Tuomas Malinen - Coming Crisis Is So Dire There's No Fix For It, Hold Gold, Cash & Pay Down Debt

Posted by Vincent Tie on 15 Jan 2020

SBTV speaks with Toumas Malinen, CEO of GnS Economics, in this hard-hitting interview about the appalling state of the global economy. Central bank policies have wreaked havoc in the financial system creating a false sense of prosperity, masking problems and blowing huge economic bubbles. The situation is so dire that there's no way to fix it at this stage.

Discussed in this interview:
04:20 Is our financial system safer today?
07:16 Root cause of all troubles in financial system
11:27 Are there financial bubbles at risk of bursting?
14:10 Loose monetary policies continue to fuel stock markets
15:21 Negative interest rates and QE wreaking havoc on banks
20:58 Certainty of the coming European banking crisis
27:35 Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs): Canary in coal mine
29:12 Surviving the coming crisis



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