Gregor Gregersen - Offshore Gold Storage: Best Jurisdictions to Store Gold (Part 3 of 4)

Posted by Vincent Tie on 28 Aug 2018

Gregor Gregersen, Founder of Silver Bullion, speaks about the best jurisdictions to store gold/silver offshore in this third part of the SBTV Offshore Gold Storage series.

In this interview, Gregor lays out the criteria to assess which countries offer the best protection against gold nationalization or confiscation. Also discussed were the issues of defense, political neutrality of the jurisdiction and taxation on gold.

Discussed in this interview:
00:39 The two best countries to store gold & silver offshore.
04:15 Misconception on Singapore's debt.
13:44 Can Singapore defend itself?
18:55 Singapore's Switzerland-like neutral stance.
22:11 Is Singapore a better jurisdiction than Switzerland for offshore gold storage?
25:15 Vault operators and their exposure to foreign jurisdictions.
30:16 Singapore's handling of the Michael Fay caning incident.
34:18 How real is the threat of gold nationalization today?
39:22 Reserve status of the U.S dollar is crumbling.
46:54 Could the Singapore government nationalize or confiscate gold?
49:07 What taxes are there with precious metals in Singapore?
53:14 Recommended read: From Third World to First - The Singapore Story: 1965-2000


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