VW Ends ICE Cars, Tesla Tests CCS Charging, New Gigafactory | Electric Vehicle & Battery Metals

Posted by Vincent Tie on 28 Dec 2018

SBTV brings you the latest news from around the world on the Electric Vehicle Revolution and Battery Metals.

In this update:
01:14 Daimler to buy $23 billion of battery cells for electric car drive
03:19 Australia launches strategy to develop itself as battery hub
05:24 Volkswagen says the next generation of combustion cars will be its last
07:22 SK Innovation announces new electric vehicle battery gigafactory in the US
09:33 Commercial manufacturer MAN shows new electric trucks and buses
10:50 Tesla tests Model 3 CCS charging at third-party station
12:00 BlueSG to open charging stations to drivers of other electric vehicles from 2019


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