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Posted by Vincent Le on 20 Apr 2024

Alasdair Macleod - Gold is Winning!


Alasdair McLeod, Head of Research at Goldmoney, provides a gripping analysis on what is really driving the soaring gold prices in this must-watch interview. McLeod dismantles the common perception that it is gold rising in value, asserting that the reality is fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar are crumbling. With profound insights into the debt trap snaring the U.S. government and the waning faith in king dollar, McLeod paints a dire picture of a currency in terminal decline, providing an illuminating perspective on the increasingly fragile state of the global monetary system.

McLeod's insights don’t stop there. He offers a sobering take on how this dollar crisis will inevitably engulf other fiat currencies, drawing parallels to cataclysmic episodes like the fall of the German mark. Moreover, his incisive analysis of shifting geopolitical dynamics and the marginalization of Western economic clout adds depth to this masterclass on monetary realpolitik. Agree or disagree, this is an interview that will leave you more informed on the tectonic shifts upending the financial order as we know it. A viewer's delight for those seeking an unvarnished, coherent assessment of unprecedented times.


0:00: Factors driving gold price discussed by Alasdair Macleod.
5:12: Foreign central banks slowing down dollar purchases, impacting currency value and treasuries. China potentially buying gold.
10:09: Gold price driven by currency devaluation, leading to rapid deterioration in market conditions.
14:46: Impact of rising interest rates on global banking systems and leverage.
19:29: Dollar value determined by faith, not inflation. Biden Administration causing currency devaluation.
23:59: Gold's purchasing power remains stable over decades, unaffected by volatile oil prices.
29:22: Currency devaluation is reflected in rising prices, emphasizing the importance of gold as a stable value.

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