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  • Inflation, and Why You Should Care About It

    When I speak to friends or family members about inflation, they seem to think of it as something that naturally happens. They shrug it off, recalling their first class during Economics 101 and they accept it as if it should surely happen like how the sun rises, or how we have to file our tax returns. Is that really the case, do we accept it as fact of life, one that has been happening since man started transacting with money instead of bartering?

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  • Why Europe is setting itself up for the next sub-prime crisis

    "No one wants to lend to a country when that country would use the loan to pay the interest on previous loans - that's throwing good money after bad."

    This comment made by a BBC business analyst in November 2011 made a lot of sense – investment-wise. Why would anyone lend to someone who is drowning in debt and is struggling to pay off the interest on previous loans?

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  • Can your wealth be defined beyond paper and digits?

    “The word ‘dollar,’ quite literally, is legally meaningless, and it has been meaningless for the past decade. Federal Reserve notes are not 'dollars'; they are notes denominated in 'dollars.' But what a 'dollar' is, no one knows.” 
    - Ron Paul, The Case For Gold (1982)

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  • Did You Read That Right? – The U.S Debt Limit Show

    Come November 5th, the theatre of the United States Congress will once again stage the annual U.S Debt Limit show. However, unlike many award-winning shows on Broadway, this show is seeing dwindling interest from the audience.

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  • Unlike slumping commodities, silver demand is soaring

    It is no longer news that global commodity prices are in a slump due to cooling demand from China. Just about every commodity from soybeans, coffee to base metals have seen declining prices month after month since 2012. While commodity investors rue their decimated portfolio, no one is questioning the reason for the slump in prices - it comes across as a straightforward case of supply and demand.

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