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Posted by Vincent Le on 24 May 2024

Tavi Costa - Gold and the Next Big Short


In a recent interview on SBTV, Patrick Vierra engaged with Tavi Costa, a macro strategist at Crescat Capital, to delve into the critical role of gold as a superior reserve asset for central banks. Costa emphasized the inadequacies of fiat currencies as long-term reserves, citing their susceptibility to inflation and devaluation. He underscored that gold, with its historical resilience and intrinsic value, offers a more stable and reliable foundation for national reserves. This shift towards gold, Costa argued, is crucial as central banks worldwide seek to enhance the quality of their reserves amidst growing economic uncertainties.

Costa also provided insights into what he considers the "next big short"—the devaluation of fiat currencies. Unlike previous crises centered around commercial real estate or tech stocks, he believes that the imminent financial turmoil will stem from the relentless devaluation of fiat money. As central banks continue to navigate the complexities of maintaining economic stability, the increasing shift towards tangible assets like gold and silver becomes apparent. Costa's analysis not only highlights the strategic moves of central banks but also serves as a clarion call for investors to consider precious metals as a hedge against the impending devaluation wave.


0:00 Discussion on the impact of breaking the gold standard on currency markets and central banks' need to buy gold.
4:45 Transition from financial assets to hard assets like gold is a growing trend in the market.
8:33 Shift towards gold investment due to changing market dynamics and volatility comparison with treasuries.
13:37 Discussion on the impact of twin deficits on the US dollar and global markets.
17:48 Gold emerging as a new global reserve currency, potentially surpassing other currencies in central bank holdings.
21:24 Discussion on improving quality of reserves, accumulating metal to devalue currency, and historical shift to digital currencies.
26:09 Importance of junior mining lag in identifying gold bull market
30:03 Massive global infrastructure development surpassing post-World War II spending levels.
34:18 Importance of Conviction in Investing in Mining Industry

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