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From the makers of the popular Canadian Maple Leaf gold and silver bullion coins, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Platinum Maple Leaf coins are also popular for platinum investment. These Platinum Maple Leaf coins feature the maple leaf, a striking tribute to Canada's most recognizable symbol. The Royal Canadian Mint has also designed anti-counterfeiting security features into Maple Leaf platinum coins, making them one of the most popular platinum coins to buy when investing in precious metals.

Platinum’s name is derived from the Spanish term "Platina del Pinto", which is literally translated into "little silver of the Pinto river". Platinum is one of the rarest elements found in the Earth's crust with annual production of around 30 metric tons (vs. ~2,500 tons for gold and ~ 23,000 tons for silver). Mining is very geographically concentrated as South Africa accounts for over 80% of the world production.

S.T.A.R. Platinum Grams represent the client’s fractional ownership of fully insured and allocated investment-grade platinum bullion stored in our vault. The bullion is not on our balance sheet and can be publicly audited anytime via our real-time platinum tracker.

Argor-Heraeus is one of the world's most trusted and popular brands of LPPM good-delivery refiners in Switzerland. Headquartered in Mendrisio, Switzerland, it is considered by many to be one of the largest processors of Precious Metals internationally. Well known for its quality and purity, the brand is frequently traded by investors for its fine Platinum content and weight. Bullion products minted by Argor-Heraeus offer one of the best combinations of quality, weight, and purity, making them extremely popular around the world.