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Launched in February 2008, the Vienna Philharmonic silver bullion coin is produced by the Austrian Mint, the official minting authority of Austria. The Austrian Mint has an 800-year tradition of minting some of the most beautiful and technically perfect coins in all of Europe. The Mint's roots date back to 1194 when an enormous silver treasure—from a ransom paid to free England's King Richard the Lionhearted, taken prisoner in Vienna on his way back from the Crusades—was used to create silver coins for the Austrian empire.

Today, the Austrian Mint is one of the most modern and proficient mints in the world and is a leading producer of Euro coinage and pure gold and silver bullion coins.



The observe side of the coin features selected instruments of the world famous orchestra.


The reverse side of the coin depicts the great organ of the Golden Hall in Vienna, the site of the annual New Year’s Day Concert. Its face value of “1.50 €” gives the silver piece its coin character.


The words “Austrian Republic” (the country of issue), the silver weight in ounces, and the 1.50 Euro legal tender value are also stamped in German. The words "Feinsilber" mean "Fine Silver" in German and stand for 99.9% purity.


Technical data of the Vienna Philharmonic Silver Bullion Coin:


Face Value in Euro: 1.50 €

Purity: 999

Weight in grams: 31.103

Diameter in mm : 37.0

Thickness in mm: 3.2

(Adapted from the official announcement from the Austrian Mint)

The Vienna Philharmonic is an investment coin (silver bullion coin). Its annual mintage depends on the demand.

Minimum Purchase


The Vienna Philharmonics are packaged by the mint in tubes of 20 coins each. We sell directly by the tube or by monster box (25 tubes x 20 coins = 500 pieces) so each order must be in multiples of 20 coins. 


Pricing Details:

Points computation: 1 coin = 1.00 points

Points required
Over Spot(ASK PRICE)

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Storage Fees

Duration Fixed Storage Fee
Per Parcel
6 months 51.6266 USD
12 months 103.2532 USD
24 months 206.5064 USD
36 months 309.7595 USD
60 months 516.2659 USD

Other Services:

Item Cost Per Coin
Transfer-in and testing 0.19 USD

* Stored in multiples of 500 coins and can be collateralized. Any unused storage will be refunded upon sellback or delivery.