Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 03 Jul 2019

Ronald Stoeferle - De-dollarization: Aim To Bypass the Dollar Has Gone Mainstream

SBTV speaks with Ronald Stoeferle, co-author of the In Gold We Trust report, about gold in the age of eroding trust. Ronald has researched the topic of de-dollarization for more than 5 years and he shares alarming developments to bypass the dollar that are now mainstream.

Discussed in this interview:
01:42 Has the gold bull market begun?
04:31 Gold in the age of eroding trust
09:25 Expect the US dollar to be weaker going into the US Presidential Elections
12:38 A world becoming more polarized
16:22 Coming money printing measures will be even more extreme
19:52 INSTEX: European Union's aim to de-dollarize
33:14 Expect institutional buying of gold to increase
34:36 Silver Is In An Early Bull Market


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