Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 27 Jan 2019

Ronald Stoferle - Next Crisis Will Be a Crisis of Our Monetary System

SBTV speaks with returning guest, Ronald Stoferle of Incrementum AG, about what he observed about Chinese attitude towards gold during his recent visit to Shanghai for the China International Precious Metals Annual Conference.

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Discussed in this interview:
03:18 Chinese economy is struggling
05:38 China & US: Which country needs the other more?
09:48 China debt addiction and economy
13:41 Chinese Yuan to be the next reserve currency?
21:05 De-dollarization: Is the dollar's reserve currency status under threat?
24:37 Petrol yuan: Saudi to accept Yuan payments for oil?
28:08 Outlook for gold 2019
32:44 Oktoberfest beer to gold ratio



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