Ronald Stoeferle - Biggest Question Right Now: Are We Entering a Recession or a Depression?

Posted by Vincent Tie on 25 Mar 2020

SBTV's latest guest is Ronald Stoeferle, Managing Partner at Incrementum AG and co-author of the In Gold We Trust report. At this moment, the real economy is hurting and the biggest question is: Are we entering a recession or a depression?

Discussed in this interview:
02:38 Federal Reserve is staring a zero interest rates again
08:03 Why economy is in deflation and not inflation
12:35 Currency reform on the horizon
17:13 Performance of gold in the last 2 decades
31:37 Gold, the 7th sense of financial markets
25:29 Central banks trying to prevent recessions
29:09 Faith in physical gold and silver when paper assets fail
33:00 All-time highs in gold silver ratio



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