Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 04 Apr 2018

SBTV Interviews Lior Gantz: Owning Gold Is Like An Insurance Policy

Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group ( comes on the channel to discuss precious metals, cryptocurrencies, impact of Fed rate hikes and current investment opportunities.

He also shares his views on the trigger that will cause precious metals and commodity prices to go higher and indicators to signal a top in the Dow Jones and S&P.

Wealth Research Group Youtube Channel:

Discussed in this interview
01:12 Asia's growing global dominance
05:55 Petro-Yuan: Moving away from the U.S dollar
07:22 Impact of Fed rate hikes on U.S home owners
13:02 Bitcoin's price correction since December 2017 peak
15:30 Current challenges facing cryptocurrencies
18:52 Gold vs bitcoin: Which is a better store of value?
21:10 Growing value and protecting wealth
23:21 Owning physical gold is like an insurance policy
25:35 Investment demand to push silver prices higher
29:14 Assessing the top 10 cryptocurrencies
35:13 Good to own both gold and cryptocurrencies?
39:53 Investing in the cannabis industry
47:34 Dow and S&P still have 50% to 80% upside from here
48:42 When we will see the top for the Dow and S&P
50:31 What will trigger gold and commodity prices to go higher