Gregor Gregersen - Offshore Gold Storage: Assessing Vault Insurance & Transparency (Part 2 of 4)

Posted by Vincent Tie on 13 Aug 2018

Second interview of the four-part SBTV series on understanding offshore gold storage solutions. Gregor Gregersen, founder of Silver Bullion & The Safe House, shares insights on the essentials of vaulting insurance for complete protection of your gold and silver bullion. He reveals common vaulting practices in the industry and how the company developed solutions to ensure that customers' stored bullion will survive the next financial crisis.

Discussed in this interview:
01:03 The Force Majeure clause in vaulting contracts.
04:34 'All Risk' bullion insurance does not cover all risks.
05:27 Why 'mysterious disappearance' coverage is important.
11:08 Vaults need to have good check and balance systems.
13:38 Why vaults may not allow customers to visit & see their gold/silver.
21:10 The next crisis will test vaulting practices.
24:27 A practical view of under-insurance in the bullion storage industry.
26:00 Less transparency in insurance coverage when gold storage is sub-contracted.
29:16 Insuring & storing bitcoin/cryptocurrency private keys.



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