Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 11 Oct 2021

Update on Our Move from Certis Cisco to Millenia Walk

We were informed about a week ago that renovation works for Silver Bullion's new retail store at Millenia Walk will be delayed. This is due to renovation workers being quarantined as a result of other workers living in the same dormitory contracting Covid-19.

The opening of our new retail store at Millenia Walk is therefore unexpectedly delayed by four weeks to the 17th of November.

However, Silver Bullion was only able to extend our existing lease with Certis Cisco by two weeks as the whole Certis Cisco building will also be undergoing a major renovation. The local bullion pick-up option at Certis Cisco will therefore only be possible until the 3rd of November, 2pm.

Alternatively, customers may choose to have their orders delivered to them between the 8th to 16th of November or collect their orders at our Millenia Walk retail store from 17th November.

Following the 4th November Diwali public holiday, our office will be closed on the 5th and 6th of November for the relocation. However, customers may continue to contact us by phone or email on these two days.

This interim transition of our office mainly impacts customers in Singapore who visit our office to buy and sell bullion. Our S.T.A.R. Storage customers are largely unaffected by these changes.

Singapore-only Deliveries in the Interim

Between the 8th to 16th of November, we will offer Singapore-only delivery for orders charged at SGD 50 per trip. Delivery will be free for orders above SGD 5,000. Orders to be delivered must be paid before the delivery is arranged.

Please contact us if you want your orders delivered during the stated period.

We will also only accept local sell orders of at least SGD 5,000 during this interim period. Our team will contact such customers to arrange for the collection of bullion to be sold. A receipt will be given to customers as proof of collection and the payment will be made via bank transfer within two business days.

Business as Usual Once Millenia Walk Store Opens

Silver Bullion
Design of Silver Bullion's new retail store at #01-108 in Millenia Walk

We look forward to receiving you at our new retail store when it opens. Centrally located on the ground floor of the main square in the Millenia Walk mall, our new retail store is a one-stop bullion center where you can buy and sell precious metals with ease. You can also bring bullion to the store for transfer into our S.T.A.R. Storage program or learn more about our Secured P2P Loan Platform.

Our new retail store will be open every day of the year except for the two days of the Lunar New Year public holiday from 10am to 9pm daily.

We appreciate your understanding, given the continuing knock-on impact from Covid-19 on businesses. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.