The following terms and conditions (the "GSA Terms") must be read in conjunction with any other applicable supplementary terms imposed by us including but not limited to the Account Terms, and Funding and Payment Terms, as may be amended from time to time, (the "Silver Bullion Terms and Conditions") which, together with this GSA Terms, constitute the terms and conditions that will govern your use of the Gold Savings Account services provided by Silver Bullion.

This GSA Terms will replace all previous terms and conditions relating to your use of the Gold Savings Account Platform. Nothing in this agreement will supersede or vary any term set out in other terms and conditions governing our relationship with you.

Words importing the singular shall, where the context permits or requires, include the plural and vice versa. Words importing gender or the neuter shall include both genders and the neuter. Words importing persons shall, where the context permits or requires, include natural persons, any public bodies, and any body of persons, corporate or unincorporated.

Please note that some clauses in this GSA Terms shall not apply to your purchase of physical precious metals or other products.


Gold Savings Account ("GSA") is an online platform within which a S.T.A.R. Storage Account holder may buy, sell, redeem and manage their GoldGram. GoldGrams are fully backed by CACHE Gold Tokens ("CGT"). CGT is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, representing the beneficial ownership of one (1) pure gram of Allocated Gold stored at approved vaults.
The Allocated Gold that is tagged to CGT is registered, tracked via RFID, photographed, and stored in an Approved Vault. As such, the physical gold represented by a specific CGT is composed of a portion of a specific and identifiable gold bar.


When buying GoldGrams from us, the price at which your order is submitted is the locked-in price. Your submission of a buy order means that you have entered into a binding agreement with us to purchase GoldGrams at the quantity and price specified at the time of your order submission.
If you paid through your Cash Balance, your order will be confirmed immediately, and the purchased GoldGrams will be immediately reflected in your Silver Bullion Account. If you are not paying through your Cash Balance, you must ensure that your payment is completed within the time period specified on the payment page (e.g. 10 minutes), to realize your locked-in price and to confirm your buy order. Payments received by us after the specified time period or payments that are less than the stated amount due will be considered as invalid payment and will be subject to our refund policy.


When selling GoldGrams to us, the price at which your order is submitted is the locked-in price. Your submission of a sell order means that you have entered into a binding agreement with us to sell GoldGrams at the quantity and price specified at the time of your order submission.
Once your sell order is confirmed, we will deduct the quantity of GoldGrams sold from your GoldGram holdings and credit the proceeds to your Cash Balance. If you have requested that the proceeds be paid out to your Linked Bank Account, we shall issue the payment within 2 business days from the time of the submission of the sell order.


Where you elect to use GSA AutoSave function you understand and accept that the general intention is for funds deposited or held in your Cash Balance to be invested in GoldGrams at the amount and frequency of your choosing, subject to any minimum or maximum purchase amount that we may require from time to time. Silver Bullion accepts an obligation to act according to your instructions and its timing schedule.
By setting up recurring buy orders via GSA AutoSave, you agree to be fully responsible for keeping your Cash Balance funded and/or the selected funding method in good standing. In the event of a change or update to your selected funding method, it is your responsibility to inform Silver Bullion in order to effect the necessary changes in your Silver Bullion Account. If your Cash Balance is unfunded and/or your funding method is not kept current and in good standing, or if your Cash Balance has insufficient funds and/or your funding method is not kept current and in good standing to purchase GoldGrams at the fixed time according to your standing instruction, then no automatic purchase of GoldGrams will be made on your behalf at that time.
While you are enrolled in the GSA AutoSave program, you accept the policies and procedures with respect to funds appearing in your Cash Balance. In particular, you accept that funds you plan to withdraw must be withdrawn promptly. You indemnify Silver Bullion from any costs to you arising from the GSA automatically re-investing available funds from your Cash Balance while the GSA AutoSave function is enabled. You acknowledge that Silver Bullion will never be deemed at fault by you where it invests your money in GoldGrams, according to your standing instruction.
Silver Bullion will send you prompt notices and/or make available to your Silver Bullion Account, transaction history details arising out of its trade activities undertaken in accordance with your GSA AutoSave standing instruction. You accept a duty to monitor these notices and transaction history. You also accept responsibility for being aware of your GSA AutoSave function settings and anticipating Silver Bullion trade confirmation arriving in your email or secure notification. Consequently in the event that Silver Bullion is at fault in failing within the specified time period to act on your GSA AutoSave standing instruction, for any reason whatsoever, you accept that Silver Bullion's liability to you is limited to any loss you may incur arising from the price differential between the GoldGram price that you might reasonably have expected to achieve had Silver Bullion not failed to perform, and the GoldGram price at the time the replacement trade is executed.
Credit/Debit Card Funding Arrangement

Credit/Debit Card Funding: By setting up recurring payments by credit/debit card, you agree to us debiting the relevant credit/debit card for the amount and funding frequency that you selected. This recurring payment arrangement will continue to be in effect until you terminate the arrangement or until we receive a notification from your bank. We reserve the right to terminate this payment arrangement at any time at our discretion.

If you enabled the GSA AutoSave and we receive a chargeback related to you recurring credit/debit card payment, your completed buy order will be reversed and you will be charged an administration fee of fifty Singapore Dollars ($50.00 SGD) plus market loss in accordance with our Market Loss Policy. You also agree that in such instances, we will not be responsible for any potential market gain related to your reversed buy order.

New Applications: For an approved new application for payment by credit/debit card, this authorization will take effect once the credit/debit card funding link has been completed. You agree that we will refuse to accept a credit/debit card funding link application for cards that are not in your name.

Unsuccessful deduction: If we are unable to make the charge on your credit/debit card, for any reason whatsoever, and your Cash Balance is not sufficiently funded, you acknowledge and agree that any scheduled recurring buy order under the GSA AutoSave will not be executed by us. You also agree that in such instances, we will not be responsible for any potential gain related to the unexecuted recurring buy order. In the event of an unsuccessful credit/debit card deduction from the issuing bank, your will be responsible for contacting your bank for further clarification. Further, we will not be liable to you for any charges incurred on the credit/debit card as a result of our deductions as authorized herein.

Termination: The credit/debit card Funding arrangement will be terminated if (a) the deduction is unsuccessful on a repeated basis for 3 consecutive funding cycles; or (b) due to suspension, termination or expiry of the relevant credit/debit card, stolen debit/credit card or closure of your bank account.

Changing or stopping the funding method

If you wish to change or stop your GSA AutoSave funding method, this will only take effect prior to the next funding cycle. If you wish to stop the payment by credit/debit card, you must notify your bank and us before the termination. If your card is lost, stolen, expired, or terminated, you must also inform us in writing immediately. The termination of these forms of payment will only be effective when the message referring to the credit/debit card funding is no longer reflected in your Silver Bullion Account. We can terminate any recurring funding arrangement at any time.


YOU HAVE NO CONTRACTUAL RIGHT TO CANCEL A CONFIRMED ORDER. By submitting a buy or a sell order, you have entered into a binding legal agreement to buy or sell GoldGrams, in the quantity and price stated in the order confirmation.
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to allow the dissolution of the binding legal agreement between you and Silver Bullion by the cancellation of your outstanding order, subject always to our Cancellation and Market Loss Policy under Clause 10. Any cancellation requests must be filed via telephone during normal business hours. Silver Bullion will evaluate any request to cancel an order on a case-by-case basis, and only under extraordinary circumstances will the cancellation be approved.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Silver Bullion reserves the right to refuse or cancel any buy or sell order, as the case may be, in the event that:

Your payment for a buy order is not received or was cancelled/reversed by your financial institution;

When the price paid is incorrect, for whatsoever reason including but not limited to computer-related or technical problems or otherwise, pricing error, incorrect item descriptions or sudden movements in the precious metals market or export/import restrictions; or

When a buy order is deemed questionable, suspicious or of significant risk to Silver Bullion, in which case Silver Bullion will refund in full any monies paid by you to Silver Bullion for the GoldGrams purchase under GSA.


You may, at any time, redeem GoldGrams in exchange for any physical gold products available on our Website, subject always to applicable minimum redemption amounts, specific product premiums, processing fees, and the Terms of Service.


You may deposit physical gold bars for conversion to GoldGrams ("Gold Transfer-in"). A Gold Transfer-In request is initiated through the Website and will be effected upon:

you depositing your physical gold bars to a vaulting facility approved by our GSA partner, CACHE Private Limited ("CACHE"); and

CACHE accepting the physical gold deposit, tokenizing it to CGT, and transferring the CGT to the GSA CGT Reserve Address.

The Tokenization by CACHE of the physical gold you deposited shall be rounded down to the nearest 1/100th of a gram, subject to the rules of conversion between troy ounce and grams as set forth at
Once GoldGrams are credited to your Silver Bullion Account, you will cease to be the owner of the physical gold you deposited but will instead have fractional ownership of the Allocated Gold stored in the Approved Vault through GoldGrams.


The GoldGrams you hold in GSA represents your fractional ownership of the Allocated Gold stored in an Approved Vault. As a fractional owner of the Allocated Gold, your ownership rights will be unaffected in the unlikely event that Silver Bullion, CACHE or the Approved Vault declares bankruptcy and in no event shall it ever be considered or treated as part of the bankrupt estate of Silver Bullion, CACHE or the Approved Vault, as the case may be.
We will publish on our Website on a regular basis, a reconciled and aliased records of ownership of all the bullion in the vaults and all the money in the segregated client bank accounts. listing your S.T.A.R. ID as the owner.


GoldGram holdings under GSA are always fully backed by physical gold through CGT held in a segregated multsignature hardware wallet ("GSA CGT Reserve"). To cover the cost of insured and secured storage of the physical gold representing each CGT in the GSA CGT Reserve, a storage fee shall be charged based on your daily weighted average GoldGram holdings at the prevailing storage rate as provided in our Schedule of Charges.


Cancellation Policy

Order cancellation, if initiated by you, shall be subject to our Market Loss Policy plus cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are calculated as 5% of the order total or SGD 45, whichever is greater. Once we approve an order cancellation request initiated by you, an 'Order Cancellation' email and/or secure notification shall be sent to you, followed by an invoice for any amount due from you. We may refuse new orders until the excess amount is paid in full.

Silver Bullion reserves the right to cancel any order if we are unable to satisfy your order due to causes beyond our control, the order is deemed questionable, suspicious, too significant of risk, incorrect in confirmed price, or if payment has not been received within a specified time frame.

Market Loss Policy

Upon cancellation of an order, you shall be liable for any price difference, which shall be the difference between the price at which we sold to you or bought from you and the prevailing market price or prices at the time of the cancellation ("Market Loss"). If the cancelled order is payable with cryptocurrency (e.g. bitcoin), you shall also be liable for any cryptocurrency price difference, which shall be the difference of the cryptocurrency lock-in price and the prevailing cryptocurrency price at the time of the cancellation. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall be liable for the cryptocurrency price difference under this paragraph when:

a buy order payable in cryptocurrency is cancelled, and the cryptocurrency price has increased from the time of your order to the time of cancellation; and

a sellback order payable in cryptocurrency is cancelled, and the cryptocurrency price has declined from the time of your order to the time of cancellation.

Any market gain and cryptocurrency price gain by us on cancellations shall not be refunded to you and shall remain our property.


The key terms that we use in this GSA Terms are in bold, including the following:

"Account Owner" has the meaning set out in the Account Terms.

"Allocated Gold" means the gold owned outright by you and stored at approved vaults under a safekeeping or custody arrangement. Photos and information of the allocated gold is viewable through the Gold Savings Account Explorer.

"Approved Vault" any authorized vault, depository, or other secure facility utilized by CACHE for the fulfilment of its custody, storage, and logistics obligations.

"GoldGram" refers to the digital representation of the physical gold fractionally owned by the Account Owners under GSA.

"Gold Savings Account Platform" means the Gold Savings Account Website, App, Gold Savings Account Explorer, and any other online and non-online services that users can use to gain access to the Services.

"GSA AutoSave" means the function under GSA that enables users to issue a standing instruction to purchase certain quantities of GoldGrams at recurring intervals.

"Linked Bank Account" has the meaning set out in the Account Terms.

"Schedule of Charges" refers to the page on our Website that lists the standard fees and charges for our Services.

"S.T.A.R. Storage Account" has the meaning set out in the Account Terms.

"Tokenization" means the process of depositing physical gold to an Approved Vault in exchange for CACHE issuing CGT.