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  • History of UK Sovereign Gold Coins

    A sovereign gold coin is a type of bullion coin that is traditionally minted in the United Kingdom and comes with a well-known and rich history. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of UK sovereign gold coins, including their design, features, and benefits.

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  • List of Platinum Bullion Coins

    While gold and silver are well-known choices, platinum also holds significant value and has gained recognition as a sought-after investment metal. Platinum bullion coins, in particular, offer an attractive option for investors looking to add this precious metal to their portfolios.

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  • Security Features in Bullion Coins

    As the demand for bullion coins and precious metals increases, so does the need for robust security measures to protect the integrity of these valuable coins. In this article, we will explore the various security features incorporated into bullion coins to safeguard against counterfeiting and maintain their investment value.


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  • BEWARE: What If This Retail Silver Investment Shortage Doesn’t End?

    Not only has the present retail silver bullion product shortage continued for several months now, what happens if it never ends?  This may seem like a play on hype, but if the U.S. or World experiences another Black Swan event like the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008, physical silver demand will likely explode to levels much higher than today.

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  • Why silver could be a better investment than gold

    It is the time to invest in silver! Experts believe that the white metal will be favoured more over gold during the upcoming festive season.

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  • SILVER INVESTORS: Why The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Different

    There’s a lot of analysis on the MSM and alternative precious metal sites forecasting how the future events will play out.  Unfortunately, 99% of MSM -Mainstream media’s take on the future is absolutely worthless.  However, many precious metal analysts also are making incorrect financial and economic forecasts, based on faulty assumptions of the future.

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  • How Is The Silver Bullion Product Shortage Impacting Gold?

    As wait times for certain silver bullion products reach upwards of 2 months, investors are now switching over to buying gold.  How much gold?  Heck of a lot more when look at the figures.

    While Gold Eagle sales started to surged in June (76,000 oz), due to the possible Greek Exit of the European Union, they peaked in July at 170,000 oz and then declined to 101,500 oz in

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  • Stunning Development In The U.S. Silver Market

    Something quite interesting took place in the U.S. Silver Market over the past several months.  Not only are we witnessing a shortage of silver investment products in the retail and wholesale markets, but there is also another interesting development that many are unaware.  Actually, I was quite surprised by the recently released data.

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  • The US Dollar Is Becoming Cheaper In Gold Terms

    After the release of the “In Gold we Trust” report, Incrementum Liechtenstein surpises gold bulls with a compendium of some of the most compelling charts in the form of a Chartbook.

    Some of the key takeaways of the Chartbook:

    • The FED is NOT out of bullets, it is just very reluctant to use them before we are at least close to a full fledged crisis; currency swaps, QE and negative interest rates are all on the table.
    • We therefore expect increasing market turmoil before the FED reverses course!
    • Traditional protection for equities (puts) by now are somewhat expensive, especially in comparison to some short term interest rates (eurodollar). In our opinion it is quite a safe assumption, that the FED would reverse course if US equities sold off further 10-15%.
    • Shorting equities is a tricky business in an increasing volatility environment but could prove to be an interesting macro play until the FED gives in.
    • A major deflationary event and (potentially internationally coordinated) reaction of central banks could finally be the trigger for the transition from deflation to stagflation!
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  • THE END GAME: Central Bank Precious Metals Supply Evaporates

    The Central Bank policy of dumping precious metals onto the market to rig prices has come to an end.  Soon, Central Banks will no longer have the ability to control the paper price of gold and silver as true market fundamentals will finally kick in.  Unfortunately, when the decades long market rigging of the precious metals finally ends, most investors will not be prepared.

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