Tavi Costa - Silver Is A Coiled Spring Wound Even Tighter Now

Posted by Vincent Tie on 23 Mar 2020

SBTV speaks with Tavi Costa, Global Macro Analyst at Crescat Capital, about why the virus outbreak is looking to be the last nail in the coffin for overvalued stocks and the economy. Despite recent price falls, Tavi believes the case for silver is even more brighter now with its severe undervaluation.

Discussed in this interview:
02:01 Are we seeing the day of reckoning for overvalued stocks?
09:31 Navigating this manipulated economy
12:19 Physical price of gold and silver breaking away from paper price
17:21 Markets exhibiting 'crashy' behaviour
20:40 What does the repeated inversion of the yield curve signify?
29:12 Silver may be down but it is not out
39:17 An evolving Chinese economy



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