Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 20 Jul 2022

Tavi Costa - We Now Have Trifecta of 40s' High Debt Load, 70s' Inflation and 90s' Overvaluation

SBTV spoke with Tavi Costa, Portfolio Manager at Crescat Capital, about the Fed's uphill task to nurse the economy back to health from a trifecta of problems - a high debt load, inflation and asset overvaluation. Commodities, including gold and silver, are looking attractive given that they are most undervalued in 120 years.

Discussed in this interview:
01:17 QE on the horizon?
03:46 Fed's expected 100 basis point hike
06:12 Inflation genie out
09:07 How gold performs in stagflation
11:46 Precious metals miners in stagflation
14:12 Commodities cheapest in 120 years
17:38 Time to relax mining restrictions?
19:57 Huge opportunity to buy precious metals



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