Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 17 Apr 2018

SBTV Interviews Jason Hamlin - Gold & Silver Prices Long Overdue For A Breakout

Jason Hamlin, who writes the Gold Stock Bull newsletter ( , discussed with us on SBTV the state of gold and silver prices at this moment. He shares his expectations on the performance of precious metals in 2018.

Jason recommended bitcoin to subscribers of the newsletter when it was around $100 and Ethereum under $10. He views cryptocurrencies as complementary assets to precious metals. Jason shares in this interview how cryptocurrencies appealed to someone like him who had a libertarian and anarchist mindset.

Discussed in this interview:
02:00 Why gold rose 12% in 2017
03:16 Early stages of a new gold bull market now?
05:13 Factors that support higher gold prices in 2018
10:38 Precious metals: attractive undervalued asset class
15:44 Cryptos - a life saver during currency devaluation
18:33 The current correction in the bitcoin price
21:04 Cryptocurrencies are threats to banks
22:57 The prospect of government issued cryptos
24:06 Gold vs bitcoin
27:32 Bursting of the everything bubble
30:42 Better store of value: Gold or bitcoin?