helpful staff especially Francis! cheers

    Andrew L.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Silver Bullion is my number one choice to store precious metals overseas. Highly impressive operations and excellent customer care. Reassuring to know my investments are in safe trustworthy hands.

    James C.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Very smooth transaction at the counter. Mr. Francis Koh is being Super helpful. For sure to recommend to my friends and family.

    Aini Ibrahim.★★★★★, July 2020
  • When I intend to invest in physical silver, Silver Bullion was introduced to me. I did online registration for S.T.A.R. Storage and just pop by their office in the afternoon, uninvited. Francis Koh patiently introduced me to the purchase & storage procedures. I made my very first purchase on his computer. Glad that Francis is patient & professional.

    Chin S.L.★★★★★, July 2020
  • This is a trusted vendor of gold/silver investors, the location is secure, the process is fast and the web platform is easy to use. Great supplier when you consider investing in physical gold & silver.

    ZHICHENG Y.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Good and friendly services. Delivered my physical bullion sold and monies were transferred into my account almost immediately. Was out of their office in less than 15 mins.

    Tuck Hong C.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Easy to transact & Clear instructions

    Raveen Kantha K.★★★★★, July 2020
  • For North Americans, this is a great place to diversify your holdings in another jurisdiction. I am always asked if it is 'safe'. My reply is to ask 'how safe do you think your bank is'? This is safer other than a hole in your back yard. The service is excellent as I get replies the same day (remember time zone issues, etc). I highly recommend and the website is extremely easy to use and communication is top-shelf.

    Gary D.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Friendly, professional staff. Excellent service, a pleasure to do business with them - clear and precise instructions. Highly recommended.

    Marie M.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Met Francis Koh, he was professional and very friendly.

    I signed up as a member. Will definitely come back to purchase more.
    It’s a lot safer to buy coins from silver bullion ( a trusted dealer). Jason

    Aventisin PL.★★★★★, July 2020
  • The service at Silver Bullion, Singapore is always impeccable. I was taken through the process step by step and given good advice appropriate to my situation. The staffs are so friendly, helpful, and reliable. I was so amazed at my first experience buying silver and gold with Silver Bullion, that I have already recommended a few friends to this company and do not hesitate to recommend more as I am sure they will be looked after like I have been over the last few years. The service has never faltered. I can sleep easy at night knowing that all is in trustworthy hands and is safe and secure. After my purchase, I was shown a photo of my sealed holdings. Silver Bullion, Sg I thank you for your great service, easy to navigate site, helpful and flexible approach. It's the best.

    Nicole L.★★★★★, July 2020
  • 1st visiting, good experience with the friendly attendee, explain in detail in a relaxed manner.

    Bella P.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Very positive experience buying bullion online, it's all rather simple and customer support is good.

    Philippe L.★★★★★, July 2020
  • For me, Silver Bullion is the best place to store my precious metal in a safe place overseas. A big advantage is their system of segregated storage in their self-owned vault and that they give my legal ownership of my bullion bought from them. Silver Bullion offers a multitude of different insurances for a reasonable price. Their customer care is excellent. They guys at Silver Bullion are very friendly and helpful. I am a satisfied customer and will return back.

    Tobias G.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Easy and very good customer service. Safe feeling for storing valuables.

    Maikel K.★★★★★, July 2020
  • I had a pleasant experience on July 13th, 2020. I was served by a knowledgeable gentleman Francis Koh. I was there to purchase a combination of gold and silver PM and as it was my first time there, he led me through a very patient and attentive lesson on navigating their website as I had not registered that day. Overall it was very good engagement. Kudos to the team at Silver Bullion.

    Daniel K.★★★★★, July 2020
  • I had a pleasant experience at Silver Bullion. Francis was knowledgeable and guided me in buying gold and silver. If you are a first time buyer, I highly recommend Silver Bullion.

    Muhammad Faizal M.★★★★★, July 2020
  • A very welcoming approach; myself a first-timer into this interest. Glenn gave me a great overview for my understanding and advised me to visit in.

    Visited 3 days later and again, a warm welcome; introduction provided by Patrick and taken over by Glenn for the next steps.

    Highly recommended; family-like feeling.

    Sahul M.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Excellent customer service! Respond quickly via secure mail or can talk directly over Skype, among other options. They take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you understand everything. Very helpful!

    William Mc.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Great experience! Will continue to buy metals from them. Thanks! :)

    Go Dot C.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Excellent customer service! Respond quickly via secure mail or can talk directly over Skype, among other options. They take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you understand everything. Very helpful!

    William M.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Great gold bars selling experience, the transaction was very professionally done and fast. Comprehensive testing for the gold bars was performed using state of the art equipment. Francis was very helpful in sharing the various platforms that Silver bullion has which I was not aware of, especially the P2P loan sections. Kudos for the pleasant transaction and wonderful investment knowledge sharing!

    Yiwei L.★★★★★, July 2020
  • It was a very easy process to buy some precious metals. And they also replied to questions very professionally. Can highly recommend it.

    Lex Tron.★★★★★, July 2020
  • The team is so responsive to inquiry and very friendly. All my inquiries were replied within an hour. The payment method is so convenient with a click of a button. Overall I'm very happy with their services. Collected my purchases today!

    Amy T.★★★★★, July 2020
  • First time to Silver Bullion and it was a great experience. The staffs explain all details to us very professionally. Will certainly come back for future purchases. Best place to purchase your silver in Singapore.

    Derek W.★★★★★, July 2020
  • Great experience at Silver Bullion Singapore.

    Got to know them from google while searching for bullion investment.
    Comprehensive services on buy, sell, storage, and P to P loan services.
    Sales staff are friendly and detail in their explanation in dealing.
    Visited their highly secured Singapore vault and vault manager are
    professional with precious metal knowledge and storage.
    In all, a good investment starts with a one-stop service bullion company.
    Good discovery during this financial uncertainty ..... cheers !!

    Joseph J.★★★★★, July 2020
  • High quality and low cost, efficient service

    Pascal Chen.★★★★★, July 2020
  • I came across Silver Bullion while researching which company to start my precious metal investment and pay a visit to them. The staffs are very professional during the detailed introduction and they always respond in a timely manner. Definitely will introduce friends and family who are interested in precious metal investment to Silver Bullion!

    Darren W. ★★★★★, June 2020
  • Fast and smooth transaction. Friendly and gave me good advice. I will definitely buy it again.

    Christina Ong.★★★★★, June 2020
  •  Silver Bullion is one of the places I check prices of the precious metals before purchase. They can have the lowest price at times because they do not jack up the premiums as quickly as you sometimes see with other bullion dealers in Singapore. Sometimes they do, we just have to do our due diligence. They also have Nickel and Cobalt, but I am not quite as bullish.
    Certainly being right inside at Certis Cisco building makes their vaults feel safer. Getting to the retail location requires going through security and walking pass Cisco officers who are guarding the banks.

    Louis Fong. ★★★★★, June 2020
  • Silver Bullion is located in Cisco Building. Provide a secure feeling when you visit the shop. The shop is similar to an office that provides a personalized interaction environment. Their online system is simple to use. The personal page has easy to understand history tracking and privacy interaction. Highly recommended for people who like privacy.

    Harry K. ★★★★★F.B, June 2020
  • After doing a lot of research on different dealers, countries, depositories, and bullion in general a friend recommended Silver Bullion. After evaluating them in comparison to others out there I was definitely impressed. A big part of this space I believe in education. Their site was extremely helpful as an educational center via their online videos. They have videos ranging from why bullion, what types, storage, insurance, jurisdictions, and a host of other topics. In addition, they host live hour+ Q&A sessions. Not only are all of these elements helpful but they show that the people running the show really are into what they do. That goes a long way. In terms of products and purchasing, it was noticeable that the tech for their site was well thought out. They are very transparent with showing the spread, buyback rates, inventory amounts, and most of the elements a consumer would be interested in. On top of this, their relationship with the Safe House is probably one of their biggest selling points. The ability to purchase and "store in the vault" in a seamless transaction removes all barriers for anyone that would be interested in remote storage. I have already recommended them to others as a top option and will continue to do so.

    Kenny B.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Going over to Certis Cisco seems a bit scary and intimidating for me at first. But once I entered the offices of Silver Bullion, Francis was there to assist me with my metal collection. It was a calming and relaxed experience for me and it was a quick one as well. Not to mention, Francis did the weight test and purity test of my metal without having to ask him for it! Unlike other bullion dealers out there, you might need to ask them to test it before you take it home. Overall I am more than satisfied with the services and hope to deal with them again! Thank you, Francis! Thank you, Silver Bullion!

    D.D.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Francis is very patient and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend Silver Bullion to anyone who is looking to purchase precious metals. I will definitely come back again.

    Jeremy W.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Very simple account opening process, intuitive website, and customer service is with real humans who respond promptly.

    JD Hall.★★★★★, June 2020
  • I found Silver Bullion from their youtube channel. The website and registration process is simple and easy. Customer service is great and friendly. I learned a lot from the explanations with the staff, and from the youtube channel as I'm still new to this. I recommend Silver Bullion for the security and peace of mind.

    KW.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Due to the pandemic, they don't offer delivery so I had to travel all the way from the west to collect. Reasonable price from banks' pricing. Easy collection. Plus they could refund me almost immediately as I overpaid them by a few bucks. Great experience

    Edna S.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Great service from Silver Bullion, I ordered my silver via their website and it arrived earlier than expected. As it was heavy the staff offered to bring it down and load into my car.

    I do like how the transparency of their business on the buying/selling prices which are regularly updated. On an earlier call, the employee also took the time to explain the premium mechanism on the purchased silver to ensure expectations are managed.

    S.C .★★★★★, June 2020
  • Easy account opening and efficient customer service.

    Many forms of payment methods available.

    Nicholas F.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Easy to navigate online store with a wide variety of offerings. Many funding options and very convenient. The staffs are very professional, the communication is secure and discreet. They send email notifications without divulging details in the emails, but with links to login and retrieve the messages. The whole process is painless.

    Ang Kling.★★★★★, June 2020
  • I love this platform. I use it to lend money to others (P2P ), backed by Gold. Making loans is easy. Opening the account was easy.

    Antonio N.★★★★★, June 2020
  • The staffs are prompt and professional in their service! Thank you, guys!

    Sharon N.★★★★★, June 2020
  • I got to know of Silver Bullion through their YouTube channel which provides refreshing content and easy to follow information, esp with their time-stamped. very satisfied with the services. They have a good working website, which makes buying and selling metals easy. Their support is very quick to respond in case of questions and very helpful.

    Muhammad A.★★★★★, June 2020
  • I just opened an account with them online which was simple and straight forward. After that bought something from them and got the confirmation and pictures of the product which will be kept in their storage. So far happy customer

    Sascha K.★★★★★, June 2020
  • I have been researching different options for buying and storing gold bullion in Singapore, as an alternative to holding gold ETFs. Silver Bullion offers quite a decent price spread compared to competitors, and a wide selection. To me, the biggest attraction was the option to store bullion at their own secure vault, The Safe House, which allows me to bypass the overheads of storage and insurance if I had to take physical custody. Their storage costs are quite reasonable, and comparable to the expense ratios of common gold ETFs.

    The onboarding experience was quite smooth. Their whole system of buying, storing, and tracking of individually allocated parcels through their website is quite well thought out. Since you can buy, store and sell bullion online without ever having to physically visit the store, it makes the whole process of holding physical gold bullion in your name as simple as buying a gold ETF or certificate.

    Navin M.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Silver Bullion Pte Ltd, Best service, friendly and professional. Very informative, Very happy with my experience and I will definitely be a returning for more. Thank you so much :)))

    Joanna L .★★★★★, June 2020
  • Professional service.

    榛名ゆい.★★★★★, June 2020
  • This company reference and recommendation comes from my close friend. I have been in customer service for a long time and i have to say, their customer service is top notch and prompt regardless of time difference from USA to Singapore! I had troubles transferring funds but they patiently figure some other way for me. I highly recommend them.

    Aki Sakata ★★★★★, June 2020
  • My first time investing was made easy by Silver Bullion. Their support/sales team is super helpful and kind. The entire process went so smoothly.

    Many of my friends use them and I can see why!

    Nathan P.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Easy to transact from the online placement of order to self pick up at the store. The staff is friendly. Love the store location. From store to CISCO safe box, a stone throw away, within the same building. No worries about being robbed.
    Jane Tan .★★★★★, June 2020
  • Silver Bullion is a trusted and reliable company you can rely on when purchasing precious metals. The staff is very responsive and courteous when attending to your inquiries. Also, the products are sold at attractive and reasonable prices.

    Anthony T .★★★★★, June 2020
  • Bought Precious metal from SB Pte Ltd. for the first time and the process was very swift and hassle-free. The transaction is transparent, no hidden charges and support team is very prompt and helpful. I highly recommend SB Pte Ltd to trade and hold your precious metal portfolio. The option of borrowing & lending is also available to clients.

    Ashutosh J.★★★★★, June 2020
  • A very pleasant place. Staff Vergel was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating to my query and request. Highly recommended

    AK. Neo.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Fantastic team! Shout out to SilverBullion TV for their great service!

    Michael F.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Real company to buy silver and store with.

    Kenneth W.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Hi,

    This is WGS and I have used Silver Bullion for years. They are always prompt and efficient in replying to questions, requests, and purchases. They are my only and first choice for offshore storage. I recommend anyone interested in storage to contact the team at Silver Bullion

    KP.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Prompt and Excellent after Sales Service. My queries and concerns were promptly addressed during Covid 19 where their retail outlet was not opened.

    Thumbs up!

    Eric Goh ★★★★★, June 2020
  • Good knowledge about the products, the staff was also patient and helpful with a first-time buyer.

    Jason L.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Easy process to get started and A+ customer service. Any question or concern I had was answered by email within a day. If you use their storage service they send a picture of the bullion that you purchase, adds great peace of mind to the entire process

    Todd Y.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Good experience so far

    DD .★★★★★, June 2020
  • I have been with Silver Bullion for several months now. Their user agreement is great and at first, I called them to talk to them and ask some questions. They are very friendly and responsive and their application process is simple and they don't ask for excessive documentation to prove who you are. Their prices are some of the best prices for precious metals of any online dealer I've seen. I haven't been to their warehouse in person, but from the videos and information I can tell their attention to detail and security measures are impressive. I feel safe investing in bullion with them. I also like the informational videos on their Youtube channel. I haven't had any problems and am very satisfied so far.

    Kenny M .★★★★★, June 2020
  • I love Silver Bullion, it's genuinely one of the best and safest companies to purchase, hold, and trade physical gold, silver, etc. I can manage everything easily online and the customer service is extremely responsive. I wouldn't honestly trust any other company to hold my bullion for the long-term as it's not likely to be insurance-backed like Silver Bullion is. Also, on any excess fiat cash balances, I hold I can earn interest on through their online P2P loan system which is super easy to use as well as secured against bullion assets.

    Jasdeep K.★★★★★, June 2020
  • In short: The place to get the best deal in Singapore for stackers.
    I would say they offer the most competitive spread among dealers in Singapore.
    Their location, while being slightly remote, is very secure. You would definitely feel peace of mind storing bullion with them.

    Chun Y.H.★★★★★, June 2020
  • After looking around for the various avenues to invest in precious metals, I was recommended Silver Bullion by a friend.
    It was my first time purchasing precious metal, I read attentively the information presented on their website which I found extremely useful and easy to understand.
    The process to open an account was easy to complete as well as the funding instructions.
    Customer service was extremely reactive, comprehensive, and helpful.

    Jm Hiroko. ★★★★★, June 2020
  • Manage to sell my gold bars in a friendly environment. The staff Francis has the patience to explain all details. Fund transfer is no hassle, and fast.

    Daphne K.★★★★★, June 2020
  • I just went to collect my silver bar, the staff Angela provides very good service and very helpful. Highly recommended.

    Aaron Tan.★★★★★, June 2020
  • It was my first venture into precious metals and the SB team was very patient and helpful with my queries, taking the time to explain products (while sharing their personal insights based on their expertise). Since that first visit, I've gone back several times.

    Ramon T.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Being a newbie in Bullion collection, Francis from Silver Bullion took me through thoroughly. Highly recommended for people interested or starting out with bullion to check them out.

    M. Y. Pang.★★★★★, June 2020
  • Highly recommended for those who want to have a better understanding of the precious metal landscape in Singapore.

    Philip Ong. ★★★★★, June 2020
  • Very pleased with the service so far and the wide range of products and options. Excellent website, which is easy to navigate. Looking forward to doing more business in the near future.

    Faikah C.★★★★★, May 2020
  • After looking around for the various avenues to invest in precious metals, I came across Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. The information presented on their website were transparent and extremely useful for serious investors. Opening an account on the STAR Storage was a breeze. I'd highly recommend the company to those keen in this form of investment. Here's wishing Silver Bullion every success in their future endeavors. Thank you.

    Thean K. C.★★★★★, May 2020
  • I have used Silver Bullion Pte Ltd services for both take delivery and on-site vault storage. I found them very professional.

    Nicolas L.★★★★★, May 2020
  • Great experience. Their prices are more expensive but I guess it's better than dealing with some shady people.

    Kenneth Ong.★★★★, May 2020
  • Offer the best price compared to the other places, excellent service provided, pls keep it up, cheers!

    Make Life.★★★★★, May 2020
  • I had experience with 3 different dealers so far. Silver Bullion left the best impression. Made purchase during the circuit breaker period, Silver Bullion offered free delivery service to my location and even upgraded my purchase to a higher grade. Responsible dealer and friendly service!

    Chia Xin.Y.★★★★★, May 2020
  • Repeated customer. It can be trusted. During the circuit breaker period, there was arranged delivery for pick up as well. My only place for silver investment. Thumbs up.

    Anderline Oh.★★★★★, May 2020
  • Reliable and great service. They were able to offer free delivery during the CB period which as a warm welcome. Keep up the good work!

    Ivan M. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • Easy transaction, reliable, professional.

    Mystery M.★★★★★, May 2020
  • Great service follow up at very competitive prices!

    Ben L.★★★★★, May 2020
  • Professional service and secure interface with seamless storage facility makes SB an obvious choice

    En Hao G.★★★★★, May 2020
  • The process to open an account was very easy to follow and the online application was easy to complete. The funding instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. I particularly like that there are a variety of options for gold and silver bullion. It's nice to know for future use that a variety of alternative investment materials are available including palladium, platinum, cobalt, nickel, and others. The P2P loan platform is appealing to me in that I wish to moderately leverage my holdings. It may not be prudent for everyone. I accomplished requesting and receiving a loan in under 5 minutes.

    Robb H. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • I've used Silver Bullion for over 3 years. Before discovering them my purchases of bullion were at best haphazard and usually involved going to one or more physical locations to find what I wanted, as well as going through the same process again to sell.

    It's like my fairy godmother flew in through the window and with her magic wand gave me a lifetime gift!

    Now my forays into the physical bullion market have become so much easier and require considerably less time. Thank you

    Graeme D. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • I bought my first silver bar with Silver Bullion and I am really happy with their service because they have been very responsive to my questions and they have been very helpful to accommodate my request.

    I am going to add on to my quantity with them over the next few months.

    William T. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • The short version: I never visited their premises but I trade with them remotely and the experience was very good so far.

    The longer one: I was looking for an offshore purchase and storage of bullion. The trick was whom I can trust? The Silver Bullion earned my trust through the Silver Bullion TV YouTube channel, the solid information on their web page, and reviews like this.
    I can buy, sell, and store my bullion using the same vendor and user interface. I can borrow money should I need to without selling my bullion.

    The entire purchase process was easy to follow and the EU wire transfer was confirmed the next business day.

    What I miss is the option to trade (buy, sell, borrow, lend) using cryptocurrencies to completely bypass fiat currency but hopefully this will come soon.

    Vladimir H. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • One of the best Bullion places in the world, efficient, friendly staff, and seems very stable and safe, hope that continues. A lot of well-known people in the precious metal space have also recommended them, and I understand why. Nothing but good things to say, well done Silver Bullion SG!

    Aziz K.★★★★★, May 2020
  • Silver bullion has done there diligence`s and guided me through every step. I extremely happy with the service and I have complete faith in them. I have been a success in many businesses so I know all about diligent`s and customer care. Excellent service and professional staff.

    Mark M.★★★★★, May 2020
  • I'm very satisfied with the services. A good working website, which makes buying and selling metals easy. Their support is very quick to respond in case of questions and very helpful. I also like their youtube channel with related content and information about what is going on in the economy and the world of precious metals.

    Dominique V. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • Amazing service with good customer support and a seamless process as well!

    Jeremy W. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • Excelente experiencia. Respuesta rapidas y una plataforma amigable y simple de utilizar. Lo mejor es que aceptan btc.

    Gonzalo C. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • Very good service even during Covid19. Manage to buy my first silver and gold from Silver Bullion. Great job!

    Tim. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • A good place to start your journey to procure gold and silver. Great customer service. Thank you

    M.A. Ng ★★★★, May 2020
  • I used these guys for the first time this last month. Really good service experience / recommended.

    Clinton S. ★★★★★, May 2020
  • I've known Gregor personally since 2012. The team is impeccable and he is detail-oriented, exactly what you want for metal storage. I also love the new EV options.

    No better options to store safely and securely. I highly recommend Silver Bullion!

    D.S .★★★★★, May 2020
  • First time ordering PMs from Silver Bullion. Got to know about them when trying to look for available PMs during the current low supply period. Reviews were good and the prices were much more competitive. Purchased me some PMs and the entire process was very pleasant. From the email exchanges to the phone call from Vincent to the person delivering the goods from the Safe House, every touchpoint was prompt, polite, and professional. Will look forward to ordering more from you all. Please bring them silver! :p

    Tim Zee. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • Silver Bullion provides a buy and sell platform that is user friendly and easy to use. Getting help from their hotline is simple and quick too! This is my 2nd purchase from them. Very reliable!

    Julie Ho. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • The Silver Bullion team is very communicative & has a can-do attitude. Any questions or clarifications are dealt with in a straight forward solution-oriented manner.
    The prices are very competitive. The online account is user friendly where You can manage all aspects of Your purchase.

    The office is clean & looks well organized.

    Claudius Vertesi. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • A wonderful customer service! I feel warm and trust the minutes my wife and I was hosted by charming Miss Angola. We love to find various fine silvers coins and silver bars. I would recommend Siverbullion to those who look for fine gold or fine silver with international brands.

    Sokhen Kien. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • silver Bullion has provided good customer service for both purchase, storage, and transfer of bullion, I really appreciate the secure location of the office at Certis Cisco, brings great peace of mind during personal bullion transfers

    Life Dream . ★★★★★, April 2020
  • Had a pleasant experience over there! The staffs were friendly and engaging despite being my first visit. Cool display of their various precious metals. Definitely recommend you guys to hit them up for your purchases :D

    Conway T. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • I wish I had found Silver Bullion sooner. I saw some Canadian Silver Wildlife Series coins on their website and was surprised at how cheap they were compared with other places. I went ahead and bought a few thinking they'll probably have some milk spots, but when I went over to collect the coins the following day, I was surprised at how pristine they were. When I checked their website again to buy more, they were all sold out! Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchase and the staff was great. I will most definitely come back.

    Richard W. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • Excellent service and range of products offered. Great execution and a helpful and professional customer service team. Use it with confidence!

    James C. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • I was recommended Silver Bullion by a friend who has been trading with this company for 10 years. Their website is easy to navigate. I also visited their office and chatted with the staff. They are friendly, professional, very informative, and unhurried – I certainly learned a fair bit from them. I am really pleased my friend recommended them.

    Toby Khoo. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • First time at Silver Bullion and happy about my purchase and the friendly people there. I already recommended to my friends and share the website link.

    I hope to return soon to stay in Singapore.

    MJ Poggio ★★★★★, April 2020
  • A good place to buy and sell bullion. Secured within the Cisco building, the level of security is rather impressive. The service is prompt and swift, completed, and received my order within minutes. Definitely coming back again in the near future.

    Leslie Quah. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • This was my first time at their location. Super friendly and approachable staff - easy to chat with and get advice from. Great customer service. Very secure location. I'll come back again

    Tim Frederik K. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • It's my first time buying gold and silver and I am very happy to do the transaction with Silver Bullion. They have easy payment methods and a wide variety of products to choose from. More importantly, they also have to save keep facility for the products. They are close by Paya Lebar MRT, Which makes accessibility easy.

    Victor Chng. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • Great service, good prices, convenient location. Very recommended

    Mateusz Dolatai. ★★★★★, April 2020
  • Super friendly staff and decent pricing. They inspire confidence in the purchase. I Will shop again.

    Setu Chokshi. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • First time buying from this company. The easy process and the staff was very professional and friendly while doing the service. I definitely will choose this company again for my next investment.

    Ber Hamdani. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • A 5-star experience and it couldn't be any simpler! I was greeted by a friendly staff who was able to fulfill my order swiftly. The location is very secure, and easily accessible by taxi. Thank you.

    Imad B.★★★★★, March 2020
  • This is my trusted place to buy gold/silver bullion. Their website is easy to use and the purchase process is very simple. The staff there are great too.

    Kevin C.★★★★★, March 2020
  • Huge fan of Silver Bullion! Easy to do business with, and staff is always very responsive. Nothing but good things to say so far. I have been and will continue to be a repeat customer!

    Marc A.★★★★★, March 2020
  • First-time buyer. The staff was very prompt and helpful. They were also friendly and knowledgeable, entertaining my various questions patiently. Highly recommended

    Chen J. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • First timer to their location. The place felt very secure and the staff was friendly, frank and approachable. And you can get friendly advice tips about the market as well as insights. Prices were fair and I like that u can take your time to examine your purchases while seated comfortably. It also has a mini-museum, showcasing their various products.

    Jason N.★★★★★, March 2020
  • First time buying and collect there. Friendly staff, bother to chit chat about the current market situation, explaining about buyback, showing some test and check. Not just a simple collection and ask you to go. Overall it's a good service

    Marcellino S.★★★★★, March 2020
  • The fast and seamless transaction makes the purchase experience pleasant. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Will continue to patronize. ❤️

    Jacqueline T. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Great silver and gold dealer. Very professional and friendly. Highly recommended!

    Baptist C.★★★★★, March 2020
  • Very competitive prices as compared to other bullion dealers. Staff is very efficient in handling customers. Prompt and quick transactions as well.

    Samuel W. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • This was an easy place to find. The whole process was comfortable and fast. This is a trusted place with 10 years of history! I would love to buy more from them in the future.

    Adam Ho. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • The service provided by Silver bullion is more superb with sound advice according to my needs. Thanks.

    David P. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Good and fair pricing with superlative service in a secure environment. Overall pleasant shopping experience.

    Liau Chie T. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Silver Bullion's staff are very helpful, patient, and enthusiastic in their profession. Do drop by to learn more about gold and silver and precious metals. Reliable.

    Ruby Chong. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • I ordered some 10 oz silver minted bars that were on offer but when I went to collect, the bullion manager said that it was an error in their online product description and I was given the cast bars instead, which were of a lower premium. I could have cancelled the order but it would have become a wasted trip for me to the bullion. The manager was however polite and professional and he introduced me to the P2P that is something of a new concept to me.

    Siok Siong C.★★★★★, March 2020
  • It was a pleasant experience as the transaction was done flawlessly without much trouble

    Raymond S.★★★★★, March 2020
  • Bought some silver via silverbullion. I must say even though i am in the uk and they are based in singapore, the service is 10/10. Compared to uk prices (excluding vat) they are still cheaper than nearly all the brokers i have researched on. I would highly recommend anyone that is looking to protect their wealth to invest into bullion with this company. I believe your bullion is truly secure with silver bullion!!

    Shakib A.★★★★★, March 2020
  • Impressed with the professional services and range of products on my first purchase. Thank you.

    Wei. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Impressed by their professionalism and resourcefulness. Great and the transaction is very pleasant and swift!

    Ernest Thio. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Bin spontan vorbeigegangen während meines Singapur-Urlaubs. Ich wurde freundlich empfangen und es wurde mir ausführlich alles erklärt, welche Möglichkeiten ich als Kunde habe. Sehr interessant und professionell!

    I spontaneously passed by during my Singapore vacation. I was welcomed in a friendly manner and everything was explained to me in detail, which options I have as a customer. Very interesting and professional!

    Tim Schief.★★★★★, March 2020
  • Went to the Silver Bullion office and met Francis there. He was very helpful in sharing with me on investment in precious metals and also the way the metals are tested for purity. Definitely a recommendation for all who are interested to buy/sell precious metals, I will go visit again for sure!

    Ed Lim.★★★★★, March 2020
  • A reliable place to buy from. Items are as per described and prices are reasonable. I had a good experience. Staffs are polite and helpful! I will buy it again. Thank you for the pleasant experience.

    Yoke Ching. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Great experience! Staffs are helpful and it is a reliable place to buy from. Items are each checked and tested before collection. I would highly recommend this place.

    Jay L.★★★★★, March 2020
  • Visited Silver Bullion's showroom today to purchase silver bars. I was attended to by Mr. Francis Koh. I was very impressed with his professional knowledge on precious metals. I am very pleased with the service rendered by him. He was friendly, patient and very thorough in answering all my questions. I will certainly do business with Silver Bullion henceforth. Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Koh.

    Ong Yew L.★★★★★, March 2020
  • This was our first time buying Bullion & all the staff were so helpful especially Glenn who guided us through questions we had via email & phone calls. We look forward to purchasing more knowing the excellent service the Team have provided us.

    Gemma L.★★★★★, March 2020
  • Was with silver bullion for many years. Enjoy their service provided by them especially from Mr. Vincent Tie.. thank you

    Ken Ng.★★★★★, March 2020
  • The first time buying silver and the friendly staff Glenn was very helpful. I Will return to purchase again.

    Affandy AB R.★★★★★, March 2020
  • First time buying gold from Silver Bullion. I have to say that the experience was very easy and straightforward. The payment process was simple and efficient and I received notification that my purchase was ready for pick-up the very next day. I found access to the office secure and safe. Naturally, I compared pricing with other bullion retailers in Singapore and your price came out best! I plan to make many more regular purchases!

    Ashwin K.★★★★★, March 2020
  • Excellent customer service loved the option to be able to lock price and sell online.

    Raju D. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Lovely option to buy and sell online 24/7. The price is good and excellent service.

    Vishnu P. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Great prices, friendly (and fast) customer service. One of the few where you buy precious metals and store it safely (with the risk of government confiscation). They also have another sort of unusual investments like nickel.

    Easy to use and secure photos, with a registered number of your gold and silver bars, the actual value updated every 15 min., for a fair price to store.

    Incredibly good service of a peer to peer loans (short term) where you can post requests and lend or borrow cash for projects. I am buying my 1st property using it and my silver can be used as collateral.

    As you buy more you get fit into different price tiers and it gets cheaper.
    I've used twice and will continue using as every crisis metal prices surge and you can trade them as you wish.

    Gustavo N.★★★★★, March 2020
  • For the gold and silver bar, very safe and secure to buy its

    Nam Beng T.★★★★★, March 2020
  • I must say, it is a fantastic place to go. The sales rep is very helpful in making me understand the procedures and the place is very well furnished. Thank you so much for giving me a really good experience when I was there. Will go back there for sure again.

    Yiming H. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Very good P2P service! Excellent job Silver Bullion :)

    Jessica T. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • After watching Silver Bullion TV’s four-part “Offshore Gold Storage” interview series by Patrick Vierra of Gregor Gregerson, my wife and I were curious enough to make a trip to Singapore earlier this month to see “The Safe House” first hand. We came away extremely impressed and very happy we made the trip. First off, I have always been a great admirer of Lee Kuan Yew’s Libertarian Utopia which he built in Singapore with its strong recognition of private property rights and the recent phase-out of all taxation on the purchase or sale of precious metals. Singapore is uniquely positioned in a world filled with governments that recognize neither private property rights nor the individual right to privacy.

    While there are numerous companies around the world offering remote storage of precious metals outside of the banking system, I have always been very skeptical about the safety of such services, and up to this point have always preferred the private storage of precious metals.
    Silver Bullion has not only has addressed each of those concerns, but they have also added several benefits above and beyond what privately stored precious metals offer.
    Silver Bullion, has engineered a set of unique services called S.T.A.R. Storage Accounts which are ideal for an individual seeking asset protection. This service addresses all of my personal concerns of having a third party store precious metals:
    • Located inside a sovereign nation with a rich history of recognition of private property rights.
    • “The Safe House” conducts a series of metallurgical test to validate that all precious metal stored are genuine. Since “The Safe House” is fully insured for all precious metals whether they are individual’s private holdings being transferred in, or Silver Bullion acquisitions for resale, everything is fully insured and therefore must be tested to validate it.
    • All precious metal holdings are uniquely identified by serial number. No fractionalized storage is possible. A master accounting ledger is posted on the website calling out the owners privately assign a number and the associated inventory number owned. This makes it impossible to resell the same precious metals. This ledger is audited on a monthly basis.
    • Serialized holdings are owned by the customer and under Singapore law can not be seized in a potential bankruptcy of the parent company.
    • All holdings are fully insured against all theft or loss. Most importantly including “mysterious disappearance” which NO OTHER STORAGE SERVICE WILL SIGN UP FOR!
    • The customer can either buy or sell from anywhere in the world.
    • Physical delivery of precious metals is available.
    • Physical audits of your holdings are also allowed.
    • For those concerned about the viability of the banking system, it is possible to sell precious metals and use the proceeds to purchase cryptocurrencies.
    • It is possible to secure loans on a peer-to-peer basis using your precious metal holdings as collateral.
    Silver Bullion and “The Safe House” has built a very compelling business case for persons concerned about preserving the value of long term savings in an environment where hidden inflation is running ramped and central bank controlled fiat currencies are also rapidly losing value. There is finally a convenient solution that will help preserve your long term savings and allow you to sleep soundly.

    T.E. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Very reasonable pricing and extremely secure location.

    Alex L. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • Went to buy silver coins. The sales rep is really nice and knowledgeable person. Explained all the things in details and other financial products available. All bullion is checked by the Precious Verifier before it is handed over to you. Most competitive prices in Singapore. No charge on bank transfers so you don't need to carry wads of cash. Highly recommended.

    Manu D. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • I was very impressed with Siver Bullion service. Francis is very professional and patiently walk thru with me the entire process of opening an account, making my first purchase as well as the available schemes and services.

    Roy T. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • A great place to buy raw gold and silver. The staff there are very friendly and knowledgeable about the product. Will purchase more in the future

    Zhiwei L. ★★★★★, March 2020
  • It was my first time purchasing silver and I was clueless about what to expect. From the very first call to helping me understand and navigate their website, the staff was very helpful. When I arrived to pick up the silver following my online booking, the staff who attended to me was very respectful and resourceful. We spent an hour and he educated me on different aspects of purchasing and investing silver. Also, the prices were absolutely competitive and will definitely be back to buy more when possible. Highly recommend this place.

    Renganathan L. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • I had visited Silver Bullion several times. The Silver Bullion had demonstrated professionalism in their work. Mr. Glen is a patient, humble and honest man. I enjoyed doing business with him. He is very knowledgeable in the field and could answer my queries swiftly.

    Transactions are well done, transparent and clean. I would definitely recommend anyone to Silver Bullion.

    Jeremy L . ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Silver Bullion is a trusted dealer with friendly services that allow investors to hedge their investments with precious metals.

    Highly recommended for everyone who is into gold, silver investment and seeks to diversify their investment portfolio.

    One more thing... the local vault is safe, located at CISCO building, well guarded by CISCO security officers!

    Titus Z. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • At Silver Bullion, I am always impressed with Francis’s service. He knows his stuff and is most accommodating. I have bought silver from various places in Singapore, but it is at SB that I received a level of service that is both professional, and understanding of our need to build a level of security during this period of uncertainty.

    Gary N. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Great service. I will definitely return for future purchases.


    Yugene L. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • I am amazed by the professionalism Silver Bullion Pte Ltd has offered me their services and I can only recommend SB. All the questions I had were answered immediately by efficient staff. The website is very user-friendly and the process to buy and sell made easy. SB has made my decision easy to trust them with my retirement money.

    Henning M. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Customer service was top notch and efficient! Goods delivered are as promised, of top quality! I will definitely look forward to future purchases here!

    Cave M. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • 10 years ago when I started to have interest in precious metal, I have to buy them online from the USA , pay for shipping to SGP and pay GST on top of it. To say It is a hassle is, to put it mildly. The next nearest is to buy from a company in Malaysia, unfortunately, they closed due to a lack of sufficient interest to sustain the business. Through them, I came to know about Silver Bullion Pte Ltd.

    Compared to what I had to go through in the past, I can say with full authority that Singapore is so fortunate to have Silver Bullion here to serve us. Its a place where I can just walk in and buy precious metal and have all the testing and authentication done in front of my eyes.
    I can also log in and buy online, lock in at a price I am comfortable and pay with the many options available.

    Francis is very patient and friendly and walk me through all the necessary and even help me transport those heavy metal with a trolley for loading on to the car. Overall, I am super happy knowing that I can trust Silver Bullion for my future purchase and sell back when the time comes. I have not felt more confident about investing in precious metal with a professional company such as Silver Bullion right here in Singapore. The savings from shipping alone translate into more precious metals, its a no-brainer.

    Bone Arete. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Like the secured location. Francis is friendly and gives a clear explanation of the various types of bullion investments and the applications available on the website. Understand customer needs and expectations, excellent service, and experience will definitely recommend to others.

    John G. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • This is the best place in the world to store (and monetize) your bullion. Support is amazing, insurance is complete, storage is cheap, and Singapore is simply the safest and most trustworthy jurisdiction in the world.

    Stefan P .★★★★★, February 2020
  • I went to Silver Bullion several times and today been there again to purchase some silver coins. Their service is always very impressive and professional. Francis Koh is very helpful, patient, knowledgeable and honest. He has always been patient to explain all my queries. The transactions were very easy and breezy.

    Kablina T. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Excellent customer service and transparency. Not a single issue for years with them. I can just recommend the provider.

    Holger B. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Amazing services and they explain everything in detail. I will come back.

    Kyse T. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Good place for silver investment

    Danny C. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • First time buying from silver bullion after researching through other competitors, best value. The shop is right smack in the middle of CISCO, lol, how safe is you and your investment?

    Foo Meng T. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • I had the opportunity to visit their Safe House in Singapore early this year (January 2020) and I was very impressed with their storage vault and the unique identified bullion parcel system. Silver Bullion is a very professional, secure, serious and trustworthy bullion provider. I had worked with other providers in the past, and I couldn’t find a better place to buy and store my bullion than with Silver Bullion.

    During my visit to the vault, I learned a lot about the real ownership of bullion, which I was not aware of before. Other providers don’t assign a specific unique identifier to the bullion you buy, so they can sell the same bullion repeatedly. At Silver Bullion, you get a unique identifier for your metals and they are stored on your name and they don’t touch/sell it anymore. We tested the unique identified system with a random silver bar of one of the visitors and it was exactly placed where the system indicated, and the bar hat the right unique identifier as in the invoice. The whole process of entering the ID in the system and finding the physical bar in the vault took less than 5 minutes.

    I also had the chance to see and experience all the different ways that Silver Bullion uses to test the authenticity of the metals. They use great technology to assure that the metals we are buying and storing are genuine.

    The staff is very competent, professional and very friendly. I even had the opportunity to meet Gregor, the Founder of Silver Bullion, a great person and very knowledgeable about the global economic and precious metal.

    After my own experience, Silver Bullion is one of the best places in the world to buy and store your bullion. I can recommend Silver Bullion 100% to anyone interested in investing in physical precious metals.

    Jose Fl. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • The location is accessible and associates are very friendly.

    Hello H. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • The service is good. Their pricing is also pretty competitive for their Silver and Gold bars and coins.
    The only downside is parking is pretty expensive in Cisco Centre.

    Wen H. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Brilliantly simple to deal with this organization. It took only a couple of business days between completing the account application form, placing an order and then making payment on the order for the order to be processed and completed. Also very impressed with the professional support and assistance provided along the way. Highly recommended.

    James A. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • The Team at Silver Bullion is very helpful & communicative!

    They have a well-organized office & can answer all of your questions.
    If You check Prices for different Bullion Products they are on average lower than many competitors!

    Claudius V. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Great staffs and great service to get silver bullion

    Acc.QPQ. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Been buying and selling silver coins/bars through Silverbullion office at Jln Afifi for a few years now. Very easy to trade and payment upon sell back is immediate.

    Friendly staff.

    Abdul G. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • The Team at Silver Bullion is very helpful & communicative! They have a well-organized office & can answer all of your questions.

    If You check Prices for different Bullion Products they are on average lower than many competitors!

    Claudius V. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • I had a great experience over at Silver Bullion with my first purchase of silver bars. The rep, Glenn Danker, was patient and professional in explaining the details and also answered all my queries. I will definitely be back to purchase other precious metals.

    Peter K. ★★★★, February 2020
  • The place was easy to find and very secure. The transaction was fast and smooth and the staff are very friendly and advise you accordingly. Very professional. Definitely my goto place to buy gold and silver. Also, their rates are the best. :)

    Mynn V. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Bullions are reasonably priced & collection is efficient. tubes are also sealed.

    VO .★★★★★, February 2020
  • Great service and efficient

    Andrew T. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • The prices which SB offers are very competitive. Their webpage is very user-friendly and the products and services are pretty comprehensive as well.

    Most importantly their customer service is prompt and professional.

    Eddie T. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Excellent place to buy bullion. Employees are very professional and reactive, doing great work to help you with investing wisely.

    Chris G. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Due to the upcoming economic turmoil, I decided to dive deep into the depths of finance and economics. After extensive research I realized that precious metals (silver/gold) are the true store of value and holding physical precious metals is the means to truly store our wealth.

    Given this fact, I started searching for the safest place online to buy and store precious metals. I wanted to find a dealer that stored bullion on a segregated ownership basis, offered a very high level of transparency (considering the industry) and was located in a jurisdiction safe from western nationalization.

    I found that company to be Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. They are located in Singapore which is a safe and neutral country not subject to US/EU laws. They provide segregated ownership of precious metals, offering insurance that covers mysterious disappearances. And furthermore, the company also operates its own vault with no intermediaries.

    They have a comprehensive selection of gold and silver bullion. The process to buy and store bullion is very straightforward and it is possible to buy in a few different currencies. The company also offers a P2P lending marketplace, where customers can borrow/lend money with bullion as collateral. They provide many insights and articles on precious metals on their website and are doing a great informative job with their YouTube channel.

    All in all, I am a very happy customer so far. I am from the EU and I highly recommend Silver Bullion Pte Ltd to buy and store physical precious metals offshore as long-term wealth insurance.

    Luis A. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • I have been a customer for 2 years now. Perfect execution and customer service.

    Ali Z. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • The transaction went well, storage fees are reasonable and there is an option to get a loan with your metals serving as collateral.

    A good place to securely invest in gold and silver.

    Rafal M. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • I talked to a lot of people who understand gold and silver before I choose someplace to buy precious metals.

    Silver Bullion is a place where they teach you about everything you need to know before you choose someplace to store your assets.
    SB is the place I chose because they are very clear to its clients.

    Lucas H .★★★★★, February 2020
  • I have been investing with Silver Bullion for over 2 years now and still believe this is the best way to invest in physical metals. Facilities are well managed and provide adequate security over investments and the process is efficient.

    Paul L. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • I have been doing some research on Singapore bullion dealers before finally deciding to bring my business to Silver Bullion.

    Francis assisted me with my purchase and handled everything from account opening and setting up of The Safe House for bullion storage.

    Jackson T. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Makes buying silver easily. Good prices. Pretty fast confirmation after transfer. Besides I like their user interface. Stellar experience so far!

    Sigurd K. ★★★★★, February 2020
  • Did my first time ordering from Silver Bullion, transaction is simple and response is fast. Will continue purchasing from it :)

    Vincent W.★★★★★, January 2020
  • Friendly and good service!

    BrownLili B. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Impressed with their customer service. As a first time buyer, they answered my queries patiently and helped me with the purchase. Highly recommend.

    Sundar Prasanth A. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Visited Silver Bullion first time and very impressed with the professional service provided by Francis Koh

    Adilakshmi G.. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Very helpful, very informative, strategic location


    Ye Hong H. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • So far all good with Silver Bullion. I researched them extensively (and their competition) - there are a lot of great videos and information out there. My conclusion was this is the best place in the world for me to store my physical metals for the future. I'm looking forward to visiting The Safe House too. The team were responsive and helpful.

    Julian W. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Francis was very patient and helpful in explaining the details, pricing, p2p scheme. Impress with the walk-thru.

    Zig Z. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Great experiences with Francis. I was greeted with a big smile when I entered the office which made me felt very welcome. Francis has been very kind and patient to answer all my questions professionally and had given me a lot of insights. Great service and keep it up.

    Denise N. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Perfect location inside Certis building and the best price I've encountered on the island.

    Agung S. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Trustworthy merchant, I bought with confidence.

    Winnie T ★★★★★, January 2020
  • It's my first time here, Francis the man in front greeted me, the transaction was smooth and items are good. He also gave some good advice on investing precious metals. Very professional and knowledgeable. He knows his stuff and I appreciate it much.

    Mohamed f.★★★★★, January 2020
  • Very efficient, good mood, kind in observations and explanations. Happy to have been attended by them and to have invested with them. I will be back. Thanks

    Maria K.★★★★★, January 2020
  • Service was impeccable and products were genuine. I feel safe buying from them.

    Kenneth C. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Outstanding service provided from beginning to end of any transaction made via Silver Bullion. It was recommended to me by a friend as a trustworthy and reliable party operating from the safe harbor of Singapore. I will definitely recommend to others, expect high quality and professional customer care.

    R. Blanco. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • The staffs (Francis and Vincent) were amazing. They took an interest in what was going on and were patience in answering any questions.

    K. Ng. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • I visited the facilities of Silver Bullion, along with The Safe House, about a couple weeks ago. I was very impressed with their operations, attention to detail with all aspects of things, as well as customer service. Francis took much time and care to explain all aspects of the market and logistics involved in investing through a Singapore facility. Silver Bullion is located in a secured Cisco Certis building, which literally has safe deposit boxes next door to it, which is a lower-cost option if your buying limited quantities of metals and don’t need immediate liquidity if living abroad.

    It’s affiliated company, The Safe House, I think is good for those wishing to purchase and secure higher volumes of metals, as well as for those who wish to have immediate liquidity and access when residing outside Singapore. Silver Bullion offers this through it’s STAR storage program with The Safe House.

    I was impressed by the level of thought and care that was put into setting up processes to ensure the safety and efficacy of the operation. The location of The Safe House was strategically selected due to its proximity between a number of police houses, as well as the characteristics of it’s neighborhood.

    The security measures are taken internally, as well as the tracking and auditing procedures created a high level of confidence. My colleague, who is a local Singaporean, joined me on the tour and walked away equally impressed.

    I also took the time to visit a competitor’s operation while in Singapore. Although it was a little cheaper, I felt more secure with Silver Bullion and the Safe House, due to all it’s heightened emphasis on security. To be specific, the competitor would not let me take a tour of their facility, because they said the metals were not compartmentalized in cages, and so only their workers could have access.

    After visiting both Silver Bullion and The Safe House, I decided to setup an account and make an initial purchase. Francis was of great help with the account setup and spent lots of time explaining things and walking me through the process. My first order went smoothly, and I was happy to receive a photo of the parcel. Having visited the facility and meeting the people involved with the operation, I have full confidence in the process and have a good feeling inside that my investment is both in a secure jurisdiction, along with perhaps the securest building possible for this, in Singapore.

    Paul G. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Recently I went to Silver Bullion. I was immediately served by the staff. Everything was professional and efficient.

    Mansoor A. ★★★★★, January 2020

     The first-time buyer at Silver Bullion and must say I was very impressed by the high level of professional service. The transaction was smooth and quick. Silver Bullion is customer focussed in a super-stable and safe country.

    Talumas. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Very professional, quick responses to emails and best storage options I've seen in any company after doing my research as you own your investment.

    Jamie C. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • First-time buyer of silver. I was very happy with the service because Glenn patiently gave my friend and me a crash course on the buying and selling of the various types of precious metals and the different kinds of services the company offers. I will definitely use their service again.

    Ms Haremones. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • The business setup seems very structured and the onsite customer service staff (Francis) provides excellent service. The site also offers good discounts on certain physical bars during limited periods and their P2P concept is innovative.

    Kelvin G. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Great place to purchase one's silver and gold collection. 2 thumbs up!!

    Christopher C. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • Prices are good and customer service is excellent!

    Doris H.★★★★★, January 2020
  • Not my first time buying bullion for investments. But first time at Silver Bullion. I decided to try them out after seeing them on the web and their prices are quite competitive as compared to the existing company that I am transacting with. When I got there, the service is excellent. They are very friendly and kind to explain everything in detail. I definitely recommend this company if you are looking to buy silver/ gold bullion. If only I found them earlier. But anyway, I will definitely return to transact with them again.

    Thaddaeus K. ★★★★★, January 2020
  • We have visited Silver Bullion several times recently and have been very impressed with their professional service. Our interaction with Glenn has always been very positive. Glenn is very, patient, knowledgeable and honest. He has always been patient to explain all our queries very professionally. Doing business with silver Bullion is also a breeze. The accounts are easily set up and online transactions appear easy and straight forward. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

    Blessed A. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Bought 25pcs of 1oz of maple leaf silver coin and received in perfect condition.

    Lim S.C. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Great service and well explained for a 1st-time buyer like me.

    ZhongWei . ★★★★★, December 2019
  • This is our first visit and I am very satisfied with their service. Strongly recommend Silver Bullion.

    Park C.S. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Very quick and convenient - excellent service and communication
    Plus reasonable pricing of gold and silver.
    Definitely gonna purchase more from this distributor.

    Augustin F. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Very quick and convenient - excellent service and communication.

    Plus reasonable pricing of gold and silver. Definitely gonna purchase more from this distributor.

    Augustin F. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Professional staff. It provides good insights into the precious metals market.

    Susana K. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Quick and easy to buy precious metals

    Kamidori T. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. Really secure location. Gives lots of confidence.

    Chee Yong L. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • A very professional and personal service by Silver Bullion staff. Francis gave me a good insight into what Silver Bullion offers and in a time of such economic uncertainty around the world, Silver Bullion offers an alternative method of wealth preservative and investment. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a system outside the fiat system.

    Myle T.. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • I have been very impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness of the Silver Bullion staff.

    Michael W. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Good price for earlier years kookaburra coins. Good customer service and is very friendly.

    Kenneth L.★★★★★, December 2019
  • Best in the business with the best deal! Highly recommend

    Kenny H. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • One of the best value vendors locally!

    Doni D. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Excellent Service, call and reply mail to solve my concerned rapidly even in outside Singapore.

    Nap K. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Excellent service and swift reply to emails and requests. Nothing negative to say so far. Highly recommended if you are looking to invest in precious metals.

    Alessandro R. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • I flew to Singapore to check out the Silver Bullion office and vault. I was impressed by both and have since purchased and am storing in their vault.

    Chris B. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • By far the most professional vaulting service out there. Coupled with very efficient P2P this is the go to for PM storage. Also, have found that any suggestions are acknowledged and sometimes even acted on very quickly where possible. Also, communications are very prompt and keep one in the loop re transactions.

    Michael ★★★★★, December 2019
  • A good explanation is given by Vincent on the difference between different mints, forms of silver and liquidity questions. Not pushy. Will return again

    John L. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • I have been purchasing from Silver Bullion since 2010 and am impressed by the company's rapid and steady growth on service offerings such as testing, certifying, storage and financing, diversification into industrial metals, podcasting and even accepting cryptocurrencies for payment. The staffs are friendly, insightful and informative, their website is my go-to indicator. No doubt the company is the leading precious metal dealer. Thumb's up!!!

    Foo Alv. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • At silver bullion, the key success is their excellent customer service, the staffs are very knowledgeable and they treat you like a VIP and always go for the extra mile.

    Qinghong . ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Excellent service by the staff, especially Mr. Francis Koh, in a safe and secure environment in CISCO HQ.

    Choreong O. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • I have been using Silver Bullion Singapore for over 2 years now and I have to admit, they are the best in the business. Having lived overseas and dealt with numerous bullion dealers, Silver Bullion Singapore always gets back to me with timely emails. Their Storage facility is second to none, John who runs it is most helpful. Francis in the downtown office always gives me great service, with Bullion at a reasonable price.
    The selection of both gold and silver products is very comprehensive and rivals US dealers. I wholeheartedly recommend them for anyone who wants a reliable honest dealer.

    Michael L. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Really professional and great service. Highly recommended for all customers. Nice and friendly staff members. Good job!

    Lim ZJ. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Fine. Everything to my satisfaction. Thank you.

    Juan Carlos R.★★★★★, December 2019
  • By far the most professional vaulting service out there. Coupled with very efficient P2P this is the goto for PM storage. Also, I have found that any suggestions are acknowledged and sometimes even acted on very quickly where possible. Also, communications are very prompt and keep one in the loop re transactions.

    Michael. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • I am a repeated customer. The service is quite good. The staffs there are approachable.

    Thet N.★★★★★, December 2019
  • If you value your time, your wealth, and your peace of mind, then Silver Bullion is the one place to invest in all three concerns. You will find representatives of this business who relentlessly strive to be of service to all three of these critical needs. The staff is highly innovative in assisting you with transactions and always trying to refine processes too help you reach your goals without complications.

    Blake J. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Excellent service, knowledgeable staff! Definitely will be returning to purchase more commodities and highly recommended.

    Simplicity E. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • Good experience

    Megah Y. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • The service from Francis and his colleagues in Singapore has been superb. The team is responsive to emails and telephone calls, and extremely efficient. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for bullion storage.

    Chloe W. ★★★★★, December 2019
  • This has been a great company to deal with. I reside outside of Singapore and was a little worried at first. But the company has excellent staff that take the time to promptly answer questions. In addition, they are available to speak on the phone should you prefer to do so. They are also quite happy for you to visit their vault in person if you should want to (By appointment)

    All said and done, I am very happy with their service and the security of the service. I highly recommend them.

    Joe H. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Just left the shop, was served by Mr Francis. Very friendly and knowledgeable individual. Highly recommended!

    Sharul A. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Wonderful experience, friendly staff and good place to get your silver and gold

    Zec N. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Superb first time buying experiences with Silver Bullion. Francis has been very patient as walking me through some of the features I could use on the website as a member. Nowadays need to make our money work hard for us instead hahah

    Peter G. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • I am very impressed with the customer service. The staff was very attentive to my needs as a first-time buyer. Glenn educated me on what to expect as a commodity investor and which product would get me a better deal. I will be back for future purchases. It was a good purchasing experience!

    Robin N. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Very helpful staff. They answer your question kindly and promptly. A good place to buy silver.

    Xiang L . ★★★★★, November 2019
  • First time buyer at Silver Bullion and must say I was very impressed with the high level of service. Despite a relatively modest purchase, Mr Francis shared his considerable knowledge about the bullion market, global market cycles as well as crypto. Prices for the coins purchased were also lower than their competitors - which is a nice plus too. Making the switch to Silver Bullion as my main provider of all things bullion.

    The Sku. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Great place to purchase your bullion. Excellent products and also services.

    Freddy Teguh. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • I am a precious metals investor.

    I have stored my bullion at other facilities within Singapore. None, in my opinion, come close to SilverBullion for service, Storage security, Knowledge and transparency. There S.A.F.E. House is industry-leading in security and strategic location provides peace of mind for me whilst living abroad. There P2P online loan facility gives you the flexibility to borrow using your bullion as collateral is 2nd to none.
    Thank you! silver bullion...
    To all your well trained and informative staff on all levels, for the professional service we precious metals investors seek!
    Kind Regards

    Anthony William P. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Private transaction. Away from crowds. Inside a secured building.

    Sutanto S. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Very professional team, trustworthy platform and extremely efficient. Peer to Peer platform is an added benefit for customers. I would highly recommend them.

    Nicolas W. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Wonderful service, Top notch security [It's Within Certis cisco security building, you even have trouble getting out of the carpark cos all the doors entering the building are locked ! ]

    Mr Francis, very helpful and fast in picking up my American Silver coins. Also voluntarily testing the weight and authenticity in front of me using Sigma machine and digital weighing counter.
    Good price on all silver coins as compared to the other dealers.

    I would hope that they would have a wider range of Gold and platinum. However, as for Silver, they will be my ''go to' place for this metal from now on.

    Goh D.C. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • I visited recently, as a walk-in and a gentleman named Francis spent over 30 minutes explaining to me the different purchase, lending and vault storage options available. The best customer service I've received in Singapore, and of course I would highly recommend.

    Aman S. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Really recommended the place... Great Service especially from Mr. Francis Koh... Have been here for a few times... Always amazed when visiting Silver Bullion...

    Yorath Yohan. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff, the transaction was smooth and quick...shout out to Glenn for his patience in answering my questions since I've just started into this market. Great service!

    Alex . ★★★★★, November 2019
  • I only buy silvers from Silver Bullion firstly because of its hassle-free smooth transaction. Secondly due to its convenient, safe and secure location. Thirdly, because the staff especially Mr. Francis are helpful and handle you professionally regardless of whether you are a big or small buyer.

    Gift Cr. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Excellent service, secure, good products, and great pricing. Highly recommended place to purchase precious metals.

    Wong M. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Hey, Asyraf Bin Mustafa here, The good thing about Silver bullion is that you will feel safe due to the tight security there :), Francis Koh Thank you for answering the inquiries and also sharing info on the bullion market. It was my first purchase and I will definitely purchase more from them in the future 👍👍

    Singapore B.★★★★★, November 2019
  • If you want to get involved in precious metal investments i.e. buying or selling physical gold bars or coins, there is no better company than Silver Bullion Singapore. The company, located at the Certis Cisco Centre II in Paya Lebar, has several staff members like Francis and Glenn Danker who are very knowledgeable about all aspects of precious metal investments (buying/selling and storage). More importantly, they are willing to spend precious hours sharing their considerable knowledge and expertise to help you succeed in precious metal investments. I recently decided to cash out of a poorly executed gold bar purchase (made earlier before knowing them) as the gold price has gone up substantially in the last few months. Francis spent several hours helping me sell my gold to Silver Bullion (at a better price than what their competitors were offering); set up a STAR Storage account at no cost (in case I wanted to re-enter the gold investment market again); and explained in patient detail the various investment schemes the company has (in case I wanted to re-invest the cash proceeds from my gold sale). I will certainly consider doing so having experienced their friendly service and considerable expertise.

    William C. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Went there to collect the Silver bullion I've purchased. Met Francis who is very helpful and shared knowledge on silver investing with me.
    Purchasing process is straightforward, convenient and secure.

    Anthony T. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Wonderful Company... Silver Bullion.SG has is all! Great Service, Great Platform & Great People! Prompt & helpful as well.

    John B. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Great company - excellent service, great organization, customer focussed in a super-stable and safe country. Anyone doing their research properly into Silver, Gold or other precious metal investing will eventually end up in Singapore and with silver bullion.

    Mark K. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Wonderful Company... silver bullion.SG has is all! Great Service, Great Platform & Great People! Prompt & helpful as well.

    John B. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • I am extremely happy that I chose Silver Bullion as my Precious Metals storage provider. They do what they say, and say what they do. They provide a safe facility to store your precious metals and offer to sell or buy back a multitude of precious metal products. Thank you, Silver Bullion!!!

    John G. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • It is a great experience to buy items at Silver Bullion.

    Ukin L. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • Si vous voulez acheter de l'or ou de l'argent physique pour vous protéger en temps de crise, et le stocker dans une chambre forte dans un pays super stable et hors U.E. en dehors de la juridiction Française (Singapoure evidemment!) choisissez "Silver Bullion" !

    If you want to buy gold or physical money to protect yourself in times of crisis, and store it in a strong chamber in a super stable country outside the French Court (Singapore of course! ) choose " Silver Bullion"

    Alex RT ★★★★★, November 2019
  • I went down to Silver Bullion on Tuesday. Mr. Francis was very helpful and showed me various ways of checking the authenticity of silver. He also gave me some tips about storing and selling back. would definitely recommend this place for first-time buyers.

    Ervin T. ★★★★★, November 2019
  • A fantastic vault, with very helpful and mindful staff. Some great products on offer at the vault, as well as being secure and professional. A well thought out facility, highly recommended.

    Mart H. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • Many years ago, I had been searching for a viable way to purchase physical Precious Metals (gold, silver), but was disappointed to find local shops that sold decorative coins.
    So glad to have found Silver Bullion. Great company to buy physical Precious Metals from. Knowledgable staff; Reasonable premiums over spot price; Innovative products; Easy to buy & sell through their website... I won't consider any other local company, besides Silver Bullion.

    Felix T. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • The office's location is very convenient - can either walk or only 1 bus stop away from Macpherson MRT station. The collection process was fuss-free. The staff, Mr. Francis Koh was helpful & professional. I will definitely recommend this place.

    Cheng W. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • Never been, but you can buy precious metals remotely. The storage fee paid is based on the weight and type of metal you are storing. Not on its market value at any given time. This is very good if you believe the price will go up.

    Eduardo W. ★★★★, October 2019
  • Helpful staff. The website is easy to understand.
    What I would like to get improved are commission fee over spot (I consider them a bit high in comparison with other trading platforms)

    Fran B. ★★★★, October 2019
  • I'm 15 but they still took me seriously and I really ended up buying a 1-ounce Asahi silver bar. Awesome service

    JizzyJ J. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • First-time precious metal buyer. The collection process was quick and smooth. The location of the office and vaults are well secured, yet not that hard to access and find. I would recommend for first-timers.

    Marcus Ong. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • It's my first time dealing with Silver Bullion and it was a smooth experience. Mr Francis was very helpful and advised me on a few things. I will definitely recommend this place.

    Stephanie W. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • Para os brasileiros , Singapura fica literalmente do outro lado do mundo . A cidade por si só já é uma experiencia interessante , mas conhecer um cofre forte de metal precioso a faz torna-la mais interessante ainda e a Silver Bullion nos dá esta oportunidade . É um negocio serio e transparente .

    Translated by Google

    "For Brazilians, Singapore is literally on the other side of the world. The city itself is an interesting experience, but knowing a precious metal safe makes it even more interesting and Silver Bullion gives us this opportunity. It is a serious and transparent business.

    Jose F.C. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • It was really a great experience. It’s a must go to place for beginners.

    Balaji V. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • I was very happy with my visit and received excellent service and explanation.

    Joerg K. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • Very nice gold and silver and precious metals

    GongYu P. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • No regrets whatsoever purchasing nickel through SB. Smooth and efficient platform and processes. Most satisfied and impressed!

    Ben S. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • Helpful and friendly staff for overseas buyers.

    Smooth processing.

    Ting Kwan F. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • I just made my first ever precious metal purchase and I'm still amazed at the incredible service I've received. I'd get a reply to every query via e-mail or via a personal international phone call within minutes. Staff was outstanding, always happy and patient to answer and clarify every single doubt, even more than twice! So it's been an amazing experience and It's very comforting to know that I have my precious metals with them.

    Nicolás M. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • I have tried many safe vault for my physical coins. Silver Bullion is the best place for storing.

    Kim SJ. ★★★★★, October 2019
  • Excellent operation, state-of-the-art facility. Their customer service is the best. I toured their storage facility recently and I was so impressed. It was spotless and super modern. I will continue using their services for a long time and recommend them wholeheartedly.

    Shawn L. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Smooth transaction. A pleasant buying experience. Good customer service from Francis.

    Lawrence C. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Great place with a lot of options to choose from.

    Mohd Fadhil.★★★★★, September 2019
  • Great and efficient service. Highly recommended.

    Ricky Tetsuya.★★★★★, September 2019
  • Helpful and informative. Francis was approachable and supported me in my signing of accounts.

    Fuxing S.★★★★★, September 2019
  • Knowledgeable, secure and the P2P loan thing is a great idea. They were patient, answering all my newbie questions without a guarantee of purchase.
    Have since happily invested. Check out their Youtube channel for excellent info / updates.

    JT. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • I prefer this company vs others and choose to use them because

    1. You can transfer in assets you bought elsewhere
    2. Storage rental is reasonable and secured
    3. P2P loan allows you to improve cash flow or earn better interest than bank offers

    Yan Pin G. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Helpful staff, good price for Bar and Coin. Thanks to Francis.

    Tony T. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Awesome place to get physical silver! They even have storage. Staff is very friendly especially Francis who is always polite to customers!

    Ghazaly E. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • As l am a new investor in this field, l was impressed by the information provided by their courteous staff. Learned valuable knowledge discussing with them and must admit that l learned a lot in that short time. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    Nezammuddin .Hamzah ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Good dealer to buy from. A member of the Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA), Silver Bullion is one of the most reputable dealers in the region. It has a wide variety of bullion products and offers secured storage solutions. Price is competitive. Friendly and knowledgeable staffs.

    He Jian P. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Silver bullion location is at the safe house and it is certainly very assuring that the building is very secure. The experience was great and was briefly introduced to P2P loan. Knowledgeable and informative staff!

    Benjamin W. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Met Francis the first time to collect my online order. He's friendly and knowledgeable. The prices quoted online are also competitive. 👍

    Ckay C. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Great Friendly Place to get your precious metals!

    Dragon P. ★★★★, September 2019
  • Great Company. Visited Office while in Singapore and although I didn’t visit Safe House as I was only interested in coins at the time, I spent half an hour talking with Francis opening account and making my purchase. Helpful, courteous and most knowledgeable assistance. Shout out to Patrick, who’s videos are what lead me to learn about this great company. Keep them coming, Patrick! I highly recommend to anyone interested in wealth preservation and bullion investment.

    Alexander K. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Excellent customer service from the first step in! The man was very informative about the various accounts and necessary procedures, friendly too. Pleasant experience recommended without a doubt.

    RR. G. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Met Patrick at Silver Bullion who gave a good introduction of what is essential to understand how Silver Bullion's platform functions.

    Irene L. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Very professional service! Staff was absolutely friendly and knowledgeable! A real pleasure to deal with. This will be the only place I will deal with precious metals in the future!

    dan4him. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • I am very impressed by the service excellence that Silver Bullion strives for. I had so many inquiries answered by Mr. Francis Koh. He patiently helped me perceive the Company's philosophy and cleared my misconceptions about the products. I think Silver Bullion isn't about sales; it's about trust.. Well done!

    Thio Winston. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • Great education and introduction to my mum and I. First time looking at precious metals and the staff selflessly shared their wealth of experience in a different world of wealth preservation. and investing. No hard-selling, just factual sincere advice. Thank you so much, Silver Bullion! It was a great experience.

    Kenneth W. ★★★★★, September 2019
  • The staff here are very helpful. Thank you!

    Claire Lu. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Even though I am located in another country, but I must comment that dealing with Francis via WhatsApp and conducting the trades via their online system is probably one of the best experiences that I have ever had! Keep it up!

    Christine Chin. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Excellent customer service, great security storage, good accessible location, wonderful website, low spreads. Totally recommend.

    Eugene N. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Great experience with silver bullion. Francis really took the time and patience to explain in detail to me about their products and services. Highly recommended!

    Yuexuan Z. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Manager is helpful and share information with my family and it helps us make a good decision

    jacelyn L. ★★★, August 2019
  • A good place to buy or sell bullion. Spread is good at this time. This is the best place to invest your money.

    William S. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Excellent service from Francis and the team at the warehouse. We were impressed with the controls in place with the order and warehouse system. Having been recommending to my friends and family.

    Lynn L. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • I have had a 5-star experience with Silver Bullion. Their professionalism and communication have been top-notch. I have and will continue to recommend Silver Bullion to individuals looking to invest in bullion.

    Jared M. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • I went down to Silver Bullion last Friday, and wow, the staff was very helpful with my purchase and showing me how they test for authenticity. He also introduced me to their P2P program and I was impressed. I've never seen such a program before and I think the idea is brilliant. There is confidence in lending knowing that your money is backed by physical gold collateral.

    Jacqueline F. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Excellence services here, they provide a very fast response on their secure platform and easy to use. If you are starting to invest in Gold, Silver Bullion is your great choice!

    Morakot C. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Very impressed with the securities and controls in the vault storage. It was educational to visit and assuring to learn that great efforts are put in place to secure our investment. The team from customer to warehousing are very professional. Overall highly recommended!

    Lynn V. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Great experience at Silver Bullion! First time selling my silver bullion and the staff(Glenn) was so friendly.

    Recommended for all bullion investor

    Jackie T. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • I met with the staff at Silver Bullion and toured the Safe House when I was in Singapore in May. Since then, I have been buying gold to store safely in their vault. Everything about Silver Bullion has been 100% positive and professional. I highly recommend them.

    Paul - Toronto

    Paul C. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Staff is very good and helpful. Explain to us the item in detail and help us to test all the item purchased.

    James T . ★★★★★, August 2019
  • I got to know Silver Bullion Singapore from their Johor Office. Was happy with the way the buying and selling did in JB. All smooth decided to try the Silver Bullion Singapore. Bought some coins on Friday night around 7 pm. After prepayment is done, I called the office to confirm my payment. To my surprise, there was a person who answered my call even though the office was closed. He confirmed my payment and should be ok for me to collect on Saturday. I did just that and was very smooth and easy. Also found out that the 'after office hour ' guy answered my call from overseas. Good outstanding service.

    Holland D. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Safe, secure and transparent. It is a pleasure to use their services. Highly recommend.

    Arminas . ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Flawless buying experience. Going to try out borrowing against an asset in the near future.

    Tadas M . ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Pleasant experience, Francis attended to me and was very helpful in explaining the product. Thanks.

    Yeo ZY. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Their service has been excellent. The staff was very helpful and the website is user-friendly!! Keep it up

    Tan CK. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Very trustworthy and reliable service. Repeated customer and definitely coming back again thanks!

    Jean T. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • If you are looking to buy physical silver or gold, this is the place. Easy to setup your account. Easy to order. Easy to sell. Friendly staff.

    It deserves 5 stars.

    Think B. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • The staff here friendly and willing to share and educate us on the precious metal market

    Justin Y. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Very good experience, very quick, nice support, buy gold is quite simple.

    Mari H. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Trustworthy, efficient and safe. Great platform!

    Leonardo. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Everyone at Silver Bullion has provided outstanding customer service. Initially, my IRA custodian in the US informed me that it would be impossible to store precious metals at the Safe House, but staff at Silver Bullion communicated with my custodian and managed to find a way, which has greatly simplified the process of purchasing precious metals through my IRA and also reduced annual storage fees considerably. The practice of assigning a unique number to the purchase of each metal stored at the Safe House and the secure notification system used by Silver Bullion provides a level of security and peace of mind not found elsewhere. It is always a pleasure doing business with the highly qualified staff at Silver Bullion, and I greatly appreciate the resources available on their website, especially the interesting and informative interviews with experts in the field of precious metals trading and economic trends.

    Bollinger B, August 2019
  • I have a great experience with Silver Bullion. Their staffs are very friendly & helpful. A good place to buy gold/ silver products

    Lim H. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Overall Experience: 10/10
    I highly recommend to everyone who is new to bullion buying. I am impressed with business professionalism of the team and the clear process of transaction: I placed my order online, I emailed sales team to confirm availability of the product, I received a very fast & clear reply from Mr.Francis (confirmation) & Mr.Glenn (availability) within 24hours. I visited the retail office on weekends. Mr. Francis processed my transaction and I am impressed with the professional process in terms of the product presentation (verification of authenticity- weighting, metal scanning 99.99%) before client acceptance. Mr. Francis also clearly presented the details of other business services and features (advantage of storing onsite and Peer to Peer products), I like that he demonstrated how to make sense of the data provided in the website (especially the peer-to-peer business & process of transactions).
    I like the formal business conduct & clear professional presentation -- sharing/imparting the knowledge and information to help the client make their informed decision on available products (onsite & website).
    Based on what I have experienced first hand, I have decided that I will be a repeat customer.
    Thank you!

    Ryu jip. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Friendly, well explained, provide additional information for the products that I purchased, will go back again.

    Kai Yuan W. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • I would highly recommend finding Francis Koh, he is so nice and kind to explain to me all the details. appreciated it. They have a P2P lender & borrow system. I think a win-win for both parties.

    Ms 안. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • I am happy to discover Silver Bullion. Competitive price, safe location, friendly and useful staff.

    Sailor O. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • Have been with Silver Bullion more than 1 year. Bought past years silver coins and they serve me patiently to make sure I am satisfied with my purchase. Thanks, Francis.

    Stephen S. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • A very convenient and secure way of investing in precious metals. Was very impressed with its P2P platform which allows lending and borrowing of money through Silver Bullion network of customers. Above all. Customer service was 1st class- Francis was extremely helpful and knowledgeable

    Noel N.★★★★★, August 2019
  • I have a great experience with Silver Bullion. Their staffs are very friendly & helpful. Highly recommend others who like to invest in Gold & Silver

    George L. ★★★★★, August 2019
  • When I heard about silver bullion, I call to find out what they offered but I got more than what I was expecting. They were very helpful over the phone. I was invited to come over to see for myself.

    So I visited the Safe House to see how safe it was.
    I was very impressed. Seeing is believing, true to the word.
    It was Vincent Tie who I spoke to over the phone.
    The guys at the safe house were helpful too.
    My wife and I got to tour the storage facility and all our question answered. The experience was excellent. We felt very confident working with silver bullion and the safe House. They help me open an account and we went on from there. Great company to work with, I highly recommend them.

    Stanley G. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Very happy with their service. Fast and efficient. Will definitely deal with them in the future.

    Ernest W. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • No safer place to buy, sell and store your precious metals. Silver bullion is the most trusted place to do so. Your precious metals are safe and secured with them. The staff Francis is extremely helpful and patient in the process of opening the account and even explained in detail on the different types of account and all the services available from Silver bullion. If you ever need a place to store your precious metals, Silver bullion is the most trusted place to do so.

    Alex L. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Met up Francis from Silver Bullion. Knowledgeable and professional in his delivery to amateur like me about silver as an investment. Comprehensive explanations on how Silver Bullion’s services can help one achieves more bucks out of the investment, for example, the P2P loan against the collateral held by Silver Bullion.

    Josh T. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Nice experience - it was afternoon after long meetings so I was tired and bit rushed, the staff there was very helpful and friendly.

    Lingling Z ★★★★★, July 2019
  • I trust Silver Bullion as my experience from the moment I stepped into the office was amazing. Trustworthy, professional staff and they also have a storage facility. We are happy with the service and will continue for future investments.

    Xoxo . ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Very professional, prompt service and easy to register and trade online!

    Al Chris. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • I gotta say WOW! If you're on the fence and just don’t know for sure... I can say do it. You can trust these guys! I flew without notice and dropped in my there office in Singapore from Los Angeles, California as I’m investing 1/2 of all my portfolio with them. I can tell you they are extremely transparent and extremely helpful. I asked to go to the SAFE House and as I requested Vincent at the office made a call and organized a taxi within 10 min of me getting there. When we did get to the vault, the staff was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. They gave me a tour of the whole vault. I saw, felt and even witnessed a shipment of silver bullion come in. If you’ve been doing the research I strongly urge you to ensure your not a bullion creditor, make sure your an owner. On top of that, there are over 5 police stations within a 2 km radius. Folks if you're still on the edge, come down and check for yourself.

    Carlos A. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • The staff was really helpful and even taught me some aspects of the gold and silver ratio. The staff didn't hesitate to chat and introduce me to their other precious metal products too. Highly recommended.

    Sean S. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Conveniently located just a few steps away from the MRT station. Considering vault service for safety.

    Alpha B. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • A pleasant experience at Silver Bullion earlier in the day. The place was easy to find and wasn't difficult to access. The staff that served me was also very friendly and was always ready to share more from his experience. Highly recommended!

    Marcus B. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • As of this review, I am new to the world of international investing. Following the advice of trusted associates, I chose Silver Bullion as my first resource. Opportunities and instructions were clear on their website and communication throughout transactions are friendly and assuring. I am comforted by their position on security. I appreciate the convenience of having one source for shopping, purchasing, selling, and storing assets.

    Mark S. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Trust is a precious commodity itself in the current political and economic climate. I do not trust easily, if at all, but I can and do trust Silver Bullion. The added protection of this jurisdiction being the most free market with a history of respecting private property rights is critical. It's important to me that SB shares the same values of protecting natural individual rights and, especially, privacy. The website is very user-friendly and informative, and customer service is prompt, professional, consistent, and white-glove quality. SB is without question the best and safest firm to insure one's wealth.

    Nomen N.★★★★★, July 2019
  • We have recently started using Silver Bullion to store and manage our Gold Stocks. We are very happy with the professionalism of the company and the benefits that it offers as as far as making the most out of our deposit. Looking forward to being able to lend it out and receive the benefits of doing so with this secure company.

    Jewel C.★★★★★, July 2019
  • Clear explanation and instructions complemented with credibility for buying physical assets, a great place to buy from and trade with.

    Casual P . ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Salesperson Francis Koh is a friendly & helpful, overall very pleasant experience

    Celine K. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Secure and reliable metal dealer. Trusted!

    Jason K. ★★★★★, July 2019
  • I was at Silver Bullion on 28 Jun 19 to sell-back my precious metal. Friendly, patient and helpful service by Mr. Francis Koh. 4 Stars for him.

    Jerome T. ★★★★, July 2019
  • Friendly service. Ease of access. Safe and reliable. Good communication channels.

    Petunia L . ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Very good and friendly service.

    Chi Kit L . ★★★★★, July 2019
  • Great place to buy authentic products!

    Franz C.★★★★★, June 2019
  • My experience with Silver Bullion was really smooth. From sign up to my first purchase, I had no issues. Their website is straight forward and when I had additional questions they responded promptly.

    Uģis B. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • Prompt great service, unique storage solutions

    Raymond W.★★★★★, June 2019
  • I have used many other bullion providers and have to say that my experience from start to finish with Silver Bullion was a pleasure and so easy to setup the storage facility. Within 1 day I had the safe approved and 1st order placed. Thank you for such a streamlined experience.

    Alan T. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • Thank you for a smooth and pleasant experience. I will certainly use your services again.

    Sathish P. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • By far the best way to buy and store precious metals. Great company, user-friendly transparent website, excellent customer service. A no-brainer for anyone who wants to protect their wealth.

    Martin P. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • The place is very accessible as it is located very near to Paya Lebar square. Just a 5 mins walk from there.

    The Silver bullion shop front is located right at a corner on level 3. The staff there is very friendly. On my recent visit to that place to collect my purchase, the staff (Francis )was very patient and helped me to place my order online as it was a walk in purchase rather than the usual online order that I do. He even went the extra miles to explain some of their services that they provide. Their prices are also highly competitive whenever I am going to place an order, just to know that I am not paying too much a premium as compared to other local bullion companies. I highly recommend Silver Bullion based on my own experience.

    Bobby T. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • Super and friendly service, the perfect concept of value preservation and still being liquid through 2p2 loans on the stored precious metals.

    I think you get a great bang for the buck here ...
    Only 4 Stars so far as I didn't try out the p2p loans personally already. But if the user experience is nearly as outstanding as it has been, I'm really looking forward to it...


    Super C. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • Silver Bullion is a great company from which to purchase and store your precious metals. Very helpful and informative staff.

    Chris M. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • ilver Bullion has always been accommodating. Their website is beyond user-friendly. When speaking with their customer service it’s been nothing but ease. They are also very informative when you have questions. This is a great place to put your trust in when it comes to investing. Five stars all the way!!


    Zena K. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • I have visited Silver Bullion Singapore and met with Mr. Glen Danker who is very professional with good knowledge for gold and silver precious metal investment. I have shared his professional advice and great to know him. I am looking forward to investing more with Silver Bullion.

    Mohamed Ali S. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • My first time here and the staff was very helpful. Also very chatty and cheerful while waiting for the coins to be retrieved.

    Rick C. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • Quick and professional, good service and thorough when handling the order.

    Stijin R. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • Silver bullion is conveniently located inside Cisco centre Paya Lebar and one can do purchasing and browsing in a comfortable private area after purchasing big quantity silver bullion provides storage in their premises.
    Buy silver for Long term investment and keep returning to silver bullion to c latest additions in silver gold varieties.

    Hozefa bs zumkhawala. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • Warm and friendly service!

    San Hong Y. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • Excellent dealer! I recommend!

    Max R. ★★★★★, June 2019
  • I have been dealing with Silver Bullion for buying & storage of my precious metals, its a great way to hold your assets offshore from another country.
    The way Silver Bullion is set up is great, not only are you depositing your precious metals in a safe haven (some say its the Switzerland of Asia) but also the fact that they buy back making your assets liquid and easy to access the cash.
    The online account & tools are very clear and easy to navigate, everything is documented, recored and accounted for with regular audits.
    I have been dealing with a number of other Precious metal dealers and none are as well set up as Silver Bullion.

    Intercraft P. ★★★★★, May 2019
  • As a foreigner from overseas with experience in other jurisdictions, entrusting my savings with and depending on quality service and flexibility, Silver Bullion is hands down a jewel in the wilds of international financial diversification. They are a Premium business model with Premium execution in a Premium jurisdiction managed by Premium staff... thank you and keep up the great work

    Brian. ★★★★★, May 2019
  • Great customer service by the safe house team! Really appreciate the detailed explanation of how the place functions and its assurance provided to customers ;) They are very professional and approachable.

    Jia W. ★★★★★, May 2019
  • Great place to get gold and silver bullion. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Had a great experience in purchasing bullion from them!

    Wee Kiat C. ★★★★★, May 2019
  • Silver Bullion is a good place to buy precious metal. The staff there is patient and professional.

    Ling Thiam S. ★★★★★, May 2019
  • Great quality of products. Nice service. Highly recommended!

    Alex M. ★★★★★, May 2019
  • The best place to buy bullion!

    Ziyan S. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • Professional trained staff, prompt responses always!

    Terry B. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • Their Customer Service staff is always very friendly, fully-trained and helpful.

    Silver Bullion has an excellent reputation and great pricing!

    Frank Szabo. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • I was very pleased with Silver Bullion and their S.T.A.R Storage. My wife and I got to tour through the facilities, had all our questions answered by a very knowledgeable and friendly staff, and left feeling that our stack is in good hands. We started small, just a few weeks ago, purchasing the minimum quantity they store, but after our visit, we intend to store a lot more. If you are considering offshore storage in a jurisdiction that respects your property and privacy, give these guys a look.

    Chris H. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • Francis and team are top-notch professionals. Probably the best bullion house in Singapore!

    Peter H.★★★★★, April 2019
  • Made my first silver coin purchase here with friendly and knowledgable Francis assistance. Highly recommended place to visit!

    Westley G. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • Nice place to visit and very friendly

    Md Sulaiman H. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • Sold back 2 silver products to Silver Bullion. The process was straight forward and easy. Francis was very helpful and I got the payment transferred to me on the same day. Silver Bullion honors their Buy-Back commitment. Keep it up!

    Roger C. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • A great place to shop for yr silver/gold bars. Friendly service. Great atmosphere. Will definitely buy more at Silver Bullion.

    Juliana C. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • Francis is helpful & knowledgeable, he quickly helped me to set up my account and explained the products excellently accordingly to my needs. Will strongly recommend him to serve you if you need to get something from SB!

    Thanks, Francis 👍

    William C.★★★★★, April 2019
  • Made an order some time ago, and found Silver Bullion a great and conducive place for buying precious metals, with great prices too. I was attended by Francis, who took the time to explain the ins and outs of buying precious metals and was impressed with their service. Will definitely be ordering again.

    John M. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • Highly recommend Silver Bullion for your precious metals purchases. Francis was very knowledgeable and helped walked me through all the options. These folk are serious about their business and take the time to help you with your purchase.

    Silver W. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • I have been purchasing and storing silver bullion with "Silver Bullion" for several years. They are extremely professional, you are kept informed of the status of your purchase and purchase/sales are very quick. This is an excellent company and I'm looking forward to increasing my holdings with them.

    Shane B. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • Great range of services, fantastic and responsive customer service, what is not to love?

    Hamish M. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • It was a pleasure to visit. Very professional and easy to deal with. Very Knowledgeable staff.

    The seller was keen to share their knowledge and promote theirs.

    Wei Thien L. ★★★★★, April 2019
  • Went to the retail store for some fine gold coins, I was served by Francis who was very patient in serving me and he sure has a deep knowledge of the products being offered. Excellent service!

    Say-Hau O. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Visited their sales office at JB and Singapore, also toured the Safe House personally. Impressed! great service!

    Terence N. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Staff Francis patiently shared his knowledge of precious metals. Had a very pleasant shopping experience. Will be back in future!

    B.C. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Very courteous and professional. Been dealing with them for almost 4 years and always trust in them and their products.

    Carrie T. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Purchases can be done conveniently online and collection was fuss free. Francis was very knowledgeable & patient. SilverBullion’s P2P lending platform also offers a unique and interesting proposition for investors

    Daniel W. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • I have found Silver Bullion to be extremely efficient and helpful in all my dealings with them. Excellent customer service, always helpful and polite.

    Cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Thank you to all the team.

    Scott K. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Secured and pleasant place, smooth transaction!

    Kimyeow N. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Silver Bullion customer service and products are amazing! I happily recommend to those looking for asset value!

    I recently visited the retail store near Paya Lebar. The experience was frictionless and informative! Great customer service from Glenn and team walking through all of there products and services.

    I’m looking forward to a successful partnership with Silver Bullion.

    Mike M. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Truly excellent: transparent, responsive and trustworthy.

    Guillaume B. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • My first impression is that they understand the importance of institutional and jurisdictional safety - great to see. And the P2P lending scheme is a real bonus.

    Mark R. ★★★★, March 2019
  • Nice friendly place. The staffs are very professional. Even allowed my son to test the coins with their testing equipment.

    Derrick T. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • I'm a newbie to this area of precious metals and didn't know what I should get... gold or silver? bar or coin? big units or small? what's the difference between the different issuers? Vergel took me through all the options and guided me to a choice that's just right for me. Once these hard decisions were made, the transaction was a breeze. Very satisfied with my purchase and I'll definitely recommend people to them.

    Esther P. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Visited Silverbullion's office 6th March. Glad I did. Terrific company to deal with. Glenn was exceedingly helpful, informative, and patient. He went out of his way to make the process easy for me. Even scheduled a vault tour the same day. Follow up is quick, efficient and as promised. Thank you, Glenn!

    Moo M. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Perfect handling, reliable and fast. The 5 stars apply to the support and the handling, I cannot judge the price policy yet.

    Tilmann W. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • It is a joy to visit, friendly staff on hand to answer questions, patient, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Keep it up!

    Daniel W. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • I have had a very good experience at Silver bullion on every visit so far. Francis is very helpful and so are the other staff. I will definitely return as soon as possible.

    Anders S. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Fantastic company. Very easy to set-up and purchase bullion. Great customer service and a very safe, secure facility.

    Ryan C. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Smooth transaction, easy to deal and collect.

    Apple T. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • I decided to buy Gold since the price was very good at the time. This was the first time I had used this company. I decided to use it on a recommendation of one of its investors Simon Black. The experience was very good. The order was made in a timely fashion with help from a very friendly staff. I highly recommend Silver Bullion for anyone interested in buying and storing precious metals.

    Jane Corrigan. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • They have a nice variety of silver bullion for very good prices, ordered online and picked up recently. The process was simple and very secure. They also have some other investment options such as EV metals and gold/platinum.

    Special mention to Francis Koh for his professionalism and good sense of humour!

    Abdulrahman S. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • Friendly, approachable and reliable customer service with adequate product knowledge!

    Joel L. ★★★★★, March 2019
  • This is one of the best wealth storage places on earth.
    The office is where you need to go only once to register your documents.
    Al the rest you can do it online sitting comfortably from your home or office.

    Pavel P. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • Great company, reliable and very professional, good price over spot and excellent customer service, highly recommended if you are looking to buy Gold/silver

    Ariel A. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • A very good place to buy silver and gold. Check before u buy

    Joe L. ★★★★, February 2019
  • Excellent customer service with call back service. Very happy with the process of my purchase. The help and understanding of the customer service were the best I've ever encountered from any other company. Even though I messed up with my payment, they totally understand the situation and were very patient. Thank you very much for your support.

    Donovan C. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • The customer service is excellent and they make the whole process easy. They are experts at what they do and have been a customer for quite a few years.

    Steven Paul, February 2019
  • I have bought bullion twice at Silver Bullion. the first time I came, the staff was so informative about silver. the second time, I met Francis who was so helpful and informative about investment.

    Lionel M. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • Silver Bullion is your "One Stop Shop" for everything related to your purchase, sale & storage for your Precious Metals.
    In addition to currency, they also accept Crypto for transactions!
    Interaction with their Staff is a pleasure, they are extremely helpful and professional!
    Without reservation, I would recommend their services.

    Paul S. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • Very hassle free and efficient place to buy and store your precious metals

    Mak K.T. ★★★★, February 2019
  • Chance upon Silver Bullion Singapore, Francis has been very helpful and approachable. Thank you for the advice.

    Maggie C.★★★★★, February 2019
  • Great customer service...my primary source for precious metal investment.

    Arthur T - F.B, February 2019
  • Had a smooth purchase with Francis awhile back and will recommend friends to Silver Bullion

    Sofian O. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended for both first-timers and experienced investors.

    Xilathia. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • Great service from Patrick just now. Super friendly and patient to help me set up a silver Bullion account. Great place to come!

    Su S. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • I attended a seminar last month (Jan 19') held by Silver Bullion for some KGW clients. Gregor, Vincent, and the staff were very informative and shed light on the precious metals industry. I left the seminar with a better understanding of the precious metals market and opened my account. I am looking forward to start investing in metals and feel confident that the team at Silver Bullion will provide insight and support along the way to reaching my goals.

    Christopher P. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • Competitive prices and brilliant customer service provided. Would not go to anywhere else in Singapore for precious metals except for SB!

    Justin S.★★★★★, February 2019
  • Mr. Francis was Awesome, explain everything in detail and very helpful. Great service.
    I recommend Silverbullion because have many varieties and stocks. 5 Star

    Denny Y. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • Recently I went to SB to sell off the silver coins that I had kept for a couple of years. It was so easy and convenient .. much to my surprise as my initial thought was that I would have some delay.

    Francis Ko was friendly and helpful in settling my transaction and the most amazing thing was I got my cheque in about 20 mins.

    Lee G. C .★★★★★, February 2019
  • They have wonderful services and I believe that it is a very safe and secure place to store your precious metals out of the USA.

    David B.★★★★★, February 2019
  • A very professional place and helpful staffs. Everyone tries very hard to help and support in every step of the process. It is very easy to deal with and very quick to respond to every inquiry you may have. Very impressive organization.

    Sue D. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • Excellent service from Mr.Francis Koh and a very good explanation on the P2P business opportunity with Silver bullion. I can highly recommend to visit the Silver bullion office and get informed.

    Guido W. ★★★★★, February 2019
  • Walked into the store looking for silver coins as gifts, Francis was polite, knowledgeable and professional when helping me with my choices. I was offered suitable options. Francis was very easy to work with, a man with very good patience. He guided me through setting up an account and explained how I would benefit from having an account with Silver Bullion.
    Managed to get the gifts I wanted without fuss. Transactions were fast without waiting. Overall, very impressed with their online page and also served in person. Keep it up!

    Vera C. ★★★★★, January 2019
  • Great place to purchase gold and silver!

    Tho Y. K.★★★★★, January 2019
  • I've had a great experience with Silver Bullion. The service works very well. I recently placed an order of gold and silver and was satisfied with everything. When I had questions, the support team was easy to reach and helpful. The website is also well made and it's easy to work with Silver Bullion.

    Emils P., January 2019
  • Reliable and friendly website, online pre-order system is very convenient, fast response after payment. Staff are very professional and helpful to answer all my questions. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

    Rin W. ★★★★, January 2019
  • Lovely place, good opportunity to invest in a safe and stable economy. Efficient staff and good customer service experience.

    Olawumi A. ★★★★, January 2019
  • People at Silver Bullion are the best when it comes to customer service and education. They go the extra mile in helping you do proper investment They don’t rush you and they are always ready to help without being imposing. More power to you Silver Bullion!

    Danica Lim. ★★★★★, January 2019
  • I am impressed with the services provided from Silver Bullion. Their staff are polite, smart and easy to work with. Silver Bullion’s top-notch online user platform, cutting edge P2P loan program and high-tech storage facilities along with strong internal control security systems provides a clear distinct advantage over the rest of the industry in Singapore. They have also a very active social media presence via their Silver Bullion TV channel in youtube which I find to be very market informative and provides a lot of insight into the inception and the well thought out design of this truly remarkable company. A true `one stop’ precious metal shop at the top of its game and I am quick to recommend this place to all my friends that are interested in precious metals.

    Winston Y. ★★★★★ , January 2019
  • First time buying from Silver Bullion. Good, fast and friendly service. Precious metals can be tested on the spot with equipment to verify authenticity. The staff has been very helpful & has good knowledge of the market.

    Ms I. ★★★★★, January 2019
  • Patient and excellent service, highly recommended!

    Joshua L. ★★★★★, January 2019
  • Very good experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, special mention to Glenn for his patience and helpfulness. The 5 stars are for the experience on the day. A caveat is that the pricing for Silver Bullion is not always competitive, a 9% premium over spot on 1kg silver bars is bordering on the obscene. However, at times they do have very good "sale" prices on certain coins which I have found to be very very competitive.

    Iniquus Or. ★★★★★, January 2019
  • Staff are polite and helpful. Prices are definitely among the best in the market. Nice and secure showroom and vault. Pleasant and efficient experience. Will definitely be back.

    Jason T. ★★★★★, January 2019
  • It was a very smooth transaction! Professional and helpful staff. I will come back again.

    Rezal R. ★★★★★, January 2019
  • The process of purchasing (order online) and the collection was seamless. Francis attended to me and took the time to bring me through the process. Before the coins were issued, he took me through the process of validating the product. I am impressed!

    Michael J. ★★★★★, January 2019
  • First time visiting. Served by staff Francis. Had a great conversation on PM products. Platform sign up was a breeze. Pricing of products is of good value.
    Will recommend to friends for a good experience in PM.

    Jeff K . ★★★★★, January 2019
  • Great place to park some money to make secure loans to clients wishing to buy precious metals, giving you a much better interest than is possible in a bank (around 3% or 2.5%). If you want precious metals, they have reasonable fees I think and I've heard it is one of the most secure and well-capitalized storage facilities anywhere. Customer service has been good.

    Jeff L. ★★★★★, January 2019
  • Friendly staff at this place. Been transacting with them for silver purchases over many years now. They are prompt with my email and phone enquiries. Excellent service

    Steve U. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • The staff here are extremely polite and helpful... Go look for their staff Patrick Vierra if you need help or simply need knowledge about the bullion investment scene. We didn't know much and Patrick was really helpful in getting us started and hooking us up with great deals. From what I can tell even as a newbie, Silver Bullion seems to have an established procedure and system when it comes to storage and accountability. They set the bar high.

    Haw W.S .★★★★★, December 2018
  • Silver Bullion is simply the best storage facility for precious metals. Safety, security, transparency, efficiency, and quality are all words that come to mind as I think about my 7+ years of doing business with SB. The company is first-class and all of the staff members are very helpful with any requests or needs I've had. I'm very very comfortable putting a large part of my financial future in the hands of Silver Bullion.

    Nicholas G. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • Found out about Silver Bullion through online Forum and went down to their retail office at Paya Lebar.

    Was served by Francis. As I am a layman to PM, Francis educates and guide me through basic PM information and even run through their online system with me. 
    Had a knowledgeable session and great time there.

    Edmund G. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • I bought 2 kg of silver from Silver Bullion recently. It was a really simple process - just commit the purchase qty online and pick up the physical item from the office at Paya Lebar. People at Silver Bullion were nice with great professionalism.

    TC P. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • I recently opened an account with Silver Bullion in Singapore. I met with Francis who was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions, I was also invited to see their storage facility and precious metal testing capabilities. It was a great experience, I found everyone at Silver Bullion to very polite and helpful and I left there feeling my investment was in good hands.
    Thank you to everyone at Silver Bullion

    Richard J. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • Silver Bullion is located in the Certis Cisco building. Collecting your purchased bullion from within Certis Cisco is about as secure as you can get. You can also walk over and deposit your bullion in Certis Cisco safe deposit boxes at the same level. Each bullion is then tested for authenticity prior to handover. I was served by Francis, who helped me understand more about keeping bullion. There's also bullion-backed peer to peer lending. Overall I feel happy and secure purchasing and investing in precious metal with silver bullion.

    Adrian L. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • Excellent Customer Service, learned more about p2p loans from them today.

    Patrick B. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • Great competitive pricing, fast service, they even do a quick purity test!

    Robbert S.★★★★★, December 2018
  • The owner of Silver Bullion is a person of the highest integrity. Their storage facility is ultra secure. The staff is courteous and very knowledgeable. Their security system is state of the art. All accounts are insured 100%.

    Jerald R. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • The most comprehensive and contemporary metals dealer I've dealt with.

    Rob N. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • Was here recently and am impressed with their service. They are glad to serve you even if you didn't get anything in the end. Highly recommended to head down here!

    Ong JIN Y. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • Conveniently located near Paya Lebar MRT. The first-time experience there is extremely positive, with a conducive environment to complete my purchase. The staff Mr. Koh was friendly and prompt. The whole process was quick and efficient. A great place to buy affordable but collectible gifts for friends and families. Will definitely return. George.

    George H. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • Today was my first visit to Silver Bullion. It was indeed a pleasure and experience to talk to Francis while doing my purchase. We talked about how the silver market was doing and market trends! Knowledgeable and updated about the market. Silver bullion also offers value for your precious metals! Please do check out their website for offers! Start stacking!

    Darryl S. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • If you are looking for fast services, good prices and guaranteed quality bullion in Singapore. Look no further. Silver Bullion has more than that. They even provide bullion vault and testing services.

    Johan T. ★★★★★, December 2018
  • My first experience buying and collecting a silver koala from Silver Bullion. The staff, Francis, was very helpful and friendly, explaining the different services offered including the vault service. Very positive experience. Thank you.


    Daniel K. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • My personal experience with Silver Bullion is great. Met Francis at the counter and was delighted to be served by him, they also answered my questions with great details. Information provided on their website is also clear. Looking forward to future purchases.

    Sebastian L. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • Fantastic and honest services. Know their the product well.

    Pei feng. ★★★★★ , November 2018
  • Great experience! Went back to buy twice so far. Super helpful staffs, very informative too. Highly recommended yes!

    Kelvin T. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • Awesome services. Secure retail collection office.

    Tony T. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • Wonderful experience. Staffs are approachable

    Tony T. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • I am so impressed with this company! They offer gold & silver with minimal premiums over spot prices, secure storage in their vault located in Singapore, and as a plus have zero ties with US entities (I.e. safe from confiscation). With many asset classes falling these days, the only asset class with 5,000 years of wealth preservation AND monetary function is probably your best option. Buy through Silver Bullion!

    Seth H. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • I have been purchasing Gold and Silver bars/coins from Silverbullion since 2009. Like their honest and genuine service. I will not buy bullion from anywhere else. Keep up the good work.

    Joshua Tan. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • Silver Bullion is definitely a great company to store your metals and is very easy to work with them. They have great communication with their clients and my experience has been excellent. I also see that their P2P loan program is definitely cutting edge and will be a big factor in this industry in the years to come. Thank you, Silver Bullion!

    Big Phil. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • Very professional service with fair fees. Very easy to deal with and orders and filled promptly once payment has been made. Have recommended to several contacts.

    Burrup L. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • Simple and easy purchase Logical premium Great

    Sarthaka N. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • Staffs are very helpful and they give us good information on what are the correct coins to buy and good prices. Well located.

    Jimmy K. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • The staff in Silver Bullion are very helpful and knowledgeable. We have been a customer for a few years and the staffs are very dedicated to what they do. They also add a personal touch by advising on how to use their online system and carefully explain about their storage facilities, audit and the security features. Highly recommended if you are looking to store or buy metal. Two thumbs up!

    Mathew S. ★★★★★, November 2018
  • Wonderful trade experience this is the first time I invest in gold and silver the staff is very helpful

    Ng S.K., October 2018
  • I visited Silver Bullion in 2016 in Singapore and held metals with them since. They are trustworthy, and I recently bought more holdings. The service was very responsive.

    Guy H. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • I bought some gold bar, Transaction was Fast, Smooth and very simple. Their team is very responsive and supportive. Easy to do business with. Their P2P Loan system is very interesting. I Will use again in the future.

    Cobra L. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • Friendly and easy transaction.

    Wayne T. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • HI, I am very satisfied with the sale. The service managers and staff are extremely helpful.

    Nirav H. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • Excellent experience with Silver Bullion. Great Staffs and service.

    Pino N. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • A wonderful purchase experience. Staff willing to share more about gold and silver trading with the customer. Thumb up!

    Kean C. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • Easy to use the website to purchase silver, service is always fast and efficient during collection. and thanks for the friendly advice.

    SIlver J. ★★★, October 2018
  • Perhaps one of the best places to buy silver and gold bullion in Singapore. Conveniently located near to the Paya Lebar Square, friendly staff, tight security, awesome condition of coins, professional handling, and user-friendly online paying system. Highly recommended!

    Lufei C. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • Thank you, Glen and Francis, for making my first forays into precious metals investments so easy and reassuring. Testing the metal purity, transparency of tracking my storage accounts and ready answer for my questions make each visit a pleasure. I have been following some of the interviews with Gregor Gregerson and appreciate his candor straightforward style of demystifying this type of investment. Recommended your company to several friends already!

    Denise A. ★★★★★ , October 2018
  • I came here recently and had a fantastic experience. I usually buy my metals from the US, the service here has far surpassed anything I have experienced elsewhere. Very reasonable premiums. I was attended to by Francis who answered all my questions and I must say top notch service. I would highly recommend coming here if you are looking to invest in PMs.

    John M. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • I recently began working with the team at Silver Bullion, and have found them to be extremely professional, courteous, and quick to respond. Their client onboarding process is fast, smooth and straightforward; and their account management tools are well conceived and easy to use. The extensive FAQ section that they provide on their website is comprehensive and easy to use, and when I contacted them with a question for clarification I received a response within minutes. In all of my interactions with them, I have found them to be deserving of the confidence they inspire. Simply put, I would not consider buying anywhere else. Thanks, team, and well done! I look forward to growing our business relationship for years to come.

    Brian V. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • I have been buying from Bullionstar until I saw silver bullion having a better deal promotion for Nadir 100 oz silver bar 3% above spot. They also offer me a 3000 discount tier points after my first purchased which really made their price attractive then orders dealer. Francis who look after my order was nice and friendly. You can park in Certis Cisco Center II car park, they at level 3. Press intercom to let them know you there for collection ( free parking) when exiting carpark.

    Eric Y. ★★★★, October 2018
  • Hi, I am happy to write this review as it been a while, as I did not make any purchases from SilverBullion. Recently I had encountered with Francis who is helpful in explaining to me and my wife of the latest development on the one-stop buying and selling whereby SilverBullion offers silver/gold storage, loans etc. Francis friendliness, explanation of the products and recommendation definitely makes me want to purchase again from SilverBullion. Thanks again for the pleasant experience.

    Ismailabd S. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • Very professional and efficient team. Amazing coins on sale!

    Ahmad X. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • Francis and Glen are very patient, attentive and helpful! I will definitely recommend Silver Bullion to friends and relatives.

    Steffi R. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • As advertised. Trustworthy company. When it was time for me to sell, they wired me my money quickly. I will do business with them again in the future.

    E. Johnson ★★★★★, October 2018
  • I have purchased a number of times from silver bullion since may 2018. The online transaction was easy to carry out. Strongly recommend a place to purchase silver and gold. @ silver bullion

    Ong T.T. ★★★★★ , October 2018
  • 1st time being here. The experience was great...staff is friendly and helpful. Went through the price and individual bullion which are more worth to buy or sell. Explain clearly on their Tier system which can save me lots of $$$.

    Jindee K.S. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • Very satisfied with their service. Made a purchase online and the next day paid and collected. Seamless service. Would definitely purchase from silver bullion again

    Muhd F. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • Very prompt and thorough service. Thank you

    Yair S. ★★★★★, October 2018
  • I had the most amazing experience with Silver Bullion today that I am compelled to write this review (and I never did this before for any site). I have been investing in precious metals (gold & silver) for the last 10 years and this was the most impressive place I been to mainly because they have the capability to serve the customer's needs as a true "one-stop" shop. This is NO "ma and pa" setup. It's high tech with their storage and trading platform allowing you to buy and sell physical gold/silver from storage, loan out to other people secured by bullion, and trade from overseas! What is MOST important though was my experience with Francis - TOP NOTCH service. Francis is professional and very helpful. Thank you!

    William L. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • This review had been long overdue. I wanted to buy a gold bar for my daughter's wedding this June so met up with Glenn at their retail store. I must say Glenn was really helpful in assisting to find out the details of the gold and it was definitely a smooth and pleasant experience.

    Cleo T. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • I've been with Silver Bullion 5 years, terrific service, good people and always helpful. I recommend SB to anyone looking to buy silver. You won't be disappointed, you are in good hands with Silver Bullion!

    Daniel B. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • The request was very professionally handled by the staff with a personal phone call and through a reference verification. The website is also very easy to use with real-time updates on the market rates. wholeheartedly recommend their services without any hesitation.

    Rahul D. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • 3rd time buying precious metals at Silver Bullion. Very convenient to buy here and their website is user-friendly.

    Ralph M. B. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Very Professional in handling new questions. Educating us with their vast knowledge to help us to iron out the doubts we have. GOOD SERVICE.

    Bee Y. Oh . ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Interesting business model especially for their P2P business model plan! After touring their office, it’s quite nice and has some samples and models of how is storage looks like.

    Agus H. ★★★★, September 2018
  • Recently I went to silver bullion, the staff is friendly, helpful and professional and you can very easy to open an account and trade gold or silver. It is highly recommended for those who want to trade gold or silver.

    Terry Z. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Compared to the other sites (in Singapore), I like Silver Bullion site's intuitive design, ease of use and clarity of information. Their response/follow-up to order and query are fast and professional. I'd since made another 2 separate purchases with them and highly recommend them.

    Tin L.A. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Excellent customer service

    Whiz P.★★★★★, September 2018
  • I ordered gold and silver coins online and everything went smoothly. The site is very easy to navigate.

    Arthur T. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Excellent service, met with Glenn this morning and found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful in understanding the peer-to-peer programs. I will continue to work with him in the future.

    JM ★★★★★, September 2018
  • I have been a customer of Silver Bullion since 2011 and was recently at their office where I made a purchase with them and met Francis. He was very friendly and helpful in sharing recent trends on precious metals. He also shared with me on updates that were implemented on the rewards system, as well as showing me the bullion purity checks. I'm very impressed by his level of professionalism and service to customers. Silver Bullion is a great choice to buy precious metals as their discount tier pricing scheme helps investors to accumulate in the long run.

    Peter L. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Staff was extremely helpful and accommodating. Francis, in particular, was a great help in signing me up with an account at Silver Bullion and providing a thorough tutorial of how to use the online website. I would recommend Silver Bullion to anyone with an interest in purchasing precious metals in a secure manner and at competitive prices.

    Jerry R. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Very good service and a prompt response. I chose STAR vaults because of a friends recommendation.

    I have not been disappointed...

    Michael N. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Service at Silver Bullion is very friendly and simple. Very easy to get there and carry out the transaction. That place felt secure as they are under the same roof with CISCO.

    Sulkhi. Mariner. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Excellent service, professional, knowledgeable, extremely helpful. Enjoyable experience will continue to do business.

    Jackson M. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Excellent experience buying bullion from Silver Bullion. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and gives good advice. Thank you, Silver Bullion! Thanks, Francis!

    Lee M.C. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Streamlined process with all the safeguards required. Very innovative products. Thank you.

    Wuttitorn O. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • As a repeat buyer at Silver Bullion, I am very satisfied with the ease of use of their website and the huge selection of precious metals at competitive prices they offer. Thank you for the super great service you offer.

    Gideon F. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Great customer service by Francis. He is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Will definitely return to Silver Bullion for future purchases.

    Fazal H. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Great Service by Mr. Francis Koh, arrived 5mins before opening hours and was still served promptly. Wonderful experience.

    Jeromy N. ★★★★★, September 2018
  • Very professional. Excellent service

    Alefia V. ★★★★★, August 2018
  • I have purchased a number of times from Silver Bullion and been very happy with their level of service and commitment. I love what Gregor and the team have created with their Singapore storage facility and feel confident in their service and precious metal products. They are very transparent in their offerings which is very much needed in this industry. They also have a very informative YouTube channel with excellent interviews about the industry. A+

    Dale M. ★★★★★, August 2018
  • Great customer service. Concise and clear explanations to all our queries.

    Poh S.L. ★★★★★ , August 2018
  • Quick and very efficient response - as always.

    Wohler W., August 2018
  • This was my second purchase. Made my purchase online on a Saturday morning and drove there to pick up the item immediately. Got all my cash ready and met Glenn. He was helpful. He also taught me how to look out for the genuine stuff and explained all the details on how to ensure that I have purchased the right products. Will definitely go back again. Thank you

    Chia T.G ★★★★★, August 2018
  • Silver bullion is a very good place to purchase spot gold, silver, platinum and other metals. They share great details about metals and how to test the quality of metals etc... Staff is matured and friendly.

    Yugan R. ★★★★★, August 2018
  • Fantastic to deal with and a very easy site to use.

    Derek S. ★★★★★, August 2018
  • I have been a client of Silver Bullion since 2016 and, yet again, am impressed with the customer service provided by the company. Whenever I have a query (however small) staff respond quickly and professionally.  They definitely "go above and beyond" to be of help, and always make me feel  like a valued customer. The Secure Notification system is brilliant, and I would not hesitate to highly recommend Silver Bullion in every way.

    Annie H. ★★★★★, August 2018
  • Francis and Angela attended to my request to settle an invoice and withdrawal of funds by cheque promptly and efficiently. I am very happy with their fast response.

    Lim T.Y, August 2018
  • I am a repeat buyer at Silver Bullion. Their website is easy to use and has a wide variety of precious metals to choose from competitive prices. Their STAR storage, Peer to Peer lending program and of course their amazing customer service puts them in a class by themselves.
    You should not hesitate to buy thru Silver Bullion. If they say they can do it, then they will do it. If it doesn't say they can do it, they probably can make it happen for you.

    Thanks again for your service.

    Brad M. ★★★★★, August 2018
  • It was my first visit and Mr. Francis was able to answer all my queries to my satisfaction. They are old players in the industry and have a good reputation.

    Arthur P. ★★★★★, August 2018
  • Was a pleasure to have Francis attend to me when I dropped by for my transaction. Overall was a smooth and hassle-free experience.

    Thank you, Francis.

    Abdul ★★★★★, August 2018
  • Helpful, friendly and informative customer service. Business is highly professional and very secure.

    Les H. ★★★★★, August 2018
  • Hi, all at Silver Bullion,

    It's not often I get to write a thank you after a loss. Unfortunately, we have been forced to liquidate our silver holding.

    With that been said I cannot praise your company enough for your service and the importance, you placed on my requests.

    Looking forward to becoming your client again.

    Best Regards

    Darren H. , August 2018
  • Great guys, excellent service, innovative commercial offerings and highly professional.

    Rick H. ★★★★★, August 2018
  • I recently bought Gold & Silver with Silver Bullion as well as chose to store those metals with Silver Bullion. All of this with just a click of a button online, while sitting in my home and not having to be physically present while resting assured that its safe. Purchasing & Storing Gold & Silver has never been this easy & convenient. I also chose to participate in their P2P platform as a lender, & so far its been a very effortless experience. They also have great content on their YouTube channel centered around Gold. I chose to do business with Silver Bullion because they addressed every concern that I would have if I were to own precious metals and stored it offshore. It's no brainier for me, Silver Bullion is the full package.

    Abdulaziz Al. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Super secure facility with great customer service.

    Shaun Ovt. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Good explanation during my first purchase

    Aik Jen G. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • It's my second time to purchase from Silver Bullion and I am very satisfied with how fast and easy the transaction is. I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends who want to buy gold and silver as their investment.

    Wah Por C. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Always a good experience picking up bullion purchases here. Close to malls and other amenities but in a secure building. Smooth and simple convenient service. Will be back again.

    Freed P. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • First, visit Silver Bullion last week, Francis is very friendly and professional, all questions were well answered. He showed us the items we requested and patiently waiting for us to pick those that we wanted. Instruments were used to verify the authenticity right in front of your eyes. If you are looking for investment grade Gold and Silver, this is the place.

    Koay St. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Silver Bullion was very professional in handling both selling and buying of gold\silver. The prices were one of the best in town and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering buying gold or silver.

    Tom C. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Fantastic team and all in one service

    Philippe B. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Francis did a very extensive explanation of the product, and how I could use their website to purchase or sell the product. I am very satisfied with the level of service provided by him and the company.

    Paul T. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • A great online place to purchase Precious Metals. One of the lowest credit card transaction fee, great for cash-back credit card users.

    Alamakazam Z. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • My first experience to visit at Silver Bullion today and have been pleased with the great service provided by Mr. Francis Koh.

    This is the best place to purchase and invest in precious metals. I highly recommend to relatives and friends who intended to do so. I will definitely visit again.

    Htay N. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Everything was flawless, will definitely buy again!

    The website is very user-friendly and very clear. You easily find what coin or bar you want to buy.
    The staff is very reactive and very friendly, a real pleasure to interact with them.
    Once your payment is approved, you can even collect the same day
    The physical office is also easy to find and is just a 10 min walk from the MRT/subway station.
    In a nutshell: the place to buy bullion silver in SG!

    Stevan M. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Francis was really professional and answered any questions with a detailed explanation without second thoughts. Their service was also top notched, providing customers with purity check on the spot to ensure authenticity. Their discount tier schemes would be really beneficial should you wanna stack in the long run :)

    Zhi W. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Very happy with this group. Good products and innovative people.

    Nico ★★★★★, July 2018
  • This a great investment opportunity and Silver Bullion staff are professional and know their products. Nice website. Easy to order and prompt service

    Paul O. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • The Silver Bullion website is user-friendly, accessible and once you have an account easy to use. The process and service are very good.

    Anne M. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Silver Bullion & their various other affiliated businesses such as The Safe House are some of the most top-notch world class in offering various services to their customers - ranging from retail to storage to peer-peer lending, and they keep adding new products utilizing best available technology to meet their customer needs.

    Thelahun G. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Great place to purchase your investments and storage options. very good service and prompt delivery. Their web page is a one-stop shop and works well. I have been using them for the past 7 years and will continue to do so

    Doug B. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Prompt and professional; a pleasure to deal with.

    James M. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Purchased some silver coin from Silver Bullion. Pickup was simple but it would be better if they open full day on Saturday.
    Do take note that the pickup date is within 3 days from the order date.

    Siong B. ★★★★, July 2018
  • Best place ever to buy your precious metal in Singapore. Great service and very friendly.

    Muhammad Hanif. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Very professional and provided great hassle-free service.

    Marvin L. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • Deal with Silver Bullion is easy and convenient. Staffs are friendly and helpful! No problem in recommending to friends.

    TNX V. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • My first visit to Silver Bullion. Met Francis who took time and effort to explain on how to trade and various services available. No hard or up selling - very comfortable.

    Ho M. W. ★★★★★, July 2018
  • I visited the Silver Bullion and purchased the Silver and Gold coins. amazed by the service and the articulate of Mr. Francis. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Not bad experience for the first time investor I may say. Thanks to the guidance of Silver Bullion. Thanks

    Ericson N. ★★★★★, June 2018
  • Called a day before I visited the place. Spoke with Francis, he was very accommodating and patient with my concern, next day when I went to the Silver bullion I was even more pleased with the way my small concerns were addressed. As a first time buyer, my experience was worth the trip. Looking forward to the next buy/sell. Francis was very patient and not rushing, great staff to transact with.

    Persis M. ★★★★★, June 2018
  • Silver Bullion is a Safe and Secure place in Certis Cisco.
    This is definitely the best place to go to if you want to buy Silver Coins or Bars for investment.
    Aside from Silver and Gold Bullion, they also offer other products like cobalt and nickel.
    They also offer unique services like Peer to Peer loans.

    Frederick U. ★★★★★, June 2018
  • The safest place to keep your bullion.

    Henglai L. ★★★★★, June 2018
  • Silver Bullion is a very professional, especially when explaining the procedures and transaction processes. Did my first transaction with them and was very pleased with the service offered.

    Joseph K. ★★★★★, June 2018
  • Excellent and prompt service.

    Chris F. ★★★★★, June 2018
  • A pleasant experience at the Silver Bullion made up of a secured environment and friendly staff. A big thank you to Francis Koh. I will not hesitate to recommend friends to get their items from you!

    Soh K.H. ★★★★★ , June 2018
  • Guys, I have never found it so easy to purchase gold or silver than with your service. Please do not change anything. In addition, your customer response time is very quick. I will continue to use Silver Bullion and wholeheartedly recommend it to others looking to have "that hedge" against Fiat currencies. Well done and many thanks to Simon Black for recommending Silver Bullion!

    Paul M.★★★★★, June 2018
  • I have had many great experiences with Silver Bullion. They were very helpful in setting up the account, I had never opened up any account out side the USA and they made it easy. All my transactions have been handled in a very professional manner. When I encountered any difficulties, they have helped me solve the problem and explaining how to avoid the problem in the future. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

    Paul E.★★★★★, May 2018
  • Silver Bullion is the most professional and competent bullion company. I have had to pleasure of doing business with. Their staff are knowledgeable, practical and able to effectively solve unique circumstances involving buying/selling bullion or servicing my account.

    Their business processes are top-notch, giving me peace of mind that my bullion are safely secured and accounted for. I would recommend Silver Bullion to anyone looking to buy, sell, or store precious metals.

    Daniel T.★★★★★, May 2018
  • Customer Service sets this place apart. I have always been able to get in direct contact with support via email or phone call. Very personalized responses and service. Apart from the security and ease of purchasing on the site, the service you get is in another league.

    Jack H. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • Storage service is very efficient and reliable. I would recommend the service for bulk storage.

    Raymond J. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • Good communication, easy to do business with. Good place to keep your precious metals.

    Pastime A.★★★★★, May 2018
  • Silver Bullion provides outstanding service for all your storage needs. Customer service is excellent! I strongly encourage all my friends in the know to consider Silver Bullion for their secure pm needs.

    Alvin M. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • I have been purchasing gold and silver coins from Silver Bullion since 2016. I find their services very reliable and they make every effort to make the customer comfortable and ensure their products are in good order. They also keep history of all transactions and this is really helpful.Their prices are very competitive and aligned close to market.

    June K.★★★★, May 2018
  • Great service. This company gives me the peace of mind that my metals are safe. Great business. Great jurisdiction. Easy to purchase. Very transparent and trustworthy company.

    Stephen ★★★★★, May 2018
  • Great service. This company gives me the peace of mind that my metals are safe. Great business. Great jurisdiction. Easy to purchase. Very transparent and trustworthy company.

    Lieu [ ]. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • My experiences with Silver Bullion have been very positive. Silver Bullion is very trustworthy, professional and service oriented. For someone like me who is not based in Singapore, trustworthiness is very important. Als,o a personal visit on site convinced me that it was a very good decision to invest there.

    Puma L.★★★★★, May 2018
  • Great company to buy all your metals and store them. I have recommended my family and friends to buy through Silver Bullion. Great service! Thank you!

    Surrinder A.★★★★★, May 2018
  • I just completed my first transaction with SilverBullion and I'm very excited to start a long-term relationship with them as my broker as well as my holder of precious metals. I researched a lot of different brokers and weighed the pros and cons and decided to use them and I'm glad I did.

    Whenever I had a question I receive a quick email back as well as a phone call! I live in the US so I was impressed to see the followup by the customer service rep.

    Emilio B. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • Attentive Staff, cheap prices, and a fuss-free transaction! Highly secure environment!

    Alvis G. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • Very friendly and professional staff. Highly recommend!

    I. Tan ★★★★★, May 2018
  • Meine Erfahrungen mit Silver Bullion sind durchweg sehr positiv. Silver Bullion ist sehr vertrauenswürdig, professionell und serviceorientiert. Für jemanden wie mich, die selbst nicht in Singapur ansässig ist, ist besonders Vertrauenswürdigkeit sehr wichtig. Auch ein persönlicher Besuch vor Ort hat mich davon überzeugt, dass es eine sehr gute Entscheidung war dort zu investieren.

    Puma L. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • I have been a long time customer of silver bullion since 2013. Their service is very good, their staff is very honest and transparent about their items. They disclose the risks of their investments upfront before the purchase is completed.

    C. P. Low ★★★★★, May 2018
  • Great customer service! This is the best storage option.

    Stewart S. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • Simply the best in the industry. Efficient, professional and reliable.

    Jon B. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • Always great service and experience with Silver Bullion, the staff is friendly and helpful, great prices and wide selection of products, flexible and secure storage. Also, their loan system is very attractive.

    Vil Lim . ★★★★★, May 2018
  • I am happy and satisfied with their professional service.

    Heng Lai L. ★★★★★, May 2018
  • I am very pleased with the services at Silver Bullion. The Staff that attended to me was very professional and friendly. He knew I was a collector and is very particular about the condition of the coins so he checked the coins with me to ensure I am getting the best in the batch.

    Guo Zheng A. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • I called in yesterday to check up on my account and enquire about how peer to peer lending worked. Francis Koh attended me and was informative and patient while answering my many questions. Over past years I have called by the Silver Billion office from time to time and the staff have always taken their time to answer all my enquiries. I even had a guided tour of the facilities by Gregor himself on one of my earlier visits. I cannot speak highly enough of Silver Bullion.

    Jeff C.★★★★★, April 2018
  • Very trustworthy. Prompt response to queries. Thumbs-up.

    Willy T. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • I am storing precious metals with Silver Bullion and I am very pleased with my experience. Account opening and verification was easy. The staff always replied promptly to any question that I had about procedures. Great storage rates. They also give you the possibility of doing loans so you can offset the storage costs so this is a big plus for me.

    M C Fleury ★★★★★, April 2018
  • I could not be more pleased with the service I have received from the people at Silver Bullion. They are fast, efficient, courteous, and accommodating. Whenever I did something the wrong way, they were very understanding and helped me understand. I wish all my foreign entities were this enjoyable to work with.
    If you need a well organized, secure place to invest in precious metals, Silver Bullion is the place.

    Bruce D. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • SB was exceptionally responsive to my many queries as I was a new client. From the time of my first transfer to my first purchase, they give timely updates on my past experience with another dealer. I m very happy and have no hesitation to give a big thump up to SB. Keep up the excellent service.

    Johnston Y.★★★★★, April 2018
  • Decided to place my first precious metal purchase with SB. Friendly service for the nice brief introduction on silver bars. Thanks, Glenn!

    Saifuddin J. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • I started a few years ago with Silver Bullion and so far I am very satisfied with their service. Also, when something goes not as planned, they are quick and helpful to resolve it. I love it

    Wiet V. V.★★★★★, April 2018
  • Very professional service, great approach to storage of bullion - I love it

    Phil C.★★★★★, April 2018
  • This is the best place to buy and store your precious metals. The security they provide is best in class as is their testing procedures.

    James P.★★★★★, April 2018
  • I've been doing business with Silver Bullion for a couple of years now. They are highly professional and extremely secure in everything they do. Highly recommend.

    Terry S.★★★★★, April 2018
  • Silver Bullion is very easy to work with and has state of the art systems in place for purchasing and storing precious metals. I highly recommend Silver Bullion!

    Michael N. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • Good experience buying some of my silvers here. Thank you and definitely will recommend to others.

    Rahza R. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • Silver Bullion is definitely one of the most innovative and service-oriented bullion services provider in Singapore and maybe in the world. Prices are competitive, furthermore, the S.T.A.R. storage and Loan services are really unique. Highly recommended.

    Sebastien D. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • Silver Bullion offers one of the only solutions today that makes any sense to me: physical precious metals, securely stored in the most favorable jurisdiction in the world, with the ability to borrow against that value, and all done remotely. I started VERY small in the beginning, and have gradually increased over time. The UI is good, the support team is great, and I recommend Silver Bullion to friends all the time.

    Sam R. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • We are extremely happy with Silver Bullion. Transactions on the P2P platform are very easy, fast and transparent with all required information.
    Customer service is great, very responsive and helpful. For example, we asked for an option to download the P2P balance statement as a PDF and such an option was added to the website within one day !!!

    Ron R. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • Thanks, Francis for the good service and Silver Bullion for being a trustworthy and reliable supplier; A place I also go to purchase precious metals.

    Xana Ong. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • Always great customer service from Silver Bullion. Francis in particular always courteous and helpful. I only purchase precious metals from Silver Bullion. Website great, communication prompt an delivery of service whether buying or selling is efficient.

    Matthew C. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • It is always a pleasure dealing with Silver Bullion. Their staffs are knowledgeable and friendly. If you have a DBS account for payment, the payment transaction cannot be smoother or quicker. Highly recommended for your bullion needs.

    Chan K.M. ★★★★★, April 2018
  • Amazing experience buying bullion from here. The staff were very helpful and went out of their way to help me get the coins I wanted. Thank you so much!

    Xin L. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • There are many places in Singapore to buy and sell bullion, and Silver Bullion is definitely a very competitive option. However, the two details about them that I value most highly are: (1) their obsessive security standards at all times, and (2) their exceptionally fast and friendly customer service. These are points of difference that have me highly recommend using their services.

    Adam F. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • A reliable dealer. I have been using Silver Bullion's services for many years, and the company never failed to deliver what was promised

    Their prices are very competitive and the staff has been very helpful and courteous throughout the whole purchasing process.

    Senni V. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • If you are looking to purchase/invest in precious metals, or if you simply want to learn more about precious metals, drop by Silver Bullion for a visit and look for Francis Koh.

    During our first visit, Francis took the initiative to introduce Silver Bullion and what it does. He's very knowledgeable, willing to share and patient in answering questions. Francis also demonstrated how user-friendly the Silver Bullion website was - particularly useful for those who enjoy having all information at their fingertips :)

    Goh LGC. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • Great Service and So easy to buy and sell Gold and Silver! Highly recommended!

    Raj V. ★★★★★ , March 2018
  • Silver Bullion is where I choose to store my Gold and silver in Singapore. I have never had a problem.

    Simon P. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • The system of the company was very complete. It is my first-time direct pick up at the store (CISCO Center II), then the staff explains me of all the feature of the company and products. I will buy more and more with SilverBullion with cheaper price than the other companies. I hope in future, it can store for smaller quantities to make other neighbor countries' citizen could bargain silver/gold at the right time to purchases with their free time to pick up in other option of their online buy, storage, and sell back online system.

    Agus Tiar ★★★★★, March 2018
  • Awesome place. Friendly staff. Highly recommended services amongst all the silver distributors in Malaysia & Singapore.

    HQ Loke. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • Very professional service. The staff are friendly and provide very sound advice on precious metals investment.

    Lawrence L.★★★★★, March 2018
  • The customer service officer at Silver Bullion is very friendly and helpful when I first arrived here. He showed me around and explain to me clearly how I can make purchases. Location is secure as it is inside Certis Cisco.

    Hafiz S. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • The Service here is absolutely wonderful and I would personally recommend this for anyone dealing with silver.

    Thomas K. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • Conveniently located beside the safe boxes, have wide varieties of metals products to choose from and a good place to buy from and even lend.

    Frans L. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • I would like to thank Silver Bullion's staff, Francis for his professionalism and personal service each time l deal with him. l had bought and sold precious metals especially physical silver with Silver Bullion for many years now and they have never disappointed me. Always very reliable and helpful. Would definitely recommend anyone interested in precious metals to take a look at Silver Bullion Pte Ltd (SilverInvestor)

    Freddy C. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • I like Silver Bullion because it provides me a safe haven for my gold and silver investment. At the same time, I can get passive income from my gold and silver through P2P lending. It is also a protection for me by hedging against fiat currency. And I have a peace of mind because I store my gold and silver in Silver Bullion.

    Kenny C ★★★★★, March 2018
  • I have been purchase both silver and gold from Silver Bullion since 2013. They do carry a wide variety of products with competitive price. Their online purchase process is pretty straightforward.

    The staff is friendly and helpful especially Francis who is willing to share his knowledge on precious metal and also answer my queries promptly. Will definitely recommended Silver Bullion to anyone who is interested to invest in precious metal.

    Mike Y. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • Mr. Francis and the team handled my sales of the gold bar very well and fast. I am impressed by their efficiency and professionalism. Highly recommend them. The best place to go when you intended to buy precious metals.

    Shawn C. ★★★★★, March 2018
  • I visited the Silver Bullion vaults and was very impressed with the level of professionalism maintained in terms of service, authentication, and security. Their prices are very competitive and the staff has been very helpful and courteous throughout the whole purchasing process.

    Kenli S. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Easy to use, great service.

    Maurits B. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Very good experience with the friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    Christophe A. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • It is an eye-opening experience!

    HobNac L. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • I wanted to move away from the failing u.s dollar and researched online for best solutions. Singapore is known as the best country gold storage and after much research I found silverbullion.com.sg to be the top place for storage. Not only do they do storage, they also do buybacks, transfer in, peer-to-peer loans etc. This is a unique precious metal business strategy in place and has not ever seen this before. If you are like me and need a peace of mind for your earnings then silverbullion.com.sg is your one-stop shop.

    Prof K. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • I have been visiting Silver Bullion since 2015. Although Silver Bullion is an old brand, they remain very competitive against other dealers in the market, with a large variety of gold, silver and platinum bullion in various sizes available for ordering. On top of the wide selection of precious metal, Silver Bullion has an excellent team who provide quality customer service and advice to suit people with different objectives for holding precious metals. Mr. Francis and his team have served me many times and I have been very satisfied with the advice they have provided to my needs. Finally, yet importantly, Silver Bullion’s website is very user-friendly, buying and selling of bullion is just a click on their website. I strongly recommend any precious metals collectors and investors to consider Silver Bullion as their preferred physical bullion dealer.

    Bob T. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Excellent services.

    Pedro R. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Go to Silver Bullion and buy your precious metals there.The people are so friendly and professional. Also, store with them, they have great rates and

    it´s easy to handle.I also recommend the P2P loans, a perfect way to get cheap money without the banking system. So BUY - STORE - SPEND the loan money for Gold and Silver with them.Perfect !!!!

    Torsten W. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • This is my first-time purchase in Silver Bullion, the whole process is smooth and fast due to professionalism service from Francis. Once again thanks to Francis and will buy again once the Gold price is right.

    Joel L. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Thanks to Francis for his professionalism and sharing so much with me. He took initiative to verify the mass and authenticity of the precious metal before handing over the physical stocks to me. This had certainly given me a piece of mind. Nobody sells physical stock at spot price. Understandably, the premium for silver has to be higher than gold. In order not to suffer a higher premium than necessary, I opt for the 100- ounce pieces which are reasonably priced at about 6% above spot price. Silver Bullion is an interesting place you must check it out. The showroom offers a wide range of silver bars and coins. I feel Silver Bullion is trustworthy and established.

    Bernard P. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Wonderful and friendly place.

    Navin K. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • This is a quality organization through and through, and I rest easy knowing that the best in the business safeguard my hard-earned wealth. Bravo

    Wayan G. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Excellent service and easy to purchase online with clear details of currency conversion.

    Balaji M. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Just made my first purchase with Silver Bullion. Very satisfied with the purchasing experience and Francis was very helpful with all the questions that I had. I'd definitely recommend Silver Bullion to my friends and family for buying gold and silver in Singapore. Thanks!

    Tin Ho W. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • BEST Silver and Gold Dealer/Repository I have found (and I have been looking all over the world, for years, so I know what I am talking about). Not only they have a mountain of options and services that other similar companies do not provide, and they are experts in safe-keeping and assaying (I know the founders and they are top-industry people, with years of experience), but their customer service is REALLY GOOD: They are friendly, patient and most of all PROFESSIONAL.
    SilverBullion not only offers storage at very reasonable fees but also a mountain of other ancillary services that will make your life so much easier (and in the end that is what a GOOD SERVICE really is)!!
    I wish I could suggest point where they can improve... but every time they come out with something new that makes this company better!
    If they continue on this road, I am not going anywhere else anytime soon. Dealing with them is too comfortable, too nice and so simple I saved months of time simply because I didn't encounter un-necessary complications.
    I recommend this company/service to anyone serious about investing/asset protection. TOP MARKS!

    Kilmarnon C. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • I have bought gold bars from silver bullion since last year. They have fast respond customer service. The website navigation and transaction is also easy to use.

    Finca H. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • A cosy and comfortable place to find various types of silver & gold bullion with good, helpful and friendly customer service rendered.

    Francis C. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • I don't live in Singapore so was a little hesitant to use an offshore storage vault that I had never seen. I finally had a chance to visit both Silver Bullion and The Safe House storage vault on a recent trip to Singapore. All the staff I met were knowledgeable and helpful in answering my questions. Now that I have physically seen the company and met the staff I feel I can comfortably purchase and store metals with them. Nice meeting you and thanks for all the helpful info you gave me.

    Rusty W. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • A reliable dealer. I have been using Silver Bullion's services for many years, and the company never failed to deliver what was promised. All the services I used were provided without any complication or problem.

    Minseok L. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Professional and reliable service every time I've been.

    James O. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • I came to Silver Bullion to buy a lunar year silver coin. I set up and account and made the order immediately. The process was very efficient and quick. Mr. Francis was very friendly and provide really good service. He was very patient and gave a good explanation of the different types of gold and silver that are popular among traders. Will definitely come back in the future again. Highly recommended.

    Johnathan L. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Very smooth and pleasant transaction. No taxes makes it a huge plus!

    Walter L. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • I opened an account here because of my trust in Simon Black over the years. I have done three trades in two months and am thoroughly pleased with the ease and speed at which I was able to do my business and plan to do a lot more in this safe and secure environment.

    Stefan S. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Extremely convenient and well regarded in a couple investing services I subscribe to. Pleased with the jurisdiction, online ordering, and impeccable storage policies.

    Very eager to see how the P2P loans work as well.

    James P. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Mr Francis and the team handled the sale of my gold bar purchase very well and fast. I am impressed by their efficency and professionalism.

    Highly recommend them. Best place to go when you intended to buy precious metals!

    Owen L. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome. Need I say more?

    Matt B.★★★★★, February 2018
  • Good experience with Silver Bullion thus far. Francis was helpful and patient with sharing his knowledge on silver. The website provides clear information and it is user-friendly and easy to use as well. Would recommend.

    Caylene K. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Recently visited Silver Bullion vault and offices as due diligence trip prior to investing. Very friendly helpful staff, very transparent operation. Feel very confident to invest here and will certainly recommend to friends and colleagues.

    James L. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Yesterday I did an order for silver online with Silver Bullion and I was happily surprised how easy the sign-up and order was processed. Only with (my) online banking, I had some challenges to complete the payment but one call to Silver Bullion and I was helped out.

    A few moments later the transfer was already completed and my stock in the safe was confirmed. Great service. Today a crash on the stock markets, let's see how things will develop ;-)

    Tet Roberts. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • This is a fantastic company to purchase and/or store your precious metals. Whenever friends ask me where to buy and store their metals, Silver Bullion is always on the top of my list of recommended vendors. They have the best storage method and vaulting system safeguards that I have seen yet. Their transparency is second to none.

    Robert L. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Francis was friendly, patient, knowledgeable and helpful and introduced some features and products of the company that was unfamiliar to me before. I am very comfortable in doing business with Silver Bullion. Way to go!

    D. Wong ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Silver Bullion is a very nice and secure place where you can shop your bullion coins in peace and safety.

    K L Liew. ★★★★, February 2018
  • Excellent place to buy and sell precious metals. Everything is simple and straightforward here. Every staff here is helpful and friendly.

    Ing Ik T. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • We have been clients for almost four years and highly recommend Silver Bullion. Being based in the USA, we were looking for a safe, offshore jurisdiction to hold our metals. Silver Bullion's prices are competitive and their storage program is outstanding with its photographs of parcels and serial numbers, something no other vault provides.

    Their customer service is excellent and professional. They quickly respond to requests and provide clear communication. Their website provides tools and metrics to keep track of our holdings and generate reports, to the level which no other company offers. I have seen five or six client portals of other online metals companies, and Silver Bullion's website blows them away.

    Their P2P loan program is also excellent and so easy to use. We can't say enough good things about working with this company. They even insure against terrorism, again, something no one else offers. Their founder, Gregor, is always innovating and developing ways to reduce risks. Their outstanding services inspire trust and confidence. We highly recommend them.

    JH    five stars

    Joyce H. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Great Personal Service and excellent delivery of bullion. A-Star trusted vault for Storage all your precious metals.

    Anthony T. VIC ★★★★★, February 2018
  • I have bought and sold precious metals from different dealers. I have also stored my precious metals in different storage facilities. Silver Bullion has given me very competitive prices. Their storage service is reasonably priced and in one of the safest places on Earth. I especially like the Peer 2 Peer lending service whereby you can offer loans or obtain a loan from the other storage customers. Their customer service is outstanding.

    Very straightforward procedures and forms. I have been using their services for about 4 years and have been extremely happy.

    John B. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Excellent knowledge, professional, answered all my questions, very patient and friendly and just a great service all round.

    Tom G. ★★★★★, February 2018
  • Very friendly staff and sell gold and silver at the reasonable price.

    Chua K. H★★★★★, February 2018
  • Francis and the team handled my sales of silver very well and fast. I am impressed by their efficiency and professionalism. Highly recommend them.

    David C. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Very helpful and knowledgeable representative. Discrete location for getting first-hand knowledge about the precious metal trade.

    T.C Low ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Today was my first time at SilverBullion to collect my purchase and was attended by Francis.

    Quality service rendered, according to my investment needs.
    The precise explanation was given of the services provided to safeguard my investment.
    And of course the touch of extra mile service!
    My 1st visit and definitely more to come!
    Keep up the professional and good work Francis!

    Sazali S. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Did some research and Silver Bullion able to give me the best price.

    Mr. Francis is very professional, patient and friendly. He took his time to explain my doubts. Talked to him a couple of times on the phone before decided to get some silver from them.

    After online purchased, I went down to Certis CISCO on the same day for collection. Went past some security officers and security checks before we can proceed to their office.

    Mr. Francis was there to greet me and in no time, I got myself 40 Silver coins added to my collection.

    Highly recommended

    Profit828 P. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • The best place to buy your gold or silver bullion. The staffs are very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Winston N. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Francis was very knowledgeable about precious metals and current financial affairs around the world, I was even surprised that he was quite knowledgeable about cryptocurrency. I am a new precious metals investor and I have to say that Francis is very trustworthy and he gave me a lot of tips on investing in bars and navigating their website as well as general tips on handling and selling gold/silver. This is a great place that I would recommend my friends and family to come to protect their assets against inflation. 

    Ng C.E. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Good Price  yes Good Customer Service.

    Jack T. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Silver Bullion is conveniently located near Paya Lebar MRT and also easily accessible after exiting from PIE Paya Lebar Exit.

    Its elegant sale office is located within the Certis Corp secured Building with tight security and safe environment.
    Its website also offers a timely update on precious spot prices and quantities available for the customer to make purchasing experience easy and fast which is what most customers want.
    The products carried by Silver Bullion are also wide-ranging catering to customers of different needs.
    All in all, I must say that my procurement process at Silver Bullion has always been a pleasant process.

    Teng S.S. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • We have done business with Silver Bullion for the last 4 years and they have always been very professional. Since we don't live in Singapore, we communicate via email.

    Anytime we asked a question, it was answered within a few hours. Always very prompt and professional service.

    Linda B. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • I have been a client of Silver Bullion for about 4 years. It's a comfort to know that my assets are in one of the safest storage facilities in the world.
    Recently I was able to go online and take out a loan using my assets as collateral. The process was quick and easy to complete. Customer service people are friendly, competent, and professional.

    Cedar K. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Silver bullion is an easy place to get my investment in Silver & Gold.

    Andrew Q. ★★★★★ , January 2018
  • Good service, as expected. Price is fair. The ability for P2P lending is GREAT!

    Bruce M. ★★★★, January 2018
  • The service is excellent and the quality is assured.

    Chew G. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Excellent service by Mr. Francis who helped me do a sell back and the proceeds were banked into my bank account immediately.

    Choong M. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Very customer oriented company. I have to say that the entire process has been seamless, friendly, informative, courteous and professional.

    Services offered are very attractive in addition to traditional financial products, with a variety of options to choose from.

    Victor C. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • The people here are friendly and with good advice.

    Michael L. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Great customer service. Quick response to my queries although not all of them as I wanted.

    Hector F. Gil. ★★★★, January 2018
  • The best place to go when you intended to buy precious metals. They have some of the most competitive rates in the market and offer online purchase.

    You can buy it online and self-collect or just let them take care of your investment at minimum storage fee. They have an office in JB also.

    Tan K. W. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Nice and safe environment. Definitely will invest more.

    Chin Guan L. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Very friendly staff and excellent service level Highly recommended to those who keen to have some investment even for collection!

    Kelly W. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • The best place to buy Precious Metals in Singapore!

    Junren T. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • I have been using Silver Bullion for several years. Reliable. Safe. Great prices. I would highly recommend them for your offshore bullion storage.

    Tom R. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Pleasant and helpful staff. Prompt in action.

    Davidson D. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • I have been a customer of Silver Bullion since October 2016 and have two storage accounts, one for myself and one for my Family trust. I am very satisfied with their service and have confidence in their security system. I had the opportunity to visit the storage facility and see for myself. In fact, I performed a personal audit of my holdings. They demonstrated to me how quickly they could retrieve my parcels in minutes. The staffs are all very friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. I recommend Silver Bullion to anyone who would like to store their precious metals in Singapore.

    Elaine S. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • With Silver Bullion’s web site easy to navigate combined with a professional, cost-effective service I would recommend them for sales and storage of precious metals.

    Warren C. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Fast and efficient transactions. Excellent service!

    Brian C. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • Convenient location, open and honest pricing and knowledgeable staff, highly recommended!

    DudeW S. ★★★★★, January 2018
  • I flew 25 hours to inspect the facility and be sure it was the right place for my business. It has been 2 years of successful transactions and counting. Great people there and it is safer than safe can be!

    Catty H. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • I am new to Gold/Silver investments and have been doing quite a bit of research online before deciding to go with Silver Bullion. Best decision I ever made as I was able to transact everything online without meeting anyone Face 2 Face or stepping into the facility knowing that it is in safe hands. The interaction I have had via emails with Support & Customer service had been excellent to date. Highly recommend them!

    Dan C. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • 1. Best place to shop for gold and silver

    2. Various types of bars, coins, etc
    3. One of the safest place in Singapore
    4. One of the best price in town
    5. Excellent customer service
    6. Straightforward and hassle-free

    Secure your assets and worry not about inflation!

    Shaik H. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • A couple of months ago after careful research, I chose Silver Bullion to invest in precious metals. The review of SB by internationalman.com was particularly revealing in regards to their safety procedures and security measures. My experience with SB is overall positive. Their website is a jewel in user experience, their online support is excellent. I always received qualified replies within a few business hours. This is precious metals done right!

    Patrick Xavar ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Reliable storage with great customer service and support.

    Eva M. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • I brought my wife to their showroom office in Paya Lebar Cisco CTR just to look see look see, and the salesperson Vincent attended to us. He gave us a simple yet comprehensive explanation in precious metals investments. We end up buying some precious metals on site. Thereafter we are impressed with good aftersales followup by Francis and Vergel. Very good service and we felt secure at the setup in terms of after sales services especially with the Vaults they have set up on their own. I would recommend anyone who intends to buy precious metals to go check out Silver Bullion for yourself, it's almost seamless and it's safe.

    Desmond K. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Silver Bullion has a great customer service, quality of support and they really know how to run a business. I have met Francis several times and he really took his time to explain their services and products. I have rated them 5 Stars for this reason. I highly recommend them!

    Steven T. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Been buying and selling silver bullions with them for a couple of years now. They have an awesome customer service, a well-organized system that keeps track of my purchase history, it just makes my life so easy and having a peace of mind.

    Joe E. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Staffs are helpful. service is superb.

    Mok Y.L. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Excellent services have never failed to give clarifications on any doubts I had and the staffs were all very patient & friendly.

    Karen L. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Only recently joined but impressive customer service.

    Andrew P. ★★★★, December 2017
  • Before I decided to purchase silver from Silver Bullion, I did make many market survey on the web. After comparing the prices offered among them, Silver Bullion's price is the most competitive and attractive. Therefore I decided to give it a try. I purchased ASE coin via the web this morning and asked my friend in Singapore to pick up at Silver Bullion retail office (i'm from Malaysia). The Web responded to my order spontaneously. At first, I was worried about the pickup process as I authorized my friend to pick up on behalf of me despite having called Silver Bullion. Luckily, my friend told me that the pickup process is very smooth and Mr. Francis is very helpful and friendly. He told me Silver Bullion retail shop has much variety of silver bar or coin to choose. So I got my beautiful and shining 2011 ASE. I Highly recommend others to deal with Silver Bullion.

    Vinson K. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Francis and Patrick were very patient when it came to advising my friend and me on how to invest in silver. Definitely, recommend this place.

    Nelson N. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • The staff at Silver Bullion-especially Francis and Patrick have been warm, approachable and forthcoming to share their technical knowledge about precious metals during our interactions with them.

    Joel L. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • First time buying from Silver Bullion. Good, fast and friendly service. Patrick was very helpful. Explaining silver and gold investment, storage and their services.

    Pei Shurn L.★★★★, December 2017
  • Prices here are one of the best and most competitive around in town, Quality of products are high and excellent, Staff and services are wonderful, very helpful and provide useful advice.

    Rahmat G. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • I looked at a number of options for metal acquisition and storage, and ended up with Silver Bullion for a couple of reasons: plenty of information on the website, great customer service (my questions were promptly answered before I made any purchase, which is a rarity), a variety of methods to make payments, which don't require x% fees and / or waiting times. I have made my first purchase recently, and I think this is the beginning of a long-term relationship with the company.

    Sergey K. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Only recently came across Silver Bullion, and have been impressed with their level of service so far. They are very quick to respond to queries and helpful with suggestions.

    I also liked the ease of ordering online and the fact that they do accept credit card payments. I find that both their Prices and Fees are relatively reasonable, and I did not encounter any significant 'slippage' between the market and confirmed order prices, despite the fact that there was a material move in price at the time I placed my order.
    Though Silver Bullion could benefit from improvement in some areas, the score of 5-stars is also a reflection of how I compare them with other companies I have experience with.

    Anistemi ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Nice and friendly customer service. Explained in detail what I needed to know.

    Muhammad A. S. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Like the fast response

    Neil L. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • A trip to Silver Bullion this afternoon for Silver coins collection ended up us more than 1hour in open sharing and learning session with the professional staff there, Bitcoin hot topic was inevitable in our discussion as well. Their unique P2P lending/borrowing platform is something to consider next in my investment program.

    Jason L. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • Great experience buying from u guys! Nice knowing Mr. Francis... Always patient answering my queries.

    Reduan A.★★★★★, December 2017
  • My first purchase with Silver Bullion. Went there expecting to collect my purchase and go. Service was beyond expectation with detail explanation of things I did not even ask but offers more options to me. Thumbs up!

    Florence T. ★★★★★, December 2017
  • I have been with Silver Bullion from 2013 and I found they provide one of the best points whether it is to buy at a reasonable cost or keep at their storage facilities that can give you peace of mind. You can expect the best professional customer support from their experienced and knowledgeable staffs. Also offers seamless money transfers.

    Venugopal N. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Very nice place. The agent who attended us was accommodating and very professional.

    Legaspi A. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Very friendly and accurate information given to facilitate your purchase.

    Mohamad Z. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • In my experience, Silver Bullion offers a well implemented service for purchasing and storing precious metals as well as a P2P lending platform backed by a solid collateral. I appreciated that transparency and accountability are built into the platform. I found customer service very responsive. Silver Bullion is an excellent choice for international diversification. I strongly recommend considering SB's services for precious metal investments.

    Madeleine D. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Recommended by a friend and decided to purchase with Silver Bullion. Silver Bullion is far beyond my expectation. I was attended by Francis. He is friendly and patient. Since I am new, he did take some time in explaining, given me a guide using their website, also introduced the P2P loans procedure.

    Sebestian K ★★★★★, November 2017
  • I started out with Silver Bullion way back in November 2009 (check out what I wrote on their testimonial page). I am glad to say that my experience with Silver Bullion is still stellar. My experience placing the order was pleasant and efficient. I will be waiting for another opportunity to purchase more from them (looking at a 1 kg lunar coin next). However, it will be good to handle bare coins with gloves.

    Dennis A.★★★★★, November 2017
  • Only new to this, but so far, the services are easy to use. Can't wait to visit in person!

    Shibata Y. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Great place with great service. Been a long time customer and very satisfied.

    Glenn D. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • A genuinely enlightening experience. From novice to an ardent supporter.

    Adam C. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Great place and people to deal with. Francis is Great! Honest and sincere.

    Sng M.W ★★★★★, November 2017
  • A good place to invest in good price and monitoring. Recommended to those interested in this investment.

    Mahadi G. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Mong Cha. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • I had an awesome experience - Silver Bullion is real professionals in what they do **** the best way to protect your savings is getting gold and silver.

    Yac Ov. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • SilverBullion offers a variety of bullion bars and coins. It offers a competitive price and traveling to the shop is very convenient. Definitely the best bullion shop for your needs.

    Alan T. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • We have been ordering from Silver Billions for the past few years. The service is excellent, the staffs are very professional, friendly and informative. We are very happy with Silver Billions and would definitely recommend to our friends. The location is strategic and secure. The online platform is easy to use and navigate. It gives the users the confidence to purchase from them. The process is efficient and trusted.

    Leighton F. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Perfect if you wish to buy or store precious metals. Very easy online procedures but if you wish to see actual people you just go to their Office / Shop. Professional People there taking care of your business and your question/concerns. It’s easy as 1-2-3.
    Can only recommend Silver Bullion. Many thanks to Francis and Vergel who were attending to me.

    Detlef G. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Just recently bought my first set of silver bullion at Silver Bullion's retail office, which is cleverly situated inside Certis Cisco. The location gives a tremendous sense of trust & security when doing the trade.

    The transaction was very pleasant with Francis giving us useful information on the company & its operation.
    Looking forward to buying again. Highly recommended!

    Carlito G. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • A  nice and safe place to shop.

    Sky E. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Good value bullion you can buy to safeguard your wealth in these times of uncertainty. The transparent and safe transaction with all questions answered to your satisfaction.

    TP. Sim ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Doing business with Silver Bullion means excellent service, trust, and efficiency and fast responding to any inquiry in very professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Silver Bullion as a preferable partner in dealing with precious metals.

    Tom C. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • Service is great, helpful and no question is too much. Easy to find the place, and when inside its even easier to use the system with the advice given.

    Ruben M. ★★★★★, November 2017
  • A good company to buy and sell precious metal. It has his own website to book the price of precious metal at any time of the day.

    Herry J. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • An excellent place to purchase and/or store precious metals. Mr. Francis Koh and his colleagues will attend to all your queries and processing of sales, delivery or storage.

    Very happy with the services rendered and easily navigated website and secure email notifications.

    Daniel L.★★★★★, October 2017
  • I have been buying bullion for many years and have found them to be very reliable. Their prices are the best I have found in Singapore for physical bullion.

    The transaction process is very smooth. I recommend for your bullion needs.

    Mangalam S. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Silver Bullion has been absolutely brilliant to do business with and I would recommend them highly to anyone wishing to get the best prices and safe bullion storage. The staff are all highly professional and very polite and easy to communicate with, I wish all firms were this good. 5 Stars.

    Andy I. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Good service, good support, friendly and informative; to sum it all. If you are into precious metal investment this is the place to go. It is located in a highly secured building and very convenient to carry out your transactions whether you are there in person or doing it online. I highly recommend Silver Bullion Pte Ltd.

    Azman I. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Good experience at the shop. Ease of purchase and proximity to security facilities help. :)

    See H.J. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Very good service provided by the Silver Bullion!

    Ernest T. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Great service!

    Vincent T. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Excellent staff (Francis is great), convenient location, quick response, and trust-worthy products...what more can we ask for?

    Benson S. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Customer service is excellent with prompt responses at all times and the platform for P2P lending is superb and easy to use with all the questions that could've been asked having been answered thoroughly in the FAQ section of their website.

    Seyoung C. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Salespersons are friendly and ready to go for extra miles to help their customers. I am pleased with their excellence services.

    Peh K.H. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • I have personally dealt with Francis Koh and Patrick, of Silver Bullion Pte Ltd and have to say that their knowledge & services are exceptional.

    John P. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Very convenient way to buy and sell gold and silver coin.

    Lim J.C ★★★★★, October 2017
  • It was my first experience buying from silver bullion a gold coin with zero knowledge on gold coin and how the buyback system works. I was briefed by the professional consultant on the type of gold coin that I purchase and how should I do a sell back if I ever need to. Deeply appreciated the information that was shared with me. I had a wonderful experience shopping with silver bullion.

    Felicia H. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Bought some silver this week from Silver Bullion and upon taking physical delivery, Francis helped me with verifying the authenticity of my purchase in a professional and friendly manner. Other staffs are also very knowledgeable and experience. I will come back for more if market dips and the price is right.

    TC Cheng ★★★★★, October 2017
  • There is no safer place for your metals with customer service second to none in this industry. The P2P is fantastic!

    Mark S. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • I have been a customer for many years and the service and staff have always been excellent in all my interactions. It is also close to a safety box facility for you to store your purchases.

    Steven M. ★★★★★ , October 2017
  • It always gives me of good new ideas when Francis goes above and beyond the call of duty and provides excellent customer support. Thanks for your continued support

    Joon S. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • I am very happy with the service provided by Silver Bullion and appreciate the courteous welcome received as well as answering the questions. I prefer Silver Bullion as the transaction process is simple and efficient.

    Jason T. ★★★★★, October 2017
  • Very safe and convenient to purchase.

    Huay Miin L ★★★★★, October 2017
  • After months of research, I choose Silver Bullion for my bullion purchases and storage. The first transaction went off without a hitch. From order placed to photos and bag ID numbers, the process took less than 24 hours.

    I talked to several other vaults and this was the most professional and help put me at ease with a company holding that much of my bullion.

    Shadow ★★★★★ , September 2017
  • Professional & friendly service by sales staff. Precious metals can be tested on the spot with equipment to verify authenticity.

    Solo G. ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Great place to buy/sell silver or gold, I would like to shout out to Francis Koh the salesperson. Explained the products very well, and very friendly and helpful. He explains from customer perspective not from company benefit point of view. Two thumbs up.

    Fandy D. ★★★★★, September 2017
  • I was very happy to find Silver Bullion. I've finally found what I'm looking for. The company is very promising. The staff is very friendly and professional in dealing with my queries. I highly recommend Silver Bullion for people who wish to start investing.

    Eilyn J. ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Very easy internet interface for buying and selling. Staff service is very prompt and excellent. Definitely, thumbs up!

    Ng K.W. ★★★★★, September 2017
  • This is the best place to buy and store gold and silver in Singapore. Every time I email them the CS team replies rapidly and professionally. They have excellent service. Their P2P loan platform is fantastic. I highly recommended using Silver Bullion.

    Michael H. ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Silver Bullion Singapore is a very professional company I have visited and done transactions with electronically and physically over a course of 2 years and each time everything has gone smoothly. Mr. Francis and his staff are all very diligent and helpful. If you are local or overseas looking into a PM solution I recommend you open an account with them.

    Lim L. ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Being a new buyer, Silver Bullion has been a very joyful experience and the process was easy, quick and brilliant! The staff were fast to reply and were overall greatly helpful and friendly. I will definitely be making Silver Bullion my go-to place when buying billion.

    Justyn Y ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Ordered online and collected gold coins from their office same day. No fuss, no issues. Francis was great to deal with. I will buy from them again

    Clint P. ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Personalized Service & free investment updates from Francis. Will also weigh your silver tubes to ensure accuracy. A long-term customer here.

    Tan Z.H.★★★★★, September 2017
  • Staffs were extremely helpful and the prices are reasonable.

    Sim J.L ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Silver Bullion looks to be a very promising company for people interested in investing in silver and other precious metals. I came to this website through a mentor and do not regret it. I actually made a call to the company and Francis answered all my questions including giving me a guide on how to navigate through the website to make a purchase and how to be involved in P2P lending and borrowing. If not for the support that Francis has given me, I would have taken a lot of time trying to figure it out, even though the interface is already quite user-friendly and very intuitive. So thank you very much, Francis, for your patience and excellent ability to answer all my questions in a simple and succinct manner. I will definitely support Silver bullion. 5 STARS!

    Tiger Sol ★★★★★, September 2017
  • I have been buying silver from Silver Bullion for the past few years and will continue to buy from them as prices are competitive and service are always smooth and fast.

    Ron T. ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Silver Bullion is trustworthy and 5-star service given to me. So far buying gold & silver around Singapore. They are the best. Highly recommend.

    Christ C. ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Very professional, secure and reliable company. Quick and clear replies to all my queries. I'm with SB for almost 3 years now and I am very happy with their service. Big Recommend!

    Jana B ★★★★★, September 2017
  • I am personally very impressed by the staff at Silver Bullion. They are very knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service.

    Gabriel N ★★★★★, September 2017
  • I am glad I found Silver Bullion. This company is remarkably professional and truly a world class precious metal dealer. I purchased some precious metal from them and elect to have them stored at their secure storage facility (The Safe House). Within 24 hours, they notified me through a secure notification platform that the wire has been received and the transaction settled. I was able to view the pictures of my purchased bullion and the tracking history of that bullion from the date it was manufactured. Highly recommended.

    Lim B ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Silver Bullion provides an excellent service for trading and storage of precious metals in Singapore. I have visited its storage facility and impressed with the level of security. Its staff is also professional and friendly.

    Victor ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Buying bullion from Silver Bullion is quick, easy and convenient. Prices are competitive and the customer service is superb. They have included more variety of coins now too. Location is most convenient for me.

    Daniel P ★★★★★, September 2017
  • I have been researching for a secure and trustworthy firm to purchase bullion. I found it at Silver Bullion after having visited the Safe House. They are professional and I am confident in buying from them.

    Anthony A ★★★★★, September 2017
  • I opened an account with Silver Bullion Pte in 2012, and have maintained the account since that time. They are worthy of your consideration.

    Sky B ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Silver Bullion has been totally brilliant people to deal with very professional at every step of the way from buying and storing my metal. I recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for a top quality Bullion firm to do business with.

    Yuki T ★★★★★ , September 2017
  • I have joined STAR storage since 3 years ago (after much research) and personally visited The Safe House.In addition, I'm also using its P2P platform which is very liquid and gives me flexibility in my investment strategy. Silver Bullion is the only company in Malaysia & Singapore which can provide safe and secure vault storage (in its own Safe House). If you need a personalized solution, pay them a visit. The staff in Silver Bullion Malaysia and Singapore are knowledgeable and helpful. Tight security with full insurance coverage for the mysterious disappearance of precious metals storage gives me peace of mind. While nothing is perfect in this world, I would say Silver Bullion is very close to perfect in delivering valuable services to investors who seek to diversify their asset into precious metals.

    Wong G.W ★★★★★, September 2017
  • I have bought and sold bullion multiple times with Silver Bullion - the service is always prompt and very professional - the pricing is competitive as well - I would highly recommend Silver Bullion to any serious bullion investor.

    Christopher D ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Very friendly and patient staff. Gathered a lot of useful information. Glad to have bought from Silver Bullion.

    Tian G.P ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Good customer service provided by Francis

    Fredric N , September 2017
  • Best place for purchase pick up or storage.

    Ada L ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Fast, efficient and reliable.

    Gerald L ★★★★★, September 2017
  • I am very happy with Silver Bullion and would certainly recommend them to my friends. Their setup has allowed me to purchase authentic bullion. The platform is easy to navigate too.I like the secure mail feature where I can correspond with the staff in a secure environment. The response time is fast. I appreciated the courteous welcome I receive and the thorough answers to all my questions. The main reason why Silver Bullion is my preferred choice is that the transaction process is simple and efficient.

    Rob P ★★★★★, September 2017
  • Great service. Very happy with them!

    Jenny L ★★★★★, August 2017
  • I have been ordering regularly since last year, and everything went smoothly each time. Silver Bullion is a very trustworthy company. It was a wonderful feeling to buy silver and SilverBullion made this experience really special. The process is simple and very user-friendly. We are storing the silver bars with Silver Bullion's secure vault. Orders are completed swiftly and proofs of storage (photos) are sent in a timely manner.

    Chen Y. Y. ★★★★★, August 2017
  • Silver Bullion is a very trustworthy company. I do feel safe buying and storing my bullion with them. My relative has actually gone and scout around for a trustworthy company to buy and store silver and she actually went into the company to make sure it is reliable and sure enough, she trust Silver Bullion too! My experience with Silver Bullion has been excellent. All my requests have been responded with professionalism. I once attached a wrong file and I got a reply immediately saying my file has been e-shredded to make sure all my details are protected! Besides, Silver Bullion does provide a lot of information and market updates which I think is really useful! And again, it only re-enforces its trustworthiness.

    Jen ★★★★★, August 2017
  • I have been buying silver coins and silver bars from Silver Bullion since 2015. The main reason why Silver Bullion is my preferred choice is that the transaction process is simple and efficient. They kept track of all my purchases and the staffs are knowledgeable and friendly, it has always a pleasant experience.

    Shih T.K ★★★★★, August 2017
  • We have been purchasing the silver bars as suggested by our mentor. It was a wonderful feeling to buy silver and SilverBullion made this experience really special. The process is simple and very user-friendly. We are storing the silver bars with Silver Bullion's secure vault. Orders are completed swiftly and proofs of storage (photos) are sent in a timely manner. The audit is performed on regular basis, and I can easily check their accountability by viewing the report available to all members. Trusted and dependable - We'll continue to do invest in silver/gold and every time will buy from the most reliable source Silver Bullion. We have also availed the P2P loan. We can not get the best interest rates outside. Once again, this process is hassle free. One simple step to create the loan request. The next day our request matched the offer and we got the money. I did not have to sell any silver/gold or call banks to provide me a loan. This experience is awesome. Thanks, Silver Bullion.

    Sentil K ★★★★★, August 2017
  • I have started buying gold coins and silver bars from Silver Bullion since last year. The reasons that kept me going back to make purchases are that buying and selling are simple, fast, straight forward and most importantly reliable. The staffs are knowledgeable, efficient and polite. The location is also easily accessible.

    Ong M.H. ★★★★★, August 2017
  • My first purchase at Silver Bullion is a 1kilobar of Credit Suisse Silver. I am very satisfied with the service provided by the staff of Silver Bullion who explained the condition and background of the metal, despite I only ordered one item. I am a collector of silver kilobars and will definitely visit Silver bullion again as it carries a variety of silver brands. I hope Silver Bullion can increase the variety of brands it carries over time that will give a collector more choices. Thanks for a good first experience.

    Bobafett ★★★★, August 2017
  • The service at Silver Bullion, Singapore was impeccable. I was taken through the process step by step and given good advice appropriate to my situation. It is my first time buying silver and gold and I can't believe how different the experience in comparison to some of the shifty stockbrokers I had to deal with in Australia. I have already recommended a few friends to this company and do not hesitate to recommend more as I am sure they will be looked after like I was. I can sleep easy at night knowing that all is in trustworthy hands and is safe and secure. After my purchase, I was shown a photo of my sealed holdings. Silver Bullion, Sg I thank you for your great service, easy to navigate site, helpful and flexible approach. It's the best.

    Nicole L, August 2017
  • My account with Silver Bullion dates from 2010 and with the help of Mr. Francis koh...i find it good doing business with SB

    Lee P.F. ★★★★★, August 2017
  • Silver Bullion is an excellent and reliable company. Well, Measurement detected Real physical and safe storage. Expand other sites and Silver Bullion payment and order process is by far the best. They carry a large number of options and the price of storage is extremely competitive.

    Jayslyn ★★★★★, August 2017
  • Today with my friend came to Silver Bullion. It's such an experience to learn more about the silver bullion. Francis is very patient to explain to us the details of how to purchase different types of silver coins and bars. The info is very detail and informative. It's an eye opener. As I intend to do some investment and thinking silver is a better choice than gold. I think I came to the right place.

    Ruth A.C ★★★★, August 2017
  • Visited Silver Bullion this afternoon to purchase silver coins met Francis the personnel here, he has provided meaningful and valuable knowledge on the trading/investment on these mobile assets, very clear understanding, friendly and helpful. I would definitely come back for such Good service!

    Chong W.P ★★★★★, August 2017
  • I’ve had an account with SB for several years now and I feel fortunate to be doing business with such a competent, trustworthy organization. A few months after opening an account online, I traveled to Singapore and visited their office. I appreciated the courteous welcome I received and the thorough answers to all my questions. Leaving Singapore, I felt reassured of having chosen the right company for buying and storing bullion. In person and in correspondence, I find the SB team invariably pleasant, conscientious, and responsive. Whether it’s a matter of purchases, P2P loans, queries or requests, the SB folk always give prompt attention and are efficient in what they do. It is great to have bullion assets held in such an excellent storage facility and safe jurisdiction, to readily see proof of ownership and storage (POs, invoices, and product photos), and to be able to buy or sell one’s bullion so quickly. Congratulations to SB for providing a wonderful service!

    Wayne ★★★★★, August 2017
  • I had bought silver from Silver Bullion for many years and I find the staff very friendly and helpful. The website is also very intuitive and the purchase process seamless. I would recommend Silver Bullion to my family and friends

    Woo H.Y ★★★★★, August 2017
  • Have been a customer for a few years with Silver Bullion. Great website interface and user-friendly, staff are knowledgeable and helpful, will definitely keep stacking silver with this company and recommend to my friends. However, if there can bring in more variety of silver products will definitely improve the customer experience.

    Hee D.S, August 2017
  • Excellent company very professional and always provide a super service. Best gold seller in Singapore!

    Irina ★★★★★, August 2017
  • They´re quick, transparent and VERY professional. I´ve been storing for over a year.

    Ucho ★★★★★, August 2017
  • First time purchasing bullion. I would say I made the right choice. Excellent customer service and clarity in explanation. Highly recommended!

    Thomas ★★★★★, August 2017
  • I have been ordering regularly since last year, and everything went smoothly each time. I was located outside Singapore, so I have to do International transfer (SWIFT.) I'm a S.T.A.R. client and store my precious metal with Silver Bullion's off-site secure vault. Orders are completed swiftly and proofs of storage (photos) are sent in a timely manner. The audit is performed on regular basis, and I can easily check their accountability by viewing the report available to all members. Trusted and dependable - I'll continue to do business (and stack) with them; highly recommended.

    E Pw ★★★★★, August 2017
  • Very friendly staff & environment. I was a bit hesitant to invest in precious metals. After I spent some time with your staff, I came to know how easy you have made it for first timers like me. Thank you and looking forward to a long innings with you.

    Basaveswar ★★★★★, August 2017
  • I have been a customer of Silver Bullion since 2011. I have always found the staff very helpful, including showing me around their website. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone interested in PM's

    Roberto F ★★★★★, August 2017
  • Very clear site and smooth operations. The trustworthy company as they fulfill their part of the agreement very quickly.

    Martijn ★★★★★, August 2017
  • Both Mr. Francis and Mr. Kim are great to work with!

    David J ★★★★★, August 2017
  • Trustable and easy process. The gentleman that helped me today was very nice and efficient.

    Bhada ★★★★★, August 2017
  • My experience is very good, doing business with Silver Bullion. The staffs are helpful and efficient. It is very easy to make purchases.

    Michael K, August 2017
  • 100% recommend this company their people is absolutely great and very organize thank you very much for the service you provide.

    Ramirez ★★★★★, August 2017
  • I researched on several shops selling precious metals prior to my purchase, and find that Silver Bullion is the most reliable with a reputable history. Indeed without disappointment, their good services confirmed my research. Thumbs up and thank you, Silver Bullion.

    Gavin & Xerene ★★★★★, August 2017
  • Ecellent service, competent and friendly staff. It has been offering a great product at the very compatible price. Keep it up.

    Chung YS ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Great buying experience. There was a slight problem with sending a wire (my fault) and their customer service was very helpful in helping me sort it out. Would highly recommend these guys!

    Allen ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Great service. great price. great location.

    Richard ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Friendly staff, knowledgeable and helpful. Location is easy to access and will be back again for more.

    Gan C.K ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Great place, great service, and a very helpful Francis.

    Umberto ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Good service, friendly staff, and good price. A wide variety of gold and silver products available.

    Bravo L ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Can't imagine I have been purchasing from SilverBullion for more than 6 or 7 years now, and still remain a totally satisfied customer. For all the right reasons, of course: price, ease of purchase, staff courtesy, and professionalism.

    Tang H.K ★★★★★, July 2017
  • I have purchased physical silver and gold from several popular dealers but Silver Bullion is my #1 place and recommendation to friends. The selection, prices, and premiums are great; the customer service is fast and reliable, and they provide more info and transparency about its operations and audits and our personal holdings than any company I know. I also appreciate the lifetime discounts they give for total purchases reaching tiers. Furthermore, the security of their facilities, vaults, and online access are top notch. Details about all this are available on their website.

    Calvin ★★★★★, July 2017
  • I really like the easy way to pay with Euro by transfer money to a Euro account and also the communication while clearing up some questions is really enjoyable.

    Martin S, July 2017
  • Perfect platform to manage bullion holdings. Good Information and communication technology (ICT) and perfect response times.

    Hans S ★★★★★, July 2017
  • A good place to purchase gold and silver at a discounted price compared to other shops. Excellent and friendly staff. Safe and secure location.

    Bernard H ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Silver Bullion is an excellent and reliable company. They make buying and storing physical gold as easy as it can be. I have used a couple other sites and Silver Bullion payment and order process is by far the best. They carry a large number of options and the price of storage is extremely competitive. I have been using them for close to three years now and find them a great solution for anyone who wants to store precious metals.

    Hamin A ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Friendly staff and willing to share more about the Commodity Market.

    Shawn T ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Silver Bullion has very professional and friendly staff who are helpful in providing and sharing product knowledge. Been with them for a few years already and never had poor service.

    Ong PG ★★★★★ , July 2017
  • Service is very friendly and knowledgeable. It is located in Certis Cisco Centre which is a convenient and secure location with very easy access to storage and safe deposit boxes.

    Piotr C ★★★★★, July 2017
  • I appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of staff in Silver Bullion. Not only are my metals meticulously tested for purity; storing and redeeming them are speedily processed and executed. 

    Ann H ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Customer Service Good and Silver price reasonable.

    Seah C K ★★★★★ , July 2017
  • I have been patronizing from Silver Bullion for 2 years so far and I feel the prices are affordable. The staffs are friendly and knowledgeable. Will continue to purchase and sell my bars with Silver Bullion.

    Yuvin T ★★★★★, July 2017
  • I like the great service provided by the professional staff at Silver Bullion. In addition, their platform is friendly and easy to use. As if this wasn't enough, the possibility of participating in P2P secured loans both as a lender as well as a borrower makes Silver Bullion a world class unique service. Overall I am very satisfied and happy to recommend this service.

    David M ★★★★★, July 2017
  • One of the few places to buy silver and gold in SG. cheaper than outside and Singapore mint lol.

    Evelyn Z ★★★★★, July 2017
  • My first time buying Gold Online. Well fantastic experience, the smooth interaction I was greeted by Francis who was very helpful in helping out responding to all my questions and doubts I had since our company is looking for a Gold supplier. We will work with Silver Bullion in the future.

    Marco G ★★★★★, July 2017
  • What I particularly appreciate about Silver Bullion is their customer support. They have been very patient and helpful with my many questions. When I had a problem with a money transfer that lasted over several days they remained patient and worked hard to resolve the problem. I would recommend them to anyone who wanted to hold physical precious metals outside of the United States and outside of the banking system.

    Brian ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Silver Bullion is a very reliable company to store your Metals. The possibility of buying PM in Singapore and just pay them with a fast and cheap Euro transaction like sending money within Europe is one of the things I like most.

    Schott ★★★★★, July 2017
  • I just got involved, Silver Bullion. The support and service have been fantastic! I made my first purchase and it was a smooth transaction. So far, I could not be happier with Silver Bullion.

    Michael ★★★★★, July 2017
  • What I like about Silver Bullion is their staff. It was a pleasure to meet Francis who offered me valuable advice. Keep up the good work!

    Tan YS ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Excellent Service and worth it. Seems pretty legit, got my order real quick and as expected.

    Teh LT ★★★★★, July 2017
  • I have been using Silver Bullion for some time. And I keep on going back because Silver Bullion - Francis Koh has been very helpful, has good knowledge of the market and being kept well advised is THE plus that gives good experience... 3 cheers to your team!

    Chris H ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Would highly recommend this place for those who are keen to secure physical golds and silver. The ease of transaction and helpful staffs certainly make the experience a smooth and seamless one. Please continue to provide good service and value..

    Azman H ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Great service and prompt delivery.

    Khor C.K ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Good purchase experience. Clear explanation and service were given by Angela on the various services provided by Silver Bullion. A good place to buy and store in their vault. Looking forward to the next purchase.

    Faizal ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Congratulations on the good job done in making it easy for the man on the street to buy and sell precious metals bullion coins & bars. I appreciate the good service and friendly customer service provided by your staff - Mr. Francis Koh. Last but not least, keep up with the useful "insight" and "Commentary" articles, very insightful. Continue with the competitive pricing and super friendly customer support, Thank you once again.

    Chi HH ★★★★★, July 2017
  • The staff at Silver Bullion are knowledgeable and friendly. Great service.

    KC Tan ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Have been buying from Silver Bullion since 2009. They are my number one choice to purchase my silver coins.

    Tommy ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Fascinating experience when I first step into the shop and found buying silver coins or bars become so simple and easy. I learn to know more about precious metal and add into my investment.

    Chng ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Prices are not competitive if you are under Tier 1 or 2 or 3 even 4 as compared to other major bullion stores which will be willing to negotiate lower pricing. Have to be selective in the product brands offered. The location is not the most convenient (either driving or MRT) though where it is at CISCO building does lend it some credence in terms of security.

    Lionel ★★★, July 2017
  • I am satisfied with the service provided by the Silver Bullion. The transaction from order processing via the website and to pick-up at the retail office is easy & conveniently located.

    Ser G.H ★★★★★, July 2017
  • The transaction is very smooth whenever I buy from Silver Bullion. They have dedicated and highly professional staffs. Their price is competitive and they allow bank transfer which eases the transaction further.

    Taufik ★★★★★, July 2017
  • The best place to buy gold and silver products in Singapore. I have been a customer of Silver Bullion for more than a year. I am very happy with their service.

    KL Tan ★★★★★, July 2017
  • This is the best place to buy and store gold and silver in Singapore. Every time I email them, a staff calls me back within 30 minutes. They have excellent service. Their P2P loan platform is great too. Highly recommended!

    Raymond ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Efficient, discreet secure location in Cisco Security,s building and easy access from Paya Lebar MRT Station I have been using both Silver Bullion's vault storage and pick up over the counter as required for over a year now and no problems whatsoever. Efficient friendly professional service and online platform very user-friendly. No problem recommending for both local and international customers.

    John ★★★★★, July 2017
  • This is a great company with a unique concept, that works hard to establish solid, long term relationships with their customers. Very happy doing business with them, and look forward to working together in the future.

    Tom ★★★★★ , July 2017
  • Good customer service and their price are competitive. The website layout is also good.

    YK Kang ★★★★★, July 2017
  • The place is easily accessible as I work at Certis Cisco Paya Lebar. The place is welcoming hence easy to take my time to purchase the items. Will come back to purchase more.

    Yasin ★★★★★, July 2017
  • The place to purchase you gold and silver. Customer oriented service!

    Hazwan ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Silver Bullion staffs are very helpful, both at their offices and online, explaining silver and gold investment, storage and their services. The bullion-backed P2P lending service they offer is a pioneer in the field. I can recommend SB to anyone seeking safety & security.

    Paul ★★★★, July 2017
  • This will be the place where you would want to buy your bars. The prices are affordable with customer loyalty discount rates. The staffs are knowledgeable and friendly, especially Francis, who speaks to customers like family. The popular bars are always in stock physically, so shortly after payment, you get to hold them personally, which is far safer and better than simply receiving pieces of paper claiming you own these bars. The collection time frame for bars is also very flexible, which I like.

    Colin ★★★★★, July 2017
  • SilverBullion has been the place where I have always trusted and bought my silver and gold bars without having any doubts or worries about the bars being fake. Through years of experience with them, I found their staff friendly, professional, competent and dedicated. I would like to thank Francis for giving me sound advice on the silver and gold markets and the selection of the different bars. The Silver Bullion point system is a great one. The more Bars one buys, the more points get accumulated. With a new tier level, the bars are available at a more economical price. If one doesn't want to buy any bars, one can lend money to a borrower with interest. The interest rates one receives could be higher than the local banks since local banks have a pretty low-interest rate of 1% and 2% max for Fixed deposits. Don't Worry! Since the process is actually very safe and one receives the money back on time. The borrower has to have collaterals in terms of Gold/Silver bars of which the worth is normally 150-200% of the money to be borrowed. The problem would be dealt with between Silver Bullion and the borrower. Even though I'm studying overseas, I do still make transactions with Silver Bullion without having worries or nervousness when dealing with Silver Bullion nor their staff. Silver Bullion is a part of the Singapore Bullion Market Association, works with and monitored closely by authorities. I recommend Silver Bullion to my friends interested in investing in precious metals because the business is always an honest, neat and a trustworthy one.

    Thank you, Silver Bullion, for the service and everything! Take care and keep up the good work.

    German - SilverBullion ist der Laden, den ich immer Silber/Goldbarren kaufen werde. Ich habe gar keine Sorgen oder Angst, wenn ich die Barren von ihnen kaufe. Die Barren sind echt, überprüft und von der SBMA(Singapore Bullion Market Association) überwacht. Als ich den Laden kennengelernt habe, finde ich, dass die Mitarbeiter sehr freundlich, Professionell, Kompetent und engagiert. Ich möchte Francis persönlich für die guten Rateschläge, die verschidenen Baren und den Aktienmarkt bedanken. Das SilverBullion point System ist auch toll. Je mehr man die Barren kauft, desto mehr Punkte bekommt man. In Endeffekt kreigt man günstiger Barren, wenn die Stufe sich erhöht. Wenn man keine Barren kaufen will, könnte man Geld in diesem Laden ausleihen. Die Zinsen hier sind manchmal höher als die Zinsen der Bank. Keine Angst dafür! da die Methode eigentlich sehr sicher ist. Der Kreditnehmer haben ungefähr 150-200% das ausgeliehendes Geld, das in Barren liegt. Wenn der Kreditnehmer nicht zurückzahlt, bekommt man noch das Geld zurück. Das Problem mit der Rückzahlung wird zwischen Silverbullion und den Kreditnehmer verhandelt. Obwohl ich in Deutschland studiere, kaufe ich noch die Barren ab-und-zu und habs wirklich keine Probleme oder Sorge drüber. Ich werde SilverBullion zu allen Freunden empfehlen, weil das Geschäft ein ehrliches, ordentliches, vertrauenswürdiges Geschäft ist. Danke für den Service und für alles. Daumen Hoch und alles gute!

    Justin Lee ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Comfortable to come and feel safe with Silver Bullion. Francis and the other staff had been friendly, helpful and professional I will not hesitate to recommend this place to people who are thinking of saving in silver and gold.

    Sim C H ★★★★★ , July 2017
  • I am quite new to precious metal investment. One day I decided to make a telephone call and managed to speak to one of your friendly and knowledgeable staff. It helps make up my mind to start investing in precious metal.

    Linda ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Easy to use, clear simple transaction procedure, verifiable holdings and has a very interesting P2P lending scheme. Very happy.

    Rory ★★★★★, July 2017
  • Very professional. No sales talk. Straight to the point. Assesses customers' investment appetites and advise accordingly. Great teamwork. Backroom boys, and girl and frontline sales staff all working as one team. Good job! Francis Koh, jovial chap, plenty of jokes but same time pans out some serious financial nuggets at the appropriate time. Also able to recommend new products according to customers' budgets and needs. Keep up the good work, guys!

    Adrian ★★★★★, June 2017
  • I had wonderful trade experience with Silver Bullion. Purchase ordered can be made online at the convenient of my time. I made an online fund transfer at my visit to the Silver Bullion and able to get confirmation of payment received of fund immediately from the officer-in-charge and thereafter collection of the purchase. When I requested an electronic test on the silver I purchased, the officer gladly assisted me. I would recommend Silver Bullion if anyone interested in buying physical silver in Singapore. Excellence service!

    Vun Huei ★★★★★, June 2017
  • A trusted Gold & Silver Dealer based in Singapore to get hold of the real money from all those loosely printed currencies.

    Kenny ★★★★★, June 2017
  • I have been buying precious metals from Silver Bullion since 2010 and it has always been my first choice when it comes to buying gold/silver. After 7 years, I am still coming back here for my purchases! The customer service is always friendly and knowledgeable and the staffs are very efficient with what they do. I would highly recommend Silver Bullion for anyone looking to invest in precious metals as it is always a good experience with Silver Bullion.

    Patrick ★★★★★, June 2017
  • The Silver Bullion staff are helpful and straightforward. I was very impressed by their level of service and honesty. I would recommend Silver Bullion to anyone looking for such services.

    Josiah ★★★★★, June 2017
  • I like Silver Bullion because it provides me a safe heaven for my gold and silver investment. At the same time, I also can get passive income from my gold and silver through P2P lending.

    Kenny ★★★★★, June 2017
  • First time buying from Silver Bullion. Good, fast and friendly service. Greeted by kind and pleasant representative upon entering the shop. Prices are competitive, and would definitely come back here again to get my supply of precious metals!

    Shamir ★★★★★, June 2017
  • On my second visit to Silver Bullion on 25/5/17 and meet up with Mr. Francis Koh was a valuable one. I have learned so much about trading in precious metal in the few hours of chit-chat with Francis. He had also been so patient with my poor knowledge of the trade, I am so fortunate to have met him. Thank you, Francis.

    Michael C., June 2017
  • Have a lot of range of products in silver bullion with competitive prices. In aadition to that, Silver Bullion have helpful and friendly staffs. Good job and keep it up!

    Muhammad Hairullah ★★★★★, June 2017
  • Impressed with the professionalism and systems set up. Francis explained in detail the various checks, safeguards and procedures to enhance security and integrity. Provides some peace of mind that we have a secure means of investment in genuine physical assets. Highly recommended.

    Ding Ding ★★★★★, June 2017
  • Silver Bullion is and will be my first choice when it comes to buying gold/silver. Bought my first silver investment back in 2011 with Silver Bullion. Very satisfied with their services and after a good 6 years, I am still coming back to Silver Bullion for my purchases! Service remained top-notch, knowledgeable with the products and went beyond my expectations. In fact this time round, my friends will be buying together with me. I would highly recommend Silver Bullion for anyone looking to acquire some physical investments.

    Dylan ★★★★★, June 2017
  • This place has very helpful people to give us more information about the products as well as very cheerful. Their website is also updated by the second to give me the latest information. I highly recommend this place.

    Hubert ★★★★★ , June 2017
  • Angela Villasoto and the team at Silver Bullion is amazing. Every time Angela communicates with me, the communication is calm, professional, helpful, and thoughtful. Angela helped me to sort out a situation whereby it was erroneously sent as an ACH instead of a Wire (a payment for an order). Angela diligently and calmly worked with me to resolve it with Western Union. I am truly grateful for Angela and the team at Silver Bullion for their wonderful customer service.

    Eric , June 2017
  • Happy to be doing business with Silver Bullion. Excellent order and sell back process, friendly staff and and great service. Looking forward to meeting you guys again!

    Armen ★★★★★, June 2017
  • I am very happy with Silver Bullion's services - the staffs are really helpful and knowledgeable - certainly do not give me the feel of sales and marketing but as helpful advisers. I had also visited the Safe House and is very impressed with their operations and security. Will definitely recommend Silver Bullion to my friends.

    Maurice ★★★★★, June 2017
  • Everybody I came across so far at Silver bullion was friendly, fast and very efficient. Particular want to highlight Francis who helped me on several occasions. Keep up the excellent work.

    Alex P ★★★★★, June 2017
  • They are the gold standard for buying bullion in Singapore.
    Bernwind ★★★★★, June 2017
  • Service is good and is convenient for us investors to invest.

    Joshua, June 2017
  • I am very happy with Silver Bullion and would certainly recommend SB to friends who are keen to set up an account, store and sell their bullion. This setup has allowed me to purchase reliable and authentic bullion. It's soundly insured even against inside jobs. The platform is easy to navigate too. I like the secure mail feature where I can correspond with the staff in a secure environment. The response time is fast and I appreciate the dedication of the staff. The team is great-particularly Francis who is very competent, patient and helpful.

    Soh Hermia ★★★★★, June 2017
  • I have been a Silver investor for the past 8 years after studying in University. Silver Bullion staffs are always the preferred advisors on how I purchase the commodities in Singapore correctly and what is the advantage of buying Gold and Silver. It is the place where you feel comfortable to deal with secure Gold and Silver investments.
    Gary ★★★★★ , June 2017
  • Great customer service from friendly and knowledgeable staff. A safe environment to buy precious metals as it is located in a building full of auxiliary police.

    ED, June 2017
  • Great service everytime - Francis! I feel assured with the capacity, authentication, and location of the company.

    Pearlyn ★★★★★, June 2017
  • The salesperson was very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable about the products. He was able to advise me on which items I should get. The transaction was smooth and fast. The place is very accessible as it is near to MRT. Would definitely return again and would recommend this place to those who wish to purchase gold and silver.

    Fadzil, June 2017
  • I have been a serious Silver & Gold Investor for the past few years. Having gone to all major similar Gold & Silver Distributors in Singapore, I would say that the staff at Silver Bullion is the most professional. They are not the normal front end staff who only know how to do customer service. They are very knowledgeable and helpful as well which is very important in helping people understand why there is a need to invest in precious metal as a hedge especially in times like this. If you need to invest in physical gold and silver, this is definitely the place to visit and learn.

    Daniel ★★★★★ , June 2017
  • I had been several times to 2 other bullion dealers in Singapore until I am now a long term customer of Silver Bullion. They are knowledgeable and most of all professional with their interaction with me.

    Global Citizen ★★★★★ , June 2017
  • Switzerland and Singapore are the best places to store metals and Silver Bullion is a well-established stop for off-shore clients. Clients requiring short-term liquidity can also use their stored metals as collateral to borrow at very attractive interest rates via their P2P loan facility. For small-time stackers, there is also a decent range of bullion and semi-numismatic products. I find the online payment via the credit card (3% surcharge) extremely useful. Use it wisely and be patient. I like to buy when the spot price hits a low, likely overnight here, and no other dealer in Singapore can offer you a better price on some of the products (after the cash rebate from credit card companies). For collectors, check out its website often – sell-backs of older bars and coins are up for grabs now and then, and it has already made my day a couple of times.

    C.Soh ★★★★★ , June 2017
  • Silver Bullion is a reliable company that provides excellent services. (Silver and Gold ) sold here are real; I have personally seen it being tested with the metal tester; Do not have to worry about counterfeit goods. Their recommend 10oz Canadian silver bars are well packaged which prevents it from rusting for many years and can be easily stored. The location is convenient, centrally located in SG and a few minutes walk from the MRT. Trade execution is clean and fast. It has a great Tier system (1 to 5) which allows the buyer to get a greater discount as he clocks more purchases along the way. This saves a lot of spread cost when you move higher up the tiers. Customer service is great to answer queries.

    Jimmy Chong, June 2017
  • The security of the place. The spaciousness and practical display. Most of all the efficient service and patience in explaining to a newbie.

    Debbie Ng, June 2017
  • I find the service excellent and efficient.

    K.C. Tan ★★★★★, June 2017
  • "I liked the responsiveness, seamless assistance and willingness to walk through the process.

    Great sense of professionalism and customer focus.

    Well done."

    Kieran, June 2017
  • Great Customer Service - Prices Are Very Reasonable - Near Paya Leber MRT Station, Location Easily Accessible.

    Jesman Yeo ★★★★★, June 2017
  • It is my pleasure to share my great experience with Silver Bullion for the past few years. The service provided by the people I met at the office or at the Safe House are really professional and most friendly. The range of services is comprehensive and unique. I shall be most happy to recommend any person keen to insure their wealth in precious metal to work with Silver Bullion.

    Peter ★★★★★, June 2017
  • Maximus Teo ★★★★★, June 2017
  • I highly recommend whoever is considering precious metals investments/safe keepings to visit and speak to the staffs there, very professional & knowledgeable ..👍

    Kelvin Chong ★★★★★, June 2017
  • Silver Bullion Singapore is a very well managed company. They always respond in good time to any request. Also they have made their system very user friendly. I have enjoyed excellent support from the team when I had to change personal details and relocate to a different country. In comparison to other bullion companies they are by far the most economical and customer friendly.

    David, June 2017
  • Silver Bullion is just a stone's throw from  MRT Station. Hence location is easily accessible. Personally, the payment mode by cheque is hassle free, means that I am able to secure orders with ease. Would like to add that the staff is approachable and professional.

    Christopher Tan ★★★★★, May 2017
  • One can only say having enjoyed a long and happy relationship with silver bullion of many years I am more impressed each and every time I speak with different members of their staff. My latest encounter was fun with poor Francis having to suffer a true village idiot for one long hour. He completed my request with a laugh and a joke, the poor man must have been exhausted. I would recommend this company above all other. Yes, I have used two other companies in the states. The company stands out head and shoulder above both of these. Should you have any foreboding about this company, forget it they are 100% genuine. I wish Francis all my very best.

    Roger H ★★★★★, May 2017
  • Great customer service. Excellent customer relations to meet all your needs.

    Hokyo ★★★★★, May 2017
  • We had a good experience with silver bullion. The staff Francis and Sam are very helpful in getting me the best price for products. The website is also very useful and easy to manoeuvre. The location is nearby to MRT and since it is at Certis Cisco the security is much safer to purchase the product. Good luck to Silver bullion.

    Cheechang Su ★★★★★, May 2017
  • Very clear, respectful and quick communication! It's great that the majority of the contact I have with Silver Bullion is direct with one person, instead of getting autoresponder replies.

    Eva, May 2017
  • From the start, setting up our accounts, right through to making our first purchase, all the staff at Silver Bullion have been incredibly personable, professional, responsive and helpful. I have been able to contact staff directly and easily both by phone and e-mail and all my queries have been answered almost immediately, whether on how the process works or how to complete the correct transfer payment fields. Outstanding service. Thank you Silver Bullion team!

    Kathryn, May 2017
  • We spent a couple of hours viewing inside the Silver Bullion Co vault here in Singapore today. It was amazing seeing the stocks they have and learning how they verify authenticity. The fake coins etc are hard to spot We also discovered a couple of our rings have not been made to the standard stamped on them! That was quite an eye opener!! It was a great day, highly recommended.

    Yvonne Kaveney ★★★★★, May 2017
  • Outstanding service and very fast money wire.



    J.M., February 2017
  • A customer since 2014, I've watched the business and web interface evolve these past few years and I sincerely think this is the best storage facility of its type in the world -- light years ahead of any other facility and exchange. The web interface has become easier and easier to navigate and increasingly more intuitive. Gregor really hit one out of the park here. The staff has always been excellent on the phone, informative, reasonable and helpful. Having purchased metals from you, transferred metals in, and extended storage on a few occasions, this most recent transaction was smooth and seamless as usual. Great job, Silver Bullion!

    BL, February 2017
  • The very prompt and satisfactory answer to my question about paying my storage renewal fee invoice. The feeling of trust that kind of service generates.

    E. Williams

    E. Williams , January 2017
  • I'm very happy with Silver Bullion's services. Mr Francis was extremely helpful - patiently walking me, a person who isn't very good with computers, through how to use the different aspects of the Silver Bullion website in a friendly and professional manner. I'm glad I chose Silver Bullion and look forward to using their full range of services in the future.

    H.C., January 2017
  • I am very happy with the service that I have received from Silver Bullion. I have been particularly pleased with the following:

    1.  My enquiries have been answered promptly in a friendly, understanding manner.

    2.  Your website has proved to be clear and straightforward to navigate.

    3.  I absolutely love your system of communication: it gives me complete peace of mind to use your "Secure Notification" instead of normal email.   

    Should I find further strengths in your service or systems, I shall inform you immediately. Wishing you (and your loved ones) a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year.

    Anne, January 2017
  • First time visiting. Served by staff Francis. Had a great conversation on PM products. Platform sign up was a breeze. Pricing of products is of good value.
    Will recommend to friends for a good experience in PM.

    Jeff K . ★★★★★, January 2017
  • I thank the introduction given my Mr. Kevin Alan Green. I am delighted by the professional approach and dealings of Silver Bullion. You have a fantastic team who respond timely to notifications and are always willing to help. Thank you very much.

    Chandra, December 2016
  • Vincent Tie provided excellent service to assist me in setting up my STAR account and my purchase.

    Thanks to him and the team.

    Mickey, December 2016
  • Everyone at Silver Bullion always does a GREAT job.

    James, December 2016
  • Silver Bullion has exceeded my expectations in all aspects of its operations. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful. The customer service team is excellent.

    I appreciate the simple to use, 2-way, secure mail and info system. It's easy to communicate and to see the status of your orders and assets.
    In my 50 years of experience in business, I have learned that the most important aspect in all excellent businesses is the owner/manager. The staff reflect the attitude, integrity and management ethics of the owner.
    My experience with Silver Bullion shows me that the owner, Mr Gregersen, knows his business, has trained his people very well and that the integrity of his people and the security of our assets is his highest priority. His business reflects that he is a person of the highest ethical standards.
    I am very satisfied with all my dealings with Silver Bullion and am happy to know that my assets, that I have worked 50 years to accumulate, are safely in the protection of an excellent company of the highest integrity.

    JR, November 2016
  • Your personnel are always ready to help me with any details of my transactions with Silver Bullion and are very courteous to me in all cases.

    I appreciate all of the services that you offer me.

    Thank you.

    Higgins, November 2016
  • Just wanted to let you know that it is always a pleasure dealing with Mr.Sam Chua. Sam has always been very helpful to me with all of my queries.


    K. Rooney, November 2016
  • In all the communications I have had, the persons I spoke with have been polite and very helpful. In addition, all the actions I requested were taken quickly taken, and when explanations were requested, they were provided quickly as well. I am pleased with all the services.

    One note: When I initially was purchasing coins I was confused. I called your office and one gentleman (I forgot his name) was supposed to be in a meeting, but he still stayed with me and walked me through the process, and helped me accomplish the purchases I was endeavoring to make. I was very appreciative of his help. Thanks again.

    David, October 2016
  • Hi guys, thanks for the good service in helping me purchase bullion. Much appreciated, thanks.

    Brett A., September 2016
  • I cannot say enough about both the great service provided by Silver Bullion and the excellent facilities at The Safe House.

    After purchasing precious metals from Silver Bullion for a few years, I realized it was best if I stored all of my metals at The Safe House.

    The transfer process involved certain rearrangements of my holdings, and we inevitably encountered a few obstacles, but the staff worked as a team to come up with various options – until we agreed on the best option.

    I even liquidated all my precious metal holdings stored in Canada, and then re-acquired similar items at Silver Bullion and stored them at The Safe House.

    The staff ensured that the various rearrangements of my portfolio were carried out in the most practicable manner and that those arrangements were precisely in line with my needs and wishes. Soon enough, the transfers were completed – to my complete satisfaction.

    Now I can rest assured, knowing that my holdings are stored in the safest, most secure, most user-friendly, and most manageable storage option in Singapore – or maybe even anywhere in the world.

    James, September 2016
  • Silver Bullion Singapore is one of the finest companies I have every had the pleasure of dealing with. Every aspect of the company's operations are carefully managed as well their customer support and service. The company's website is amazingly simple to use and the staff are always available to assist at short notice.

    Every person that I have contacted and I have met at Silver Bullion SG has displayed the highest level of courtesy and professionalism towards me.

    The business itself and its core operations have allowed me to open up options that were limited to a few in the business world. The company's P2P model is unique and deserves the attention of anyone seeking to preserve and maintain one's financial stability in a highly volatile global economy.

    Thank you, Silver Bullion, for all your support.

    Jani'Rico, September 2016
  • I like the integrated services as well as the precious metals authentication methodologies.

    Richard, August 2016
  • Silver Bullion has impressed me in every way a company can impress. The customer service is excellent, efficient, responsive, personal and very caring. My father is aged and faltering and yet the people at Silver Bullion have been very patient, kind and are always asking after his health. We are new at this type of holding and they have never treated any of our questions as any other than important and relevant. I cannot say enough about the people of this organization. And hey… the investment value and security it affords is great too! We are definitely in this relationship for the long haul. Keep up the awesome service and products!

    Lisa, August 2016
  • Silver Bullion is highly efficient, responsive and extremely organized. Each question can be answered and orders are fulfilled with ease.

    Sebastian H, August 2016
  • Your service is always prompt and professional. Great people to deal with no matter who it is. Thank you for your outstanding service.

    Duane, June 2016
  • I am extremely satisfied with the customer service at Silver Bullion. They are diligent, professional, and polite in their interactions with me and I really appreciate that attitude. I would (and have) recommended Silver Bullion to friends who have an international frame of mind. I know my precious metals are secure in Singapore which has an unimpeachable reputation for integrity. I will be purchasing more silver and gold this year and look forward to a long-term relationship with Silver Bullion.

    Waverider, June 2016
  • I'm very pleased with the level of ease and the friendliness of staff. Good quality bullion too. Will definitely be back for more.

    T. F. Lai, June 2016
  • I have greatly appreciated Silver Bullion's service these past several years. From the beginning, having someone to speak with about choices between coins and bullion, helping me to set up a storage account, and now most recently taking possession of my bullion. Every step was handled with professionalism and consideration. I do plan to continue dealing with Silver Bullion when I am ready to buy more.

    Thank you again for your help and service provided.

    Michelle H., May 2016
  • I like your immediate answers to my questions and your friendly service and help with questions. I also like your secure e-mail service.

    WH, May 2016
  • First off, the purchasing, storing, and payment services are easy as pie for me, which I really appreciate. Second, and most important for me, I like asking questions (probably too much) so whenever I have a question not only does SB answer them promptly, but their answers are descriptive, thoughtful, and very easy to follow. So, if you are a person like me who likes good service and you especially like to ask questions and have them answered, SB is second to none.

    Mark, May 2016
  • Good salesperson, both who answered my phone call (don't know his name) and in the office - Vincent. Great service - showing me the different types of gold ingots, giving me sound advice.


    I will definitely recommend to my family & friends!


    Thank you,


    Meriana, April 2016
  • Silver Bullion's customer service is prompt, professional, and very helpful. They get the job done.

    Merry, April 2016
  • First, I get prompt, courteous and knowledgeable replies to my questions, and I really like being able to communicate via secure notifications rather than discuss transactions over unsecure e-mail.

    Second, I am impressed by how convenient and smooth Silver Bullion makes it for customers to pay: I just renewed my storage (by the way, the fees are VERY competitive), I paid my transfer-in order, now I paid for the storage extension with a debit card, there were NO problems, I paid in USD.

    Third, I want to compliment your team, the website is very well laid out, lots of info is available, and customer service is excellent!

    Andre, March 2016
  • Easiest computer process I think I have ever used.

    Gary, March 2016
  • Excellent customer service. Very smooth transactions switching from gold to silver holdings.

    Terry, March 2016
  • Fantastic service, quick and hassle free purchase. Francis was very helpful in explaining the new loan facility. It is always a pleasure to visit SB!

    Martin, March 2016
  • This is the first time I am using your service and upon arrival, I was politely attended by Mr Francis Koh. He gave me an extremely good service and prompted me to return to him in the afternoon for another sale. Keep up the good work!!

    George, March 2016
  • An excellent business that serves with professional customer service and domain knowledge to customer base all over the planet. Everyone on their staff I've interacted with so far (Vincent, Angela, Kim Sabularse, Francis, sorry....anyone else I might have forgotten?) has been excellent.

    Haven't interacted with their CEO Gregor personally yet, but hope to sometime soon.

    Theravaida, March 2016
  • Your online system is wonderful. Thank you Silver Bullion team for doing such a fantastic job!

    Paul, March 2016
  • I appreciate Silver Bullion for its non gimmicky way of doing business. Francis gives good service and he is knowledgeable.

    Satisfied Customer, March 2016
  • We just wanted to express what a Godsend this (peer-to-peer lending) program has turned out for us personally. Getting any kind of interest rate of a good value takes a level of risk that can wipe you out in the volatile market place in a short time. With your program, we have gotten fine rates for our money and we can sleep at night knowing that the loans are safely collateralized with bullion in your care. Thanks again.

    R, March 2016
  • Thank you for speedy & professional services rendered to me . I feel like a valued client regardless of my order size, be it a tube or a monstor box. Once again kudos for a fantastic job, you will definitely be seeing me more.

    Donovan, February 2016
  • Thank you for the opportunity to tour The Safe House. I think I met nearly all the staff and they were all very knowledgeable and conveyed a very high degree of integrity in protecting your clients’ assets. This is very important. The article in Sovereign Man was right on target in believing that it is one of the best facilities in the world in terms of service and security. I also learned information on procedures needed to transfer holdings, which I plan to do in the future.

    Peter, February 2016
  • I've purchased IPM's (investment precious metals) from all over the world. I feel very lucky to have found Silver Bullion in Singapore. Their staff are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Their products are varied and website straightforward. I wish I’d found Silver Bullion earlier!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    CK, February 2016
  • SB team provide service with high efficiency ,with out mambo - jumbo stories. At today world I can highly recommend them like trust partner (what we all looking for?). So, bravo SB team continue like this :-) ..

    Bakir, January 2016
  • I was recommended Silver Bullion by a friend as trustful and prominent company. I have been doing business with them for half a year by now and I can confirm that all (testimonials) stated above is truth. All services I required were completed correctly and punctually, all my questions are always answered promptly and attentively. Furthermore, the staff is very professional and open for any kind of assistance. I have no hesitation recommending this company further.

    Jana, Croatia, January 2016
  • I have purchased and stored precious metals with Silver Bullion for several years. This bullion dealer truly understands their customer needs and has consistently exceeded my expectations when working with them. I work as a global independent contractor and have modest financial account holdings in New York, Frankfurt and Zurich. Silver Bullion, however, offers safe, affordable, and confidential storage in arguably the best jurisdiction in the world, Singapore.

    Let me explain how simple it is to do business with Silver Bullion. Although Singapore is one of the largest global financial centers, their political leadership does not wish to be too heavily reliant on their banking industry. Yes, Singapore has the safest banks in the world, but they have pushed hard over the past 20 years to diversify their economy. PM bullion is therefore tax-free because this island state is focused on developing commerce.  

    Ask yourself how do I safely and confidentially reposition my financial assets from being a creditor to the banking system over to a jurisdiction that eliminates that type of counter-party risk? You can open an on-line account with Citibank Singapore from your home jurisdiction, including the USA. Western Union on-line accounts have more affordable international wire-transfer fees than most banks. I initially wired $100K over during previous visits to Singapore, but over the past 2 years the US banking sector has progressively increased their capital controls. Chase Bank recently told me that $25K was their maximum daily wire-transfer amount and they have monthly maximum transfer rates as well. I strongly encourage you to legally and securely: Get Out of The System!

    Visit your Singapore bank and ask for a cash withdrawal. Unlike the paper US $100 dollar bill or the EU 500 Euro bill, Singapore has a commonly used 1,000 SGD bill. I have never been asked by a Singapore bank why I need 100 or fewer 1,000 SGD bills. I did however recently ask for $130K SGD cash withdrawal and the bank teller requested that tell them in general terms what this currency was going to purchase. In this case, you simply inform your Singaporean bank that your cash purchases are intended for "personal" reasons and not reportable "business" purposes.

    Welcome to Singapore! Now take your honest cash, put it in your pocket, and head on over to Silver Bullion and go shopping. I know there are other methods to transfer currency to Singapore like sending Bitcoins using CoinCircles.com, but I personally still prefer using cash. Singapore is a very safe jurisdiction. It would be a rare event for anyone in Singapore to get mugged in broad daylight. You do not need a car. Just jump on a light-rail MRT train and travel over to the Paya Lebar station to visit Silver Bullion.

    I currently prefer using The Safe House storage for my precious metal holdings. Unlike other programs (like GoldMoney.com), FATCA regulations are not applicable. Silver Bullion is dedicated to serving their customers' confidential needs to keep their personal property private. Discretion and professionalism is the foundation of everything they do. A privately held safety-deposit box is not legally reportable. Most people fail to understand that without privacy, you have no personal property. And without personal property, you can have no individual freedom. I highly recommend Silver Bullion for your PM storage.

    TT, June 2015
  • I have been a customer of Silver Bullion since early 2013. I have shipped my own bullion to them through the Transfer-In process which includes receipt and check-in, testing for authenticity, and placement in S.T.A.R. Storage. I have bought bullion from them and placed it in S.T.A.R. Storage. Most recently, I have rented Class II safe deposit boxes at The Safe House and placed a portion of my metal there. I must say that every interaction with the people at Silver Bullion has been superb. They have kept me completely informed at all times as to the status of my metals. I could not be happier or more satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of similar services.

    JR, January 2015
  • I started using Silver Bullion when I lived in Singapore, and decided to continue using your services while living abroad. You do not only provide top tier customer service and professionalism in the precious metals business within Singapore, but also and especially at the international level.

    I have always been very impressed by the level of online services and the level of transparency being provided by Silver Bullion. In these days transparency is the single one most important thing when investing in physical precious metals. This transparency was continued when I recently took my first delivery and I could experience first hand the entire process. Having the opportunity to continue to invest in precious metals with the same degree of transparency while living outside Singapore really made the difference for me!

    Singapore is at the moment a great place to invest in precious metals, and Silver Bullion is positioned within Singapore to take maximum advantage of this opportunity. Being located at the Certis Cisco building, security is always number one.

    I often encourage my friends to go to their website and learn more about investing in precious metals. My personal belief at the moment the market is undervalued and there are great opportunities to be earned. I look forward to continue investing through Silver Bullion.

    Wouter V., December 2014
  • First, I flew to Singapore to see for myself if The Safe House really is what it claims to be. It is. I was given a tour of the facility. Having worked in a bank vault myself, I had a good idea what to look for. The Safe House is a carefully designed operation, with multiple dimensions of security. I was impressed. So I decided to move some of my own items there. The staff went to extra effort to be helpful to me at every step of that move. I can easily recommend The Safe House in Singapore for secure storage of valuable items.

    Mr. P.D., Spokane, Washington, USA, November 2014
  • I can highly recommend Silver Bullion as the premier bullion dealer in the world. They have it covered on ALL bases – jurisdiction, security, trust, convenience, technology, pricing and service.

    With the industry leading DUX testing and either STAR or self-storage/safety deposit boxes (in the independent Cisco facility, where Silver Bullion is located), you are assured that you have the SAFEST form of money in the SAFEST jurisdiction in the world. Now with their STAR program you can also have liquidity without traveling to Singapore.

    Gregor and Vergel know their business and are extremely professional. The Silver Bullion website is very informative, user-friendly and secure; Gregor is a database programmer and made a site that has many active fields but I have never found a glitch or incorrect information.

    These guys have it down! I hope they can keep up with the crush of demand once the rest of the world wakes up to the importance of sound money in a safe jurisdiction.


    Peter S., Hong Kong, September 2014
  • I am very impressed how efficiently and quickly you have completed the testing and parcelizing of my metal, recorded the information through my online profile, and are now securely storing the bullion in The Safe House.

    I have viewed the details and parcel photos on line in my account and everything looks excellent.

    This is really excellent. Thank you.

    Simon, August 2014
  • I have two accounts being held at Silver Bullion. Both of these accounts are US IRA accounts which were somewhat difficult to set up as it was a new process for your organization. Fortunately, I was assigned to Vergel Villasoto to help me with the task.

    Beyond being excellent in his ability to help me, Vergel was always courteous, patient and responsive during the process of working through all the special circumstances associated with my situation. A year after starting my association with Silver Bullion I had some new questions about the accounts and Vergel was there to help me again. Vergel and the Silver Bullion team provided me a fantastic customer service experience and continue to do so. Without reservation I would recommend their services to anyone!



    CT, February 2014
  • I feel Silver Bullion to be honest, secure and I trust them. I also like the fact that they are located in beautiful Singapore. I have met the founder Gregor at a business conference last November in Singapore. He spoke about SB's present and future directions and also had one of his technicians show a practical DUX testing on a few pieces of metal from our group.

    The next day I went to SB and had a good visit with Vergel. I dealt with him many times through their website and he is always more than happy to assist and or answer any questions that I may have. It was exciting for me to finally meet him face to face.

    Their website is user friendly and helps track your personal allocated holdings with pictures, pricing and dates which is extremely helpful. SB is the best out there and I will continue to use them along with Singapore's reputation for friendly solvent business practices. I trust Silver Bullion.

    Thank You Silver Bullion,

    William, February 2014
  • Having read the previous testimonials, I can only echo the sentiment expressed by others. I have had all of my correspondences with Vergel and have never been disappointed by the level of service, consideration and genuine concern for my needs and answers to my numerous questions. The responses are timely and extremely helpful. I am more then happy to recommend this company to friends and family.

    Dr. Ron, December 2013
  • Silver Bullion is a unique and compelling choice for people looking for bullion storage. It is, in my opinion, the safest, most transparent, and most ethical bullion storage choice today. The reasons are several, but start with the people who own and operate SB. Gregor, Vergel and the rest of the staff are personable, accessible, and eager to assist you, which is very important when deciding to trust a company to hold large amounts of bullion for you long term.

    I can't say enough about the fabulous and responsive customer service. It's often very easy to set up accounts, but responsiveness after the fact can be lacking. Not so with SB. Have a question? E-mail Vergel and he responds in a timely manner. Or pick up the phone and call - either way your matter will be handled quickly. Setting up an account is fast and simple, with a minimum of forms (all online), and the ability to securely upload required documents is a huge time saver.

    Best of all, Gregor has come up with several unique elements not found in other bullion storage companies. DUX testing all (transferred in) bullion in storage to assure its authenticity means you don't have to take anyone's word that it is not counterfeit, and combined with sealed, numbered parcels for which you are provided pictures gives you absolute confidence that your bullion is the real deal and has been allocated to you alone.  Next, he allows you to prepay storage in advance - years in advance if you desire - at a fixed rate per ounce. To me that's huge, since it allows me to determine in advance what I will pay for storage and know that the rate will not increase as the price of metals increases. Plus, he has worked hard to isolate SB from U.S. exposure, and there is an account option you can choose that instructs SB not to comply with repatriation orders, should your government happen to issue such an order in the future. That's a very important protection, given that one of the reasons most people hold precious metals offshore is to protect their wealth from greedy governments.

    Given all of the above, plus the location in Singapore, arguably the best precious metals storage location in the world today, I think you cannot make a better choice than Silver Bullion. Friendly, honest, responsive people; the most comprehensive bullion testing procedure in the business; totally transparent allocated storage; and unique tools to add another level of safety entirely. It's a great operation.

    Joe, November 2013
  • As a regular customer of Silver Bullion, I would like to commend them for their 1st class level of professionalism in customer service.

    First and foremost is the level of transparency of their website. The prices and the amount of stock available are updated live consistently. On top of that, it is a breeze to use the website to place my orders from home.
    Secondly, I have gained more knowledge about silver investing from their staff Vergel and John, who are always so forthcoming in teaching me.

    Finally, the friendly service provided by Eva, Francis, and all the other staff really topped up the pleasant experience of transacting with them each and every time, unfailingly.

    I will continue to make my purchases of precious metals from Silver Bullion for a long time to come.

    I wish them with all my heart that Silver Bullion will become the first place people will go to when they want to buy or sell gold and silver.

    Gideon Goh, www.SingaporePhysicsTutor.com, April 2013
  • I am impressed by the service quality of Silver Bullion. The response from your team was prompt and detailed. I feel safe to buy here. Will recommend friends to buy precious metals from you. Great job!

    Melvin, January 2013
  • Ever since I discovered Silver Bullion I must say their service is top-notch and very professional. All their staff are genuinely nice people and they are always ready to assist me.

    I am not a person who is easily impressed as I was from a sales profession before but I am impressed by Silver Bullion's service. They are really sincere in helping me through the entire buying process. I felt good and confident buying from them.

    I also like that Silver Bullion is very transparent with all their policies. They spell out everything in their website, which greatly aided me in making my investment decision.

    Silver Bullion is also constantly looking to improve their service and product line. Recently I gave a feedback about a minor issue. They took my feedback and rectified the situation within a day. That is top-notch efficiency.

    They have gained my trust and respect. I fully recommend Silver Bullion to anyone who is serious about preserving their wealth.

    Andy, December 2012
  • Alo fellow weath preservers, I first became a serious purchaser of gold and silver from SilverBullion.com.sg in the beginning of year 2011. I have found their website very impressive and professionally done with all the necessary information concisely displayed in the main page. Any other additional information is available with a few clicks of the mouse; navigation is hassle-free. The pricing of their products is reasonable and competitive, with an interesting tier system to reward its loyal customers with more value.
    It is also important to me that their service has always been top notch. Patience and professionalism is what I have come to expect and receive. Whenever I have any questions, I know I can always turn to Eva or Greg for help. Since the beginning, I have had many good experiences doing business with SilverBullion.com.sg and I highly recommend SilverBullion.com.sg to anyone who is a serious invester in precious metals. Try them out and you will see.

    TKT, May 2012
  • I first started buying precious metals from Silver Bullion Singapore in 2010. Their service has been impeccable and they currently offer the widest selection of bullion in Singapore. Physical bullion is essential to secure one's future in this day and age. I strongly recommend Silver Bullion Singapore as the best place to purchase your bullion.

    J.R. Tan, May 2012
  • I have been looking for a convenient online system in Singapore to get the most updated gold and silver bullion prices for a while before finding SilverBullion.com.sg. Its system has many desirable functions and offers great convenience in terms of locking in the latest prices and placing orders. Since its prices change in real time with the gold and silver spot prices, one can get more competitive prices from them compared to pawn shops. If the system can be improved further to publish charts of historical silver and gold bullion prices for technical analysis purposes, I am sure with the soon to be implemented removal of GST on physical silver and gold bullion coins and bars, SilverBullion.com.sg will become the bullion exchange of choice in Singapore.

    H. Yu, February 2012
  • 金和银才是真正的财富,鈔鏢只不过是在生活中的一种工具,以前所谓金本位银本位是用计算真正财富的本质,bank叫銀行已说明此意。銀的用处多而廣从医学到科学工业等等都不能缺乏使用到銀这金属,意味着他的价值是深远的并给我们帯来幸福与繁荣,在医学与科技上也已说明銀的重要性是不可置疑的,特别是科技发明暂时没有其他更有効的代替品。由於銀的産量少用途多其价值必定提升而现在正是投资的好机会。谢谢silver bullion公司在新加坡给我们有机会投资。请各位捉紧机会谢!

    (translation in English)

    "Gold and silver is the real wealth, dollar notes are only a means for transacting. Gold and silver has been used in the old days as a measurement of wealth. The word bank in Chinese is yin hang, which literally stands for "silver house", which says it all. Silver has a wide range of usage: from medicine to science and many more industries need silver. In totality, it means that silver is more valuable than advertised, and it continues to bring us prosperity. It has its important role and contribution, without a doubt, in medicine and technology. Especially in technology invention, silver has no substitute. Because of silver's wider range of usage, and that less of silver is being produced or mined, its value will go higher and therefore it is an opportune time to invest in silver right now. Thanks to Silver Bullion Pte Ltd, it provides us a good avenue to invest in this precious metal in Singapore. I hope you will not miss out on this good opportunity right now in investing in silver. "

    Nissi Chen, November 2011
  • I have been buying my silver bullion from SB since April 2010. My transactions with them have all been very efficient and hassle free. The SB team (Gregor, Eva, KT, Vergel and John) are all very friendly and knowledgeable. Having SB right here in Singapore gave me the opportunity to purchase silver bullion as a way to diversify from fiat currencies. I am happy to have SB as my trusted supplier of silver bullion, and will gladly recommend anyone who is to keen to buy silver to give them a try.

    Vernon, November 2011
  • "As a regular customer of Silver Bullion Singapore, I have been very pleased with the fast and excellent service they provide. I earlier bought silver from many sources, but after doing business with SBS, I have switched all my silver purchases to them for the convenience of buying that they offer me."

    Marko, November 2011
  • "I have been using Silver Bullion Singapore amongst other options to purchase my silver in the past few years. I must commend that Silver Bullion Singapore does provide one of the safest, personalised, complication-free forms of silver purchasing. On top of that, their prices are competitive and based on real-time spot prices. I am also especially impressed with their integrity to sell silver even when there is a drop in spot price unlike a lot of other dealers that have ceased to sell. Well done."

    Gene, November 2011
  • "It's great knowing you Greg, Eva, Vergel at Silver Bullion. I always felt warm and at home with you folks there. I would highly recommend Silver Bullion for their friendly service and always at their best while serving you be it over the phone or through e-mail. Once I have a problem putting through my order and they immediately come to my rescue. Thanks again.

    To all silver bugs out there, (not forgetting gold bugs) ....... Always Silver Bullion"

    Glenn and Jesme, November 2011
  • "I have bought a few times from Silver Bullion and find their service fast and efficient. Their website is also easy to navigate and very informative. I communicate with Vergel most of the time and find him very approachable and excellent in service. All in all, thank you for selling silver bullion in Singapore! Will be looking forward to buy from you again."

    JL, August 2011
  • "We have been purchasing silver from Silver Bullion since November last year.  Silver Bullion is a reliable dealer.  They have honoured all our purchases at the prices we placed with them over their website. It is safe to purchase from them. All the silver we purchased are in good order. We will recommend our friends to purchase silver from them."

    Mr and Mrs Ng, June 2011
  • "It has been six months now since January 2011 that I started purchasing precious metals from Silver Bullion. I am impressed by its website. It is very user friendly and contains all relevant information needed even for an amateur to place orders with regard to type of products, pricing and availability. The articles are also very informative. On a personal level the staff are prompt in ensuring that transactions go through smoothly and take every effort to answer queries. They even seek opinions from customers on products and services through polls. They take care of their customers through discount tiers which are rare elsewhere.

    Further to these, with my interaction with Eva who is in the frontline most of the time, she was very helpful."

    Lum Sian Ming, June 2011
  • "Silver Bullion has made purchasing physical silver convenient in Singapore. Ordering can be done online at any time of the day. Service is excellent and they are willing to share their knowledge in their area of expertise. I look forward to making more purchases from them in the future."

    Mr Chan, June 2011
  • "I have been buying silver bullion coins and bars since last year as a protection against the constant debasement of currency worldwide. As banks do not sell the metal, after an Internet search, I found one company, Silver Bullion Pte Ltd, that sells the metal at a reasonable price, which is conveniently located at Certis Cisco at Paya Lebar (you can even store the metal immediately after purchase, renting safe deposit boxes available at the building). The service rendered by Eva, Kai Tong and Vergel is excellent. They are helpful and friendly and will advise you accordingly.

    Most people are hesitant to buy silver because of the premium over the spot price; but this is reasonable considering the fact that one is owning the physical metal and not paper derivatives. When I started to buy silver, I was hesitant ordering my silver through the Internet but trust grew after subsequent purchases after I found the company to be highly reliable. Now I buy silver from time to time as a form of savings (not speculation).

    I recommend that anyone who is keen on investing in silver to call at Silver Bullion Pte Ltd to see for themselves on investment opportunities in silver."

    Mr CK Koh, teacher, June 2011
  • " Was introduced to Silver Bullion by word of mouth. Their admin and sales staff, Ms Eva, Mr So and Mr Vergel are true professionals. No sales talks.
    Looking forward to continued business dealings with them and hopefully they are here for the long haul!"

    Mr Adrian Pang, June 2011
  • "This is my first visit to Silver Bullion, I was pleasantly suprised with the excellent service rendered by Ms. Eva Li. I am impressed with her professionalism and courteous customer-orinetated service excellennce. I will be introducing more of my friends to your business.
    I wish her all the best in her future endeavour"

    Mr. Arasu, November 2010
  • "We are pleased with the company, Silver Bullion, for its online ordering system. It is reliable and easy to use for us to buy gold & silver. Moreover, the team, Gregor and Eva are very helpful, open to feedback and suggestions. Thank you very much"

    Mr and Mrs M, October 2010
  • "I have made several purchases since July 2010. I am particular pleased with the online system as the live pricing allows me to determine my purchase cost.
    The service I have received from Silver Bullion has been top class especially from Eva who is friendly and helpful.
    Thanks for making investing in physical silver as simple as ABC."

    Sze Wee, October 2010
  • "I have transacted with Silver Bullion over several occasions and they have proved to be a very professional and highly efficient company.  With their many years of experience in the Silver industry, this shouldn't come as any surprise. And yes their ordering process through their company website is 'state of the art' and totally user friendly.

    Their silver delivery is fast and best of all, their silver prices are extremely competitive, offering one of the best in Singapore.

    I would definitely recommend Silver Bullion to anyone looking to buy silver coins or bullion in Singapore."

    Mr Lee, October 2010
  • "Silver Bullion has supplied me with competitive priced silver allowing me to invest more in my future wellbeing. They are a friendly professional team who offer a great verity of products for the discerning silver investor. Keep up the great work."

    Garry, October 2010
  • "Silver Bullion has provided me with a fast, efficient and well priced service. They readily respond to my enquiries and certainly provide service with a smile.

    I particular like their volume discounting that rewards regular customers. I highly recommend buying your bullion from them and I look forward to a long and mutually rewarding business relationship with them."

    Brad, September 2010
  • "I've always wanted to get physical silver way back in late 2008 and wasn't able to do so. Now, buying physical silver was easier than before with Silver Bullion. One of the first few bullion dealers in Singapore that I know of. With their website that is easy to surf, I'm a very happy and grateful customer and off course, a physical precious metal investor. All thanks to Silver Bullion. You know what they say, you do not own it unless you touch it.

    Those who have second thoughts on buying physical gold or silver with Silver Bullion, you are going to miss out on the greatest investment of all time. Grab your gold and silver as many as you can before the world starts to run out of it. Before it's too late. Before it gets too expensive. Eva, the lovely lady that will answer your call if you call Silver Bullion will guide you through the buying process. The best part, she does not have to sell or force you to buy their products with all those sales pitches like those in the financial industry. Anyway, the reason you are calling her is because you already thought of buying gold or silver.

    In my opinion, the world financial health is very sick. Get rid of the paper money and get hold of real money(gold and silver).A massive wealth transfer is happening and you would want to be on the right side of it. Get your real money now. Get it from Silver Bullion. I'm a happy customer and I believe anyone else will too."

    Hairizan, June 2010
  • "The reception was friendly and the transaction was smooth. Recommended for those who want their transactions done in a private and unrushed setting."

    Wong, June 2010
  • "Silver Bullion is an excellent no fuss way to purchase silver bullion in Singapore. They have very helpful and knowledgeable staff and also a secure and easily accessible location to collect my orders."

    Ben, June 2010
  • "Silver Bullion has one of the most user-friendly and technologically advanced selling platforms on the net. It allows users to have 24/7 access to an extensive array of bullion items. While many coin companies will not post their final selling prices or charge a hidden fee at the time of checkout, silver Bullion provides full disclosure.  On top of that, their staffs are really professional and take great pride in helping their customers receive the best coin buying experience possible."

    Mr. Chee, May 2010
  • "Having made 2 purchases with Silver Bullion in the past few months, I am indeed very pleased with their speed of communication, as well as their high level of customer service.

    Their online-ordering system is world-class. It provides transparent and direct cost information, allowing me to easily determine my cost of purchase, instead of making multiple phone calls to determine a live quote everytime I want to purchase any silver.

    In addition, with the introduction of the discount tiers, it allows me to accumulate more silver for a lower price! For anyone who is looking for an easy and professional route to owning silver and/or gold, Silver Bullion IS your FIRST CHOICE!"

    Ming Hui, May 2010
  • "It has been my pleasure to deal with Silver Bullion Pte Ltd on a number of occasions in the second quarter of 2010. The transactions were efficient, smooth and a pleasant experience overall."

    Leelock, May 2010
  • "Over recent months, I have made multiple purchases from Silver Bullion.
    I appreciate their service for three main reasons:

    1. by making silver bullion purchases easily available in Singapore, it very much simplifies the process of what is, in my opinion, likely to be an excellent long-term investment for the "man on the street"
    2. Eva, their admin person, is friendly, responsive, and reliable
    3. their website is updated very regularly and easy to navigate.

    Overall, an exceptional service. Thanks guys!"

    Bob, April 2010
  • "I have a great buying experience from SilverBullion.com.sg. From the beginning phonecall from receiving the physical stock. Every process is smooth and pleasant for both me and my wife! Thanks!"

    Teo, March 2010
  • "I was very happy to finally find a reliable silver bullion seller in Singapore with good stock levels and a nice variety of silver products available . The service I have received from Silver Bullion Singapore has been excellent and I highly recommend anyone to look here first for your silver investment needs."

    Marko, March 2010
  • "This is my first time buying silver bullion for investment and all I have is a great experience with Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. The process from making the order until delivery is very efficient. On top of that, the excellent service provided by Mr Gregersen and Ms Eva has been very valuable to me. Mr Gregersen has been very informative and friendly to answer all my queries.

    I would encourage anyone who would like to invest in silver bullion to purchase from them. So far, I found their price to be quite competitive. Thanks for bringing silver to Singapore. It has made us easier to invest in silver bullion. I look forward to purchase more silver from you again. Thanks."

    Erwin, March 2010
  • "It was a very good experience making my first purchase from your silver bullion online store. I am happy with my purchase. Congratulation on the opening of silver bullion online store. I wish you great success in the months and years ahead. You online store is easy to navigate and i like the layout. Well done! It's an important service you are providing for Singaporeans. Thank you very much."

    Sharifah, December 2009
  • "Your service is prompt and efficient. I receive my silver within 3 days of making order online. Your guys know your stuff and always willing to sit down and listen to our feedback. Looking forward to doing more business with Silver Bullion again."

    Victor, December 2009
  • "I'm pretty pleased with the overall experience of dealing with Silver Bullion. I felt the way in which you guys did business was not only flexible but also accomodating as I had a special request to collect the goods on Saturday (not a working day) which you guys accomodated, appreciated that. Furthermore, much helpful infomation was also provided by your team prior to the purchase which is also appreciated.

    Would recommend anyone who is interested in investing in physical silver to consider buy from Silver Bullion. Prompt delivery, helpful and friendly staff. Special thanks goes out to Eva and Gregor."

    Nick, December 2009
  • "I'm very glad to find a reliable source from which to obtain physical silver in Singapore. Overall it was a good buying experience from the online order process to the delivery. Thank you for answering all my questions patiently and thoroughly. By doing so, I definitely feel assured that the people behind Silver Bullion are sincere and trustworthy - they've done their homework thoroughly and know the market well too! I am looking forward to making more transactions with this company in the future."

    Lia, November 2009
  • "I bought my first physical silver in early 2009 through a middleman. Since then, I have transacted with Silver Bullion on three occasions. From the onset, it was a good experience. The response to my queries were provided speedily and in a most friendly manner by your friendly staff. At no point in time did I feel that she was just keen on closing the deal. She was accommodating with my requests on the time and place of delivery. This is one company that values your feedback. During my first purchase, I expressed interest in procuring Silver Vienna Philharmonics. It was a pleasant surprise that they were on the same page as me. Needless to say, they delivered what they promised to do. Do participate in the polls that are hosted on the Silver Bullion website, you may get what you wish for!

    In my opinion, the price proffered by Silver Bullion is competitive. Coupled with my belief that Silver Bullion is my partner in the quest towards getting the best value for my investment, I will say that Silver Bullion is the place to go to get your silver. Take that first step today. Cheers towards a successful investing relationship!"

    Mr Dennis A., November 2009
  • "Excellent variety of silver bullion available...Silver Bullion Pte Ltd represents reliability and trust for customers.”

    Jin, NUS graduate, October 2009
  • "Thanks for your services and hope to keep buying more."

    P.T, October 2009
  • "Thank you so much for your explanation to my queries. Given this well and thoughtful explanation and excellent service, I am buying silver bullion from you."

    Rafael L., October 2009
  • “I am pleased that the entire process was pretty smooth. What surprised my wife was that within 24 hours of placing the order, the silver products were delivered. Thanks for the expedited delivery. I would add that the website especially the online shopping system was well setup. While placing my order online, it reinforced to me that I was dealing with a credible company and credible people. The online info and your shopping system was enough to confirm to me that I was dealing with a genuine vendor, not a scam or fraud.

    It may have surprised you that I did not even contact your company via phone or email at all prior to placing my order. I know my stuff and from your website info I could tell that the people behind Silver Bullion know their stuff. I thank Gregor too for taking the time to share his knowledge when he delivered the products. He has the passion for this stuff! Thanks for bringing physical silver into Singapore!”

    Mr Lim, September 2009