Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 29 Jan 2019

Shenzhen e-Taxi Fleet, EVs to Be Norm in Norway | Electric Vehicle & Battery Metals

SBTV brings you the latest news from around the world on the Electric Vehicle Revolution and Battery Metals.

In this update:
01:16 Shenzhen is now almost fully serviced by e-Taxis
03:06 GoCompare study: China has the highest number of electric cars
04:11 Volkswagen, China spearhead US$300 billion global drive to electrify cars
07:42 India's electric vehicle goals being realised by electric scooters and motorcycles
09:47 Indonesia aims to have 20% domestic electric vehicle sales by 2025
11:52 Solid-state batteries are promising but still years away from production
13:45 Electric cars to be the new norm in Norway
15:29 Singapore's SP Group launches 38 high-speed charging points for electric vehicles


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