Steve St Angelo - Mere 10% Gold & Silver 'Insurance' Is FUBAR, Now Is The Time to Protect Wealth!

Posted by Vincent Tie on 11 Mar 2020

SBTV's 100th interview is with Steve St Angelo, our very first guest on the channel. Steve believes energy has a huge impact on the price of gold and silver. He sees the world transitioning from a time to build wealth to a time to protect wealth with physical gold and silver bullion.

Discussed in this interview:
02:24 Oil is central to economic prosperity
06:57 Peak oil: Is it a myth?
13:51 Impact of energy on the repo market
15:55 Do larger oil reserves equate to bigger bargaining power?
19:35 Why it is difficult to replace oil with new energy technology
24:23 Why silver price will go exponential
32:56 How likely will the silver price surpass gold?
35:39 Without bankers, most Americans could not afford their standard of living



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