Tesla Cybertruck, Gigafactory 4 Plans & Lyft's Electric Fleet| Electric Vehicle & Battery Metals

Posted by Vincent Tie on 29 Nov 2019

SBTV brings you the latest news from around the world on the Electric Vehicle Revolution and Battery Metals.

In this update:
02:02 Automotive Lithium-Ion Battery Market Share to Exceed $74.3 Billion by 2024: P&S Intelligence
06:38 Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces plans for fourth factory and design center near Berlin
09:15 Launch of Tesla Cybertruck
10:05 Volkswagen starts factory production of electric car it says is ‘accessible to millions’
12:38 Lyft is introducing a fleet of 200 electric Kias in Colorado
15:21 LTA to deploy 60 electric buses by ST Engineering, Chinese firms next year in Singapore
17:13 Electric cars may be the future, but they’re still critically flawed in a key area

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