Bron Suchecki - Gold Confiscation: How Likely and What You Can Do About It?

Posted by Vincent Tie on 25 Jul 2018

Bron Suchecki, a returning SBTV guest, speaks with us at The Safe House about the topic of gold confiscation (like when FDR issued Executive Order 6102 in 1933), how likely it is to happen again and how precious metals owners can minimize this risk.

Bron Suchecki discusses the possible impact of the occurrence of a gold confiscation event on different assets: gold & silver bullion, jewellery, mining stocks and numismatics.

Discussed in this interview:
00:43 Difference between expropriation and confiscation.
05:03 How would gold confiscation be like today?
09:55 Defense against a gold confiscation event.
11:35 Offshore storage as a delaying mechanism.
14:02 Considering the jurisdiction for offshore storage.
19:23 Impact of confiscation on mining stocks.
21:54 Industrial uses of gold are usually exempted.
23:07 Confiscation of jewellery.
26:17 Australia's Part IV of the Banking Act 1959.
31:29 Why the RBA only suspended Part IV, not repealed.
37:14 Impact of confiscation on numismatics.
39:14 Would silver be confiscated?
41:46 Prospect of recalling legal tender coins.
43:51 Holding legal tender coins vs bars.
44:46 Mindset of a safe haven gold buyer.



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