Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 11 Apr 2018

SBTV Interviews Kenn Bosak: Spotting the Gems & Duds in Cryptos and ICOs

Kenn Bosak from Pure Blockchain Wealth ( comes on SBTV and gives us good insights into cryptocurrencies. To navigate this new cryptocurrency asset class, Kenn shared tips on how he assesses the viability of ICOs and the potential red flags investors should take heed of.

Kenn Bosak's Pure Blockchain Wealth Youtube channel:

Discussed in this interview:

02:08 How Kenn Bosak first got into crytocurrencies
05:31 How to assess the potential of new cryptos
08:12 Kenn Bosak's preferred cryptocurrency storage
09:38 Outlook for cryptocurrencies to be used for everyday transactions
12:14 How pervasive are merchants accepting cryptos for payments
15:45 Government regulations coming into the crypto space
18:30 Does bitcoin have intrinsic value?
37:20 Red flags to look out for with ICOs
41:00 Expect cryptocurrency technology to improve
42:15 Lightning network payment protocol
45:04 Bitcoin opportunity: Institutional capital yet to join
48:29 2018 to be a big year for tokenizing securities
51:45 Bitcoin is an investment opportunity with potential new use cases
54:00 Kenn Bosak's top crypto picks for 2018