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  • The Resurgence of Silver's Monetary Role

    Although nothing is a sure bet, silver's fundamentals make a compelling case as it continues to be undervalued despite increasing demand and diminishing supplies. The largest silver hoards are effectively depleted to make billions of industrial and consumer electronic products.

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  • Currency Names That Still Point to Silver Money

    Unbeknownst to many, silver has been used more times as money in history than gold. It was only towards the end of the 19th century that silver was systematically de-monetised from the monetary system by the United States and Great Britain.

    In this article, we show you how the names of major existing currencies today were derived from their silver roots. Their link to their silver past reminds us all that silver is money and money should be a store of value cherished for its scarcity.

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  • The Advent of Powerful Personal Testing Tools

    New Precious Metal Testing tools make it easy and much more affordable to reliably test for advanced bullion counterfeits.

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  • The Gold to Silver Ratio Rule, Buy Low, Sell High

    A simple strategy of buying gold for silver at the 45 ratio and swapping silver for gold at 80 would have resulted in a 100 ounces of gold to become 562 ounces in 30 years.

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  • Why Bullion Secured Peer to Peer Lending is Safer than Bank Credit

    Secured Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending,  the people who designed it,  and how parcelized bullion collateral is ideal to virtually eliminate the possibility of defaults and benefit both lenders and borrowers. 

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  • Protect your Wealth from Escheatings, Nationalizations and Confiscations

    We focus on why bullion nationalization happened in the past, why we might see a repeat during a systemic crisis and, most importantly, how you can reliably protect yourself.

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  • Why the Feasibility of a Sustained Fed Rate Hike is Doubtful

    Despite the U.S Federal Reserve (Fed) disappointing market analysts by not increasing its benchmark interest rates at its September 2015 meeting, rate hike expectations are rife again as we go into the final week towards the last Fed meeting of the year on December 15.

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  • Sovereign Debt Infographic

    If a picture is worth a thousand words then this infographic was money well spent as it gives a vision
    and feeling to our debt problems by stacking US (and other countries) debt into huge stacks made
    out of 100 USD bills and placing them, to scale, next to their respective national monuments.

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  • Why it all boils down to Counterparty Risk

    Large banks had become "too big to fail" because they owed too much money and governments could not afford their failure. But how expensive were these bailouts and what will happen when the next crisis requires even larger bailouts?

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  • Three Common Bullion Storage Misunderstandings

    In the industry most customers are only creditors, not owners, and fabricated security and "all risk insurance" claims are often used to derail or mislead legitimate customer enquiries. We detail three of the most common storage misunderstandings and why it is important to know about them.  

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