Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 28 Aug 2019

Steve St Angelo - Investors Will Be Shocked How Low Interest Rates Are Going To Go Below Zero

SBTV spoke with Steve St Angelo, editor of the SRSRocco Report, who warned that interest rates in the US will eventually go deep into negative territory. Steve believes the root of the problem is the fall in the energy return of investment(EROI) in the US causing an serviceable debt that requires negative rates.

Discussed in this interview:
01:35 Correlation between oil and gold prices.
05:43 Technical analysis contains clues of where prices will go
07:57 Gold and silver prices: Going higher in the long term but now overbought
09:50 Silver outperforming gold
13:39 Expect healthy correction ahead in this bullish trend
16:00 Gold silver ratio heading down
22:34 Trouble coming for energy I.O.Us(stocks, bonds, real estate)
25:23 Negative interest rates coming to the US


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