Posted by Patrick Vierra on 19 Oct 2023

Vince Lanci - The Bigger Picture of Silver Part I

SBTV spoke with the precious metals professor Vince Lanci from Arcadia Economic's SilverFix.

Vince lays out the bigger picture of silver for all of us to understand. All I can say is not even the moon has enough rabbit-holes to go down on this one.

Vince's ground breaking work led us to create a 2 part interview to share his insights with you. Can I say winner winner chicken dinner?

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Discussed in this interview:
01:03 Vince's background
02:12 Oriental gold
04:01 What's in the vault?
10:40 Where's the silver going?
15:18 COMEX backdoor
18:47 Evolving exchanges
22:56 East vs. West gold price
27:28 China's coming out

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