Tavi Costa - Sub $30 Silver is Absurd, Silver is the Cheapest Metal on Earth

Posted by Vincent Tie on 05 May 2021

SBTV speaks with Tavi Costa, Partner and Portfolio Manager at Crescat Capital, about the cheapest metal on Earth - silver. Tavi believes the Great Rotation of global assets is coming and multiple factors are now aligned making precious metals extremely bullish.

Discussed in this interview:
01:35​ The coming Great Rotation
05:03​ That steep plunge when the Tech Bubble burst
10:29​ Inflation is not transitory
15:01​ Is there a bubble in stocks?
23:12​ Why the next recession will be triggered differently
28:18​ Debt monetization to infinity
33:01​ Silver the cheapest metal on Earth
38:49​ Gold supply cliff


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