Tone Vays - Why 99% of Cryptocurrencies Are Bitcoin Copycats and Are Possibly Scams

Posted by Vincent Tie on 10 Sep 2018

Tone Vays speaks with SBTV about the future of bitcoin and why bitcoin is an amazing store of value that is decentralized. Tone also shares why 99 percent of cryptocurrencies are bitcoin copycats and are possibly scams.

Discussed in the interview:
03:00 Tone Vays before bitcoin
14:18 Impact of Cryprus bank confiscation
23:28 Bitcoin vs fiat currencies vs gold
28:28 Why 99% of cryptocurrencies are possibly scams
42:02 Lightning network to boost the speed of bitcoin transactions
45:10 Gold-backed cryptocurrencies
46:33 Bitcoin ETF: Pros & Cons


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