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  • U.S. Gold Production Finally Hit Hard Due To Low Price

    The lower price of gold has finally taken its toll on U.S. gold production.  Domestic gold mine supply fell considerably in May compared to the same period last year.  This is a significant amount as the United States is the fourth largest gold producer in the world.

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  • Gold Is The Ultimate Protection Against The Great Financial Catastrophe

    What is currently happening in markets should be no surprise to investors who understand sound money and have been following our risk warnings in the last few years.

    The world has been living in cloud cuckoo land for so long that unlimited credit at zero percent, hundreds of trillions of dollars of new credit and quadrillions in derivatives were all believed to be real money and assets and part of normality.

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  • MUST SEE CHART: Something Quite Interesting Happened In The Silver Market

    Something quite interesting took place in the silver market and I believe few investors realize the significance.  After looking over the data, I came across some fascinating evidence that shows just how fearful individuals are about investing in the paper precious metal markets.

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  • CONDITION RED: The Financial System Is Now Out Of Control

    The global financial system is now getting out of control.  While the clowns on the financial networks continue to regurgitate the same bullish propaganda, “that everything will be fine”, quite the opposite is the case.  The system is so broken and the leverage propping it up is so extreme, the result will be the largest financial and economic calamity the world has ever seen.

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  • When The Global Silver Shortage Arrives… It Will Be Too Late

    If you are waiting for a signal that a global wholesale silver shortage has begun, it will likely be too late to acquire physical metal.  Why?  Because it has never happened before.  So, when the world bond and stock markets finally collapse under a mountain of paper, leverage and debt, we will witness one hell of a GLOBAL RUN ON SILVER. 

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  • Silver – More Evidence of a Price Bottom

    By Gary Christenson

    Silver prices hit a low of about $14.33 on July 24 after High Frequency Traders had run stops that week.  It has happened before and will again.  Occasionally they will run stops going up, not down.  The gold to silver ratio has been hovering around 75.

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  • SILVER DOCTORS: Wholesale Silver Shortage…. CONFIRMED

    In lieu of Metals & Markets this week, we bring readers CONFIRMATION that a WHOLESALE SILVER SHORTAGE is in fact developing

    With SDBullion’s contacts with the nation’s leading precious metals mints, wholesalers, authorized purchasers, and distributors, the latest evidence indicates that the wholesale silver shortage is WORSENING.

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  • Chinese Gold Demand Still Running Extremely High For Summer Months

    Contrary to some of the expressed media-disseminated information, Chinese physical gold demand, as indicated by gold withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), remains at a very high level indeed for this time of year. The latest figure for withdrawals for the week ended August 7th was 56 tonnes, bringing the total for the year to date to a massive 1,520 tonnes. This is a full 135 tonnes higher than the previous record for Chinese gold demand at the same

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  • The Coming Market Crash Will Wipe Out Global Silver Supply

    The market doesn’t realize it yet, but the coming collapse of the global stock and bond markets will totally wipe out world silver supplies.  Unfortunately, this will occur at the time when main stream investors finally understand the value of owning physical silver. 

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  • Germany Continues To Lead The West In Physical Gold Demand

    Even though most of the world’s gold supply continues to flow to the East, German demand for physical gold investment remains the highest in the West.  This is probably due to a percentage of Germans who are not at all happy with the current financial system with the European Union, including the ongoing situation in Greece.

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