Update to Silver Bullion User Agreement

Posted by Kim Sabularse on 09 May 2018

In early April our User Agreement was revised  and re-organized to introduce several upcoming services. Unfortunately, the revision also ended up including clauses, which a number of customers pointed out, were too generic, unnecessary, one-sided or did not reflect what Silver Bullion stands for. Often these were "boilerplate" industry clauses. 

In the upcoming revision v.20180609, which becomes effective as of June 9th, 2018, we are atoning for these one-sided clauses. We worked closely with S.T.A.R customers and sought their criticisms to create an agreement that reflects Silver Bullion's services without hiding behind the kind of boilerplate text that is so prevalent in the industry. 

This revision does not make material changes in the services provided, but removes much of what could be viewed as "legal escape clauses". As part of this de-cluttered agreement, we felt it necessary to list the four pillars which define our storage system and explicitly state that these will never be changed. 

The four pillars described and escribed in the User Agreement will protect your stored wealth in a crisis to a degree and with a transparency that no other physical system does. Following is the revised four pillar text: 

Silver Bullion was founded to procure, protect and provide liquidity for our Customer’s physical gold, silver and other property (parcels) and keep these properties safe during systemic crises such as currency crises, banking collapse and gold nationalisations.

We will not introduce policies or revisions to this Agreement that can go against these core values or which prevent us from ensuring that the Customer’s property:


You can see the highlighted changes in this change-log PDF and the clean v.20180609 can be seen here.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us via secure notification or email us at [email protected]