Ted Oakley - When the Stock Markets Crash, It's The Second Drop That Will Hurt the Most

Posted by Vincent Tie on 08 Jul 2021

SBTV's latest guest is Ted Oakley, Managing Partner and Founder of Oxbow Advisors, about the extreme speculation seen in stock markets, cryptocurrencies, SPACS, and other financial vehicles. Ted warns that when stock markets eventually crash, it's the second drop that will hurt the most. Don't be the one left holding the bag!

Discussed in this interview:
01:32 Don't put all your eggs in one basket!
05:07 Higher inflation is coming, it's not transitory
08:50 Shrinkflation trend
13:04 Speculative fever in stock markets
15:58 How much will stock markets correct in a crash?
19:18 Time to cash out
22:09 Fate of the US dollar
23:41 Gold will surprise everyone


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