Safely store wealth outside the banking system

Precious Metal Parcels

Safely store wealth outside the banking system

Gold and silver bullion, stored outside the financial system in a safe jurisdiction, is a wealth insurance and a crisis hedge that will protect you in the worst of situations.

Although bullion does not generate fiat interest, preciousness lies in the fact that it is a scarce commodity that cannot be created out of thin air, thereby increasing in real value over time. As the major world currencies such as the US dollar, yen, euro and the Chinese Yuan devalue their currencies through extremely low interest rates and massive currency creation, the real purchasing power of fiat currencies is eroded despite interest payments.

The US dollar, for example, has lost over 98% of its purchasing value since 1913, whereas gold has increased (in dollar terms) by a factor of 60 over the same time period. Throughout history, excessively debased currencies will eventually become worthless and unsustainable debts will eventually be defaulted upon; but physical gold and silver, despite short-term price fluctuations, will endure as a reliable store of value as they have for over the last 4,000 years.

As we are entering times of financial turbulence and as more people realize the extent of our global financial fragility, it is only prudent to protect some of your wealth through the physical storage of gold or silver outside the banking system. If no significant crisis occurs you will be hardly worse off, but if a currency or banking crisis does occur, your physical bullion will be a financial lifesaver.

Our fully owned vault, The Safe House

Motivated by our strong desire to protect the wealth of our customers we built our very own vault in Singapore called The Safe House. Guarded by armed Singapore auxiliary police, it has the capacity to store over 600 tons of precious metals.

The Safe House is a tax free customs zone, ISO 9001 certified, has one of the industry's most comprehensive insurance policies and comes with an integrated DUX testing lab.

The Safe House eliminated the need to outsource to third party, globally operating, vault operators thereby avoiding the legal ambiguities of what would happen to stored bullion in case of a US or EU nationalization.

Untouchable by bad governments and collapsing financial systems

Precious metals are stored as individual bars or coins in tamper evident bags (parcels) ranging from 100 grams to 1,000 troy ounces (32.15kg) having a minimum 99.9% purity and refined by LBMA/LPPM accredited refineries or by mints listed on the Singapore Investment Precious Metal coin list. Non-IPM bullion such as American Eagle gold coins are also available.

Bullion parcels are uniquely identified physical property, audited, insured, guaranteed to be genuine and stored under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction in our subsidiary, The Safe House.

These bullion parcels are deliverable on demand, can be bought and sold 24/7 online and can be used as collateral to easily obtain low interest peer to peer loans. Furthermore, you can transfer-in your existing bullion from other vaults or from your home.

44,870 Bullion parcels, containing 13,386,429 troy ounces (416.4 tons) of precious metals are currently stored for customers and an additional 522,878 troy ounces (16.3 tons) of precious metals are stored by Silver Bullion as in-stock inventory, ready for sale.

Precious metals offered


Typically packed in 10 oz (0.31kg) and 1 kg parcels trading from around 17K to 61K USD per parcel each.


Typically packed in 15 kg, 500 oz (15.55 kg) and 1,000 oz (31.1 kg) parcels trading from around 11K to 21K USD per parcel each.


Typically packed in 10 oz (0.31kg) and 1 KG parcels trading from around 9K to 33K USD per parcel each.


Packed in 10 oz (0.31kg) parcels trading from around 23K USD. Palladium is not classified as an Investment Precious Metal in Singapore but, being a tax free zone, we can still legally store it.

Additional services

Safe Deposit Boxes, a TSH Service