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Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin - 1 oz

1 troy ounce | 31.1 grams | .999 Purity Silver

Silver Coin Canadian Maple Leaf 2012 - 1 oz
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The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf:

Canadian maple leafs are among the world’s most recognized coins and are issued annually by the Government of Canada through the Royal Canadian Mint. The Coin was first issued in 1988 and by late 2010 over 40 million have been sold.

The face value of the 1 ounce coin is 5 Canadian dollars, the highest value among international silver bullion coins. The purity of the coin is 99.99% silver, also the highest among other bullion issues which have a 99.90% standard.

Maple leafs are magnificently designed and display the maple leaf, a widely recognized Canadian symbol along with the phrase "Fine Silver 1 oz Argent Pur" and "9999" to denote the 99.99% purity. The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II and "5 Dollars" denoting it as Canadian legal tender. The year the coin was minted is also shown. 

The coin's content, weight and purity are guaranteed by the Canadian Government making the silver maple leaf highly desirable by investors and collectors alike.

Please note that Canadian maple leafs tend to tarnish or develop white spots more easily after being touched compared to American eagles or Perth Mint coins. Tarnishing does not affect the silver bullion value but if this is a concern we would recommend American eagles or Australian coins (Koalas, Lunars or Kookaburra).

500 Coin Sealed Monster Box

Canadian maple leafs are packaged by the mint in sturdy yellow plastic boxes called "monster boxes". These monster boxes are sealed by the Royal Canadian Mint in their Winnipeg facility. Sealed monster boxes allow for a faster and easier resell process and contain 20 tubes of 25 maple leafs each for a total of 500 coins.

Multiples of 500 coins per order will be delivered as sealed monster boxes.

Price Relevant:  Maple leafs trade at a slight discount to American Eagles. When the supply of American eagles falls the demand and premium for Maple Leafs typically increases. Our discounted price starts at tier 1, so if you purchase 500 ounces - a monster box - you will enjoy discount tier 1 or higher.

Measurements: Silver Canadian Maple Leaf monster boxes are more tightly packed and measure 12 x 20 x 25 cm (4.8 x 7.9 x 9.9 inches)

S.T.A.R. Storage

Through S.T.A.R. Storage program, customers can purchase a sealed monster box, which is packed in a tamper proof, transparent bag called a 'parcel'. Each parcel is assigned a unique seal number.

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* Stored in multiples of 500 coins and can be collateralized. Any unused storage will be refunded upon sellback or delivery.