Tim Picciott - How to Buy Cryptocurrencies With Your IRA Retirement Funds

Posted by Vincent Tie on 07 Apr 2019

SBTV speaks with Tim Picciott, a libertarian Certified Financial Planner, who sees cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to be complementary to gold and silver. We discuss how you can put bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into a cryptocurrency IRA.

Tim Picciott is the Founder of The Liberty Advisor: https://www.thelibertyadvisor.com

Discussed in this interview:
03:22 Are gold and silver money or barbarous relics?
09:22 Polarized views of precious metals and cryptocurrencies.
10:50 Bitcoin: Is it money and does it have intrinsic value?
14:30 Cryptocurrencies allowed as assets for IRAs?
15:59 How a crypto IRA works
18:53 Roth IRA vs cashing out 401k to buy cryptocurrencies
21:28 Holding cryptos with a custodian vault vs holding it yourself
25:22 Transfer existing cryptocurrency into IRA?
29:08 Which cryptos to pick for IRAs.
30:07 Suggested amount to start crypto IRAs.
33:06 Impact on next financial crisis to a cryptocurrency portfolio


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