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Through The Safe House SG Pte Ltd we have effectively moved our storage in-house and created a one-stop solution for trading, testing and storage of bullion that provides full contractual transparency along the entire storage chain with no material Western regulatory exposure.
While China's gold demand is likely to be static this year after the enormous 32% jump last year, one tradition should keep sales humming.
Gold was above $1,300 an ounce, set for a weekly drop, as investors weighed signs of an improving U.S. economy against tension in Ukraine. Assets in the largest gold-backed exchange-traded product sank the most this year.
By Chris Vermeulen April 16, 2014 • Reprints I want to make you aware of a possible major breakdown in the U.S. Dollar Index and provide you with my gold forecast. If this scenario plays out then we will see the Euro explode to the upside and also see commodity based currencies like the Canadian dollar, and Aussie dollar rally.
The distinguished analysts from Goldman Sachs reiterated their 2014 forecast for gold to hit $1,050 by the end of the year. They believe the paper price of gold will continue to decline as the supposed “Powerhouse” U.S. economy picks up speed and accelerates growth.
While China's gold demand is likely to stay flat this year as a result of the country's economic slowdown and constrained credit markets, the World Gold Council said Tuesday private acquisitions will rise to at least 1,350 tonnes by 2017.
Chinese firms could have locked up as much as 1,000 tonnes of gold in financing deals, an industry report said, indicating a big slice of imports has been used to raise funds due to tight credit conditions, rather than to meet consumer demand.
One of the more disquieting parts of covering banking regulation is how often, in an interview, either a regulator or a banker will say something like this: Regulators have to treat banks with some respect.
Silver The price is still fluctuating after touching the first target of the bullish harmonic Bat Pattern referred to in several previous reports.
I am a bit surprised at the forecasts and data coming out by the leading agencies and institutions on silver mine supply. According to my research, the USGS understated U.S. silver mine supply while Thomson Reuters GFMS over-estimated global silver production for 2013.
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