Product Details

These bars are used in settlements in the London Metal Exchange and other exchanges and are very heavy compared to smaller bullion bars. Although metal purity is standardized these bars vary greatly in shape, manufacturer (brand) and mass which can vary between 350 and 430 oz. Find out more on Good Delivery Bars

The variation in mass in particular greatly complicates transaction as each bar will have a unique weight that is unknown upon ordering. THE PRICE WILL ONLY BE CONFIRMED WHEN WE RECEIVE THE BAR AND WE CONFIRM THEIR WEIGHTS.

Be aware of the following characteristics:

Disadvantages compared to 1 kg gold bars:

  • Mass varies between individual bars. This complicates transactions as the exact mass might not be known upon ordering or transferring.
  • Manufacturer can be any LBMA member refinery so often you will not know in advance what brand you will receive.
  • Aesthetically these bars could be heavily tarnished and not uniform.
  • Liquidity in the secondary (retail) markets is not very good as there bars are not as easily tradable among smaller investors.

Advantages over 1 kg gold bars:

  • Good delivery bars are normally readily available in large quantities.
  • Premiums per oz are lower and these bars always come with a serial number.

400 oz bars are available as an Transfer-In Storage option and when we have in-stock availability. Storage costs for these bars are be prorated based on their individual weight so a 402 oz bar will have a proportionally higher storage fee compared to a 397 oz bar.

Bar(s) available in STAR Storage by weight:

These bars are tax free in Singapore and you will receive a photo and a DUX inspection on each bar as we do with our standard parcel transfer-ins. However, they will not be packed in parcels as the transparent parcels are not strong enough to withstand the weight. Instead the bars will be identified by a manufacturer code and serialnumber and will have a DUX Tamper Proof Label on the bar that links to the online DUX Inspection Results.

Pricing Details:

Points computation: 1 bar = 4,000.00 points

Points required
Over Spot(ASK PRICE)

Unlock capital from your bullion with our Secured P2P Loans

  • Use this product as collateral to borrow 62.5% (487,375.00 USD) of its value
  • Current best rates for borrowing
    • 1 month loan at only 2.3% per annum (Interest: 913.83 USD)
    • 6-month loans at only 2.5% per annum (Interest: 6,092.19 USD)
    • 12-month loans at only 4.0% per annum (Interest: 19,495.00 USD)
    • 24-month loans at only 5.0% per annum (Interest: 48,737.50 USD)

Storage Fees

Duration Fixed Storage Fee
Per Bar
6 months 1,447.35 USD *
12 months 2,894.70 USD *
24 months 5,789.40 USD *
36 months 8,684.09 USD *
60 months 14,473.49 USD *

Other Services:

Item Cost Per Bar
Transfer-in and testing 183.58 USD

* Stored in multiples of 1 bar and can be collateralized. Any unused storage will be refunded upon sellback or delivery.